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[Item] Flameforged Warhammer

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dotajebac024 » March 12, 2024 2:33pm | Report
Flameforged Warhammer**

Forged from the molten heart of a raging volcano, the Flameforged Warhammer radiates intense heat. Wielding this weapon allows you to command the power of fire in battle.

+40 Attack Damage
+25 Strength

1.Claymore (1350 Gold):
*Provides +20 Attack Damage
2.Reaver (2800 Gold):
*Grants +25 Strength
3.Perservance (1400 Gold):
*Offers +6.5 HP Regeneration
*Provides 2.25 Mana Regeneration
4.Recipe (800 Gold):
*The blueprint for combining the components into the Flameforged Warhammer.
Total Cost: 6350 Gold

1. **Inferno Strike (Active):**
Unleashes a powerful fiery strike in a target direction, dealing bonus damage and leaving a trail of flames that persist for 3 seconds. Enemies caught in the flames suffer burn damage over time. *(Mana Cost: 75, Cooldown: 20 seconds)*

2. **Molten Resonance (Passive):**
Grants a 20% chance on attack to trigger Molten Resonance, causing the Flameforged Warhammer to erupt in flames. Nearby enemies take magical damage and have their attack speed reduced for 3 seconds.
Forte Di Legge


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