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Hero idea remade: Galahad, the Bladestorm

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Hero idea remade: Galahad, the Bladestorm 2 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ThreadOfFate » April 17, 2015 11:21am | Report
Feels like I've come full circle now. I mostly am making this due to the fact that I can no longer find the original, and the hero libraries have been removed. So...Here we go!

Galahad, the Bladestorm

Radiant Strength
Base strength: 23(+2.5)
Base agility: 22(+2.3)
Base intelligence: 19(+1.9)
Base damage: 57
Base movespeed: 310
Base armour: 3

Attack type: Melee
B.A.T: 1.7


The Drake's Wing inn was a lively port hotel most of the time, frequented by many a young quester aiming for a sliver of glory, as most of the excitement now came from the so-called 'heroes'.

Today, however, there was only a few people sitting around, usually with very large alcoholic beverages placed before them.

The inn's owner knew all of his regulars. What they drank, what troubles they had at home, but there was one he had yet to even hear a peep from. The cloaked man who always sat in the corner, three swords strapped to his person, by the window, looking out over the ocean as though hoping something would appear out of the blue. The owner resolved to speak to him the moment he had a break.

Not 5 minutes later, the innkeeper found himself in front of the man. He stood there for around a minute, thinking how to break the ice, when the figure spoke.

"I didn't ask for any drinks, Zet." The man sounded tired, resigned even. Zet knew the tone well enough to assume that something had gone wrong on an emotional level. Maybe he would open up about it.

"And I am not here to deliver any, my man...If I can call you that. Do you have a name you would be so willing as to tell me?" A prodding question. Innocent enough. Zet looked at the man's hidden face. His mouth was curled into a faint smirk.

"You've been wanting to ask that for a while." Not a question. A statement. "Though I guess I could honour you request, as you have provided such a...Wonderful atmosphere the last few weeks. My name, Zet, is Galahad." Finally. A name to the face. "Why ask now?"

"You seemed troubled. Something in the news caught you off-guard?"

"I am never caught off-guard. I was merely...Merely..."

"Taken aback?"

"Yes, that." Both men shared a small chuckle, Galahad's noticeably more subdued.

"So what was it?" Zet knew he was breaching possibly personal information, but it never hurt to ask a few probing questions to the troubled mind.

"My home. It sunk." Zet did not know how to respond to this.

"Sunk!? Was it some kinda small island? How does an island just sink!" It wasn't actually possible for a whole island to sink without some form of energy or vibrations being felt atleast at the port town. Wait...Was that why the man- no, Galahad, sat at the window all day? Looking? Hoping?

"Not all that small. You may have heard about it? The Isle of Masks?" And then the still-standing Zet could not resist a small pointed comment.

"Aren't all the denizens from there supposed to, you know..."

"Wear masks?"

"Yes." Galahad seemed amused and oddly forlorn at the question.

"I was always different. And that's why I'm here. You may not have noticed, but you've spent a long time speaking to me. We're the only ones here."

Zet looked around, he was right. Even the hungover man at the bar had stumbled away somewhere.

"Doesn't matter so much. Buisness through the last weeks has been brilliant. So, why is that a reason you're here?" At this, Galahad sighed, and clutched one of the smaller blades on his side.

"I did not follow tradition. Every child is expected to learn the Juggernaut sword style. I did not. Ergo, banished. And it saved my life, as it turns out. Or atleast, I think they're all dead. I hope so."

Zet was hesitant to ask his question. It was far too personal, and if it turned out to be true then he might not have been able to apologise enough. "Did you...Have any family there?"

Finally, a legitimate smile graced Galahad's face. "There's a reason I've been waiting here for weeks. I have a brother. I was meant to be meeting him here. He never had the time but I'm not giving up on him. In fact, if on schedule, he should be arriving" Both men looked up at the door.

They waited a while longer.

One of them coughed.

"Sorry about your brother, Galahad."

"Don't be. All that means is he's busy fighting a war I should be part of as well."

"You mean he's a-!?"

"Hero, yes." And so Galahad ran out of the inn, swords at his back and spirits high. Only one word trailed behind him.

Ok I was going to do skills today as well, and I will, but now my sister just got engaged and it's rather distracting :P.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ThreadOfFate » April 20, 2015 3:26pm | Report
finally got round to writing this ****, and then my pc bluescreened before I could post. I'm not writing it all up again. Sorry.


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