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HCC Entry : The Cosmic Tortoise

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Guru Drak » July 8, 2017 6:14pm | Report
Lore : As one would look to the stars depending on their kinship and history, they would think of what they were, how alluring the sparkling dots of fire were in the sky, or fear the darkness that lay between each. If one were to have been there once before, they would think of most likely chaos and the numbing eternal void with specs of death between.

One being was there before even the stars however. Its name is unpronounceable from having no one to converse with; hence not written into historical archives but by its description. Its only reference to being known through what is now measured in time, is the Cosmic Tortoise.

Transferring its so called corporeal body between areas of space it wanders, looking for changes of scenery among the vast emptiness of each world, each region of space, each dimension of magics. If it were to find somewhere to entertain itself, surely it would spend the next eon or two in enjoyment after its long journey; a vacation to the endless wanderer.


Durable - Nuker - Escape - Support

Str 15 + 3.4 [Primary]
Agi 9 + 1.9
Int 23 + 2.3

[Armor] 3
[Base HP Regen] 2.25
[Move Speed] 245
[Turn Rate] 0.75
[Vision] 1800/1800
[Att Range - Melee] 150
[Base Att Time] 1.85
[Magic Resist] 35%
[Collision Size] 24
[Legs] 4

Note: Cosmic Tortoise will be abbreviated for ability and explanation references to "CT"


[Q] Terrestrial Crunch - Physical - CT lunges forward 100 and deals damage in a 100 radius.
75 / 150 / 225 / 300 75 Mana 15 second cooldown
( As any reptilian form would do with tasty morsels before it )

[W] Stellar Wave - Magical - Passive - After taking 500 within 10 seconds, a wave of fire releases outward in a 400 radius dealing damage with 2 seconds of additional damage of time.
50 / 125 / 200 / 300 3 second cooldown
( After countless eons of travel, CT has picked up stray radiation into its shell, releasing it from time to time when shifted about )

[E] Quantum Entanglement - Magical - When activated CT heals along with any units ( friend of foe ) for a leveled amount in a 300 radius.
100 / 175 / 275 / 400 Health 160 Mana 25 second cooldown
( Sometimes a moments mistake can be undone when not thinking of time as a linear function )

[R] Singularity Vortex - Magical - Upon activation, all allied units at target point (globally) in a leveled radius switch locations with yourself. Any enemy units in the leveled radius at both ends take leveled damage. You only change locations if at least one allied unit is alive on cast in target location.
Radius - 200 / 400 / 600 Damage - 100 / 300 / 500 200 / 300 / 400 Mana 180 / 150 / 120 second cooldown
( In its infinite travels the CT gained insight in the most complicated of the many universes, and how to control its terrible power )

Aghanim's Scepter: Increases the range of Terrestrial Crush to 600, decreases Stellar Wave's damage requirement to 250, and removes the cooldown of Quantum Entanglement.


The style of CT is to tank up damage for your allies, and dealing back damage from your abilities to help keep your team alive. The Q ability is a good AOE for creeps and close combat enemies like Antimage and Slark, dealing damage in the area directly in front of you. The Aghs ability is that you have gained more spacial and temportal power that you had collected, able to leap farther even as a tortoise.

The W ability is there as a deterrent to keep attacking you close up however, releasing damage back that you take, but not as much. This is good when surrounded by illusions or summoned units that are blocking you, dealing damage to all of them. The Aghs buff allows for taking less damage to deal more, unlike the base ability of more taken and less given.

The E ability is a Healing technique, but unlike Weaver or Oracle, everyone in the area is effected. This can mess up your or your enemies Axe when they are trying to Cull, or it could save your allies from a bit AOE spell combo such as from Invoker. The Aghs ability to remove the cooldown is a thought that time has no meaning for CT at this point, and as long as you have mana, you and those around you won't die.

The Ultimate, is partly similar to Io and Underlord in that it is a teleport ability. The difference is you aren't teleporting with allies in CT's case. You exchange locations with allies instead, as well as doing damage to enemies around the locations. This is helpful in saving allies, swapping yourself with a fountain carry to put them into battle, or even to move an entire creep wave into another lane to push extra hard.
Live Life - Respect Life - Protect Life

Guru Drak

Posts: 9
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by AttackHelicopter » July 9, 2017 3:25am | Report
Ok so this hero is a dozy to read (seriously re do your format my eyes are dead) anyways
So here is the thoughts and concerns for this hero

1.the Mana cost

The Q is a very accessible ability, what I mean by that? Its a spell that is essentially good (its has good damage points or effects) and has a low mana cost, essentially making it a very fine ability to just spam

The E should have mana for me that damage is something that needs mana

Last is: The Ultimate

The Ultimate is just a big cheese ability maybe have a delay and not just a instant teleport and whatnot because we all know just let riki be in the midst of your target and bam insta death for the poor guy


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