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[Item Idea] Warglaives of Infernal Dominion

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dotajebac024 » March 10, 2024 5:44pm | Report
**Glaives of Infernal Dominion**
Forged in the fiery depths of the Abyssal Forge, the Glaives of Infernal Dominion bear the mark of a demonic pact that transcends mortal comprehension. Crafted by the ancient demon-smith Belthazar, these wicked blades were fueled by the souls of fallen warriors, their essence interwoven with the malevolent energies of the nether realms.

*Cost:* 6750 Gold

1. Demon Edge (2200 Gold)
2. Mithril Hammer (1600 Gold)
3. Claymore (1350 Gold)
4. Recipe (1600 Gold)

- +60 Attack Damage
- +20 Agility
- +10 Strength

*Ability: Infernal Assault*
- Empowers the wielder, causing their attacks to unleash searing demonic energy. Grants a chance on hit to deal bonus pure damage equal to 15% of the target's current health.
- Proc Chance: 25%
- Bonus Damage Cooldown: 8 seconds

*Passive: Felblade Mastery*
- Increases attack speed by 25 and grants a 15% chance to cleave for 50% damage in a 300-unit radius.

*Note: Values and abilities are for conceptual purposes and may need balancing for actual gameplay.*
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