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Hero - Swift Blade, Isara

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Cepheus1988 » June 21, 2013 2:56pm | Report

Isara - The Swift Blade

Faction: The Radiant
Primaray Attribute: Agility
Attack Type: Melee
Roles: Carry***, Ganker
Vision: 1800/800

Starting Stats and Statgrowth:
Strength:......17 (+1,8/level)
Agility:.......24 (+3/level)
Intelligence:..12 (+1,3/level)
Armor:..........3 (0 Base Armor + Armor through agility)

Health:...473 (Calculation: 150 + (17*19) -> 150 + 323 )
Mana:.....156 (Calculation: 12*13)

Movement: 320
BAT: 1,5
Damage: 40-44

Level 25 Stats (without leveling Stats)

Strength:.......60,2 (Calculation: 17 + (24*1,8) = 17 + 43,2 )
Agility:........96 (Calculation: 24 + (24*3) = 24 +72 )
Intelligence:...43,2 (Calculation: 12 + (24*1,3) = 12 + 31,2 )
Armor:..........14 (Calculation: 0 + (96 / 7) = 13,714 )

Health:.........1143,8 (Calculation: 150 + (60,2*19) )
Mana:............561,6 (Calculation: 43,2*13 )

Isara lived in the far outskirts, far away from any City. She lost her parents in a war, when she was young during war. Her father taught her, how to wield a sword in self defense, should she ever needed it, before he was called to aid the army in the war.
Her father left his, with elven magic imbued, Blade called 'Avuyr' with her. The magic inside the blade glows when evil draws close, warning it's wielder of the lurking danger.

During the past years she lived on her own, hunting the wildlife for food, practicing her technique with the sword. She developed her own agile, acrobatic and fast combat-style.
One day, when she was just finished hunting, 'Avuyr' began glow in a bright blue light. Every minute that passed, the glowing became stronger.
She looked towards the horizon just to see a massive army of undead-creatures heading her way.
Isara quickly packed a few things into a bag and stormed out of her house and startet running to the far away city.
Isara managed to find a forwarded military camp. She informed the soldiers and their captain about the coming Creatures. The soldiers laughed at her, and gave her place to rest... until the Undead reached the camp and a fierce battle started.
The camp could barely hold the first attack of the Undead, and the remaining soldiers apologized. The Captain, his soldiers and Isara retreated further to the city, warning everyone they met until they reached the City.

Now Isara is aiding the Radiant Forces against the Dire.

Hurricane Fang [Hotkey: Q / Legacy: F]
Casting Method: Active
Targetting Method: Unit
Allowed Targets: Enemy Heroes

Isara dashes towards the enemy and striking him/her at full speed with her sword dealing physical damage and stunning the enemy for a brief moment. During the dash Isara is not targettable.
In addition, every consecutive hit against the targeted enemy will grant Isara increased attack speed up to a maximum.

Damage: 120 / 190 / 260 / 330
Range: 600
Stun duration: 0,5 seconds
Attack speed per attack: 10
Maximum Bonus Attack speed: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100

Mana Cost: 55 / 70 / 85 / 100
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Deflect [Hotkey: W / Legacy: E]
Casting Method: Active
Targetting Method: Self
Allowed Target: Self, Enemy Heroes

Isara prepares to deflect an incoming attack and counter it.
When an enemy Hero hits Isara with a melee attack or direct Target-Unit ability, this attack or ability is completely blocked and Isara counterattacks for mediocre physical damage.

When an enemy hero hits Isara with a ranged attack or a projectile based Target-Unit ability, the projectile will be deflected and hits the nearest enemy hero within a certain range. If no enemy hero is in range, the projectile is just blocked.

When no Attack is blocked during the duration of Deflect the Cooldown is halved.

Duration: 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 4,5 seconds
Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200
Deflection Range: 375

Mana Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 /80
Cooldown: 16

Avuyr [Hotkey: E / Legacy: V]
Casting Method: Passive
Targetting Method: Self
Allowed Targets: Self, Enemy Heroes

The magical powers of Isaras blade Avuyr awaken.
When an enemy hero is in a certain range, Isaras blade begins to glow in a blue light.
In addition, when an Enemy Hero is hit, Isara gains true sight of this hero as long as he is in the detection range of Avuyr.
Only one hero can be affected by the true sight.

Range: 2000 / 2175 / 2350 / 2500

Arrow Notch Strike [Hotkey: R / Legacy: R]
Casting Method: Active
Targeting Method: Straight Line
Allowed Targets: Enemy Units

Isara dashes, forward in a straight line, instantly appearing at the target location.
Enemys who stand in her path are dealt heavy phyisical damage, after a short delay. Enemy and neutral creeps will die instantly. Does not effect ancient creeps and Roshan.

Damage will be split equally among any enemy hero hit. This Damage can not be avoided.
The delay effect cannot be removed by any means!

Scepter Upgrade: Increases Damage, and decreasing Manacost and Cooldown

Range: 625
Damage: 600 / 900 / 1200 (800* / 1100* / 1500*)
Delay: 5 / 4 / 3 seconds

Mana Cost: 200 / 275 / 350 (150* / 200* / 250*)
Cooldown: 150 seconds (80 seconds*)

+ one of the fastest Base Movement speed (only slightly slower than Chaos Knight and Luna... but those youse Mounts!^^)
+ hard to gank her lane due to the visual effect of 'Avuyr'
+ Counters invisible heroes due to 'Avuyr'
+ 'Arrow Notch Strike' can catch the enemy off guard, casting from behind trees or other vision blockers (e.g. high ground)
+ can easily burst down a single target, due to her high attack speed gain thorugh 'Hurricane Fang'

- Squishy in early game
- low intelligence and mana pool
- 'Avuyr' only *tells* that enemys are nearby, but not where. Also it has only a bit higher range than her day-time vision range.
- 'Arrow Notch Strike's damage can be greatly reduced (counted for the individual) by grouping up.
- is totally shut down by Blade Mail, since she only uses Physical Damage and attacks fast.
- partially shut down by huge Armor-values
- no escape mechanic, except wasting 'Arrow Notch Strike'
- no real disable, just the mini-stun from 'Hurricane Fang'

I imagined her, similar to one of my favorite Characters from the 'Fire Emblem' Series - Lyndis.
Picture: Lyndis
I also based her Lore around Lyn's story, modifiyng few details.

Closing words:
So... that's my first hero submission.
I'm by far not an expert in terms of balancing, so if you have any critic please give details i can't work with posts like: "That's OP! NERF!" tell what is not balanced and why, maybe give example of it being more balanced and I will look into it.

As I stated in my Introduction posting: I'm not a natural english speaker, since I'm german, so if there are any mistakes in spelling or grammar let me know :D

+ Added Colors

Side Note:
A preview function would be totally awesome in terms of... you know previewing the layout :p
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