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HCC Entry: Apophis Warden of Foulfell and Keeper of the Shards

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Apophis The FoulFell Warden And Keeper Of the Shards

Hero Intro

Apophis is a hero I had an idea for when reading Terrorblade's lore.I considered making him based on Slarks Lore as the Warden Of Dark Reef but I feel that there are already too many fishy heroes out and about. Foulfell is a dimension that serves as a prison to the demons and devils of hell. Terror blade managed to break out of here after a period of time in which he gained power through self reflection. Apophis is a hero based on the concept that Foulfell has a Warden and that he is now out hunting, but he is not only hunting Terrorblade but also hunting potential baddies to lock up in Foulfell. In addition to being the Warden of Foulfell he also serves a Keeper of the Shards, by this I make reference to the Foulfell shards that have Demons trapped within them, The shards in my concept serve as a source of immense power as only the worst and strongest of the demons are trapped within a shard.


His main role is as a position 1 carry, *YAAAAY another OP Carry, Thanks IceFrog...ahem...I mean TIN Man*, but he can be played as a Position 2, 3 or even 4. He is an extremely versatile, mobile Hero. He is tanky as hell(Joke Intended). I considered making him a Ranged hero but I felt for his skills he needed to be a melee hero as he's attitude is all up in your face, also as a strenght hero he shoiuld by default be a melee hero, I mean cmon ranged Strenght Hero? Weak dude.

When played as a position 1 or 2 his main role is to deal damage in team fights whilst acting as a tank. With his skills he is able to buff teammates to a certain extent but because of his limited mana pool he isnt good at it when played in this role. He is able to do incredible damage with items like BattleFury as his right click damage is insane, as well as him having a good level of attack speed. Battlefury is also very important on him to speed up his farm as he cant effectively farm with his skills due to them having a pretty hefty mana price. But farming is sustainable without items due to his Blood of The Apostate ability as he can jungle for long periods of time with no sustain.

When played as a position 3 his main role is to initiate team fights using Hells Congregation whilst acting as a tank. He isn't really required to deal damage in this role in as much as he is able to take it. Being played in this role he is able to dish out his disables and buffs to greater effect as he will have slots available for supporting items that benefit the team, ie Vlads, Shivas Guard etc. With His Balmosgus Summon he is good at scouting out enemies and it gives him the ability deal damage in more than one place at a time as well as enhancing his pressence in team fights with the the abilities Blamozgus has.

Played as a position 4 or 5 his main role is too buff the team and preform saves. He is underwhelming in these roles as he requires large amounts of mana to perform effectively. But due to his great health gain and moderate armour gain as well as a significant damamge gain he always reamins a viable option for a tanky harassing support. In this Role Balmozgus would serve as the a good damage dealer and as in the above Psition 3 perform the duties of scouting and such.


Eons before Satan was cast from Heaven another lesser known Angel fell.
When God created the universe he Made 7 dimensions through which his creation was spread and for his strongest angel Apophis he gave The Mercurial plane to rule over.
But the power over a dimension corrupted Apophis and made him lust to control all dimensions. In his bid to gain more power he conducted vile sacrifces and forbidden rites corrupting the very essence of The Mercurial Plane and Unleashing Violent Powers. With his new power and blinded by the lust to rule over all he saught to take the throne of God and was punished. God cast him To the lowest Plane in Exixtence, The Foulfell where the worst of the Universe were Imprisoned, and here he was made to serve as Warden to the most despicable beings in exixtence for all eternity.
But Eons have passed and Eternity has aged. And seeking the Seeking the Reflected One he now walks The Terrene Plane.


Strength: 20+4
Agility: 18+2
Intelligence: 13+1.8
Level- 1/ 15/ 25
Health- 700/ 1610/ 1950
H. Regen- 2.38/ 3.3/ 4.8
Mana- 251/ 449/ 592
M. Regen- 0.89/ 1.45/ 2.01
Damage- 69‒71/ 111‒113/141‒143
Armor- 6/ 10/ 13
Spell Dmg 1.24%/ 2.48%/ 4.86%
Attacks Per Sec-0.64/ 0.82/ 0.96

Movement Speed 305
Turn Rate 0.9
Vision Range 1800/1200 (He is able to see well st night cause hes a demon...and stuff)
Attack Range 250 (I know its a bit much but not as much as Monkey King)
Projectile Speed Instant
Attack Animation 0.6+0.3
Base Attack Time 1.6
Magic resistance 34%
Collision Size 19
Legs 2

Obviously From these stats you can see he already beyond broken but hey, Its not real, you can stop crying. Even Icefrog wouldn't punish you with this hero.

Faction: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Melee
Roles: Carry, Durable, Escape, Support


Q: Hells Congregation

The Warden Opens a portal to the Foulfell through which the damned reach and entrap all enemies within reach. Damaging the Targets with the Hellfire with which they are eternally Punished.

Affects: Enemies
Damage Magical
Ability Type : Target Unit( Affects Are around Unit as well)
Casting area of effect: 750 (950, Talent at Level 20)
Pierces magic immunity: No
Pierces Linken Sphere: No
Cast Animation: 0.4
Radius: 200
Cooldown: 20/17/14/11
Manacost: 150
Damage : 120/190/260/320
Stun Duration: 2.6 Seconds

    Does Not affect Spell immune Units but affects units in the vicinity of the effect who are not spell immune.

W:Balmozgus Summon

The Keeper opens a Portal to the Foulfell and summons forth his demon Hound Balmozgus.

Abilit Type: Summon
Ability target: No Target
Mana Cost: 150
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.4
Duration: Permanent

Balmozgus Stats:
Duration: Permanent
Damage: 50/75/90/120
Health: 400/800/1200/1600
Health Regen: 3/4/5/6
Mana: 200/350/450/550
Mana Regen: 2
Armour: 2/3/4/5
Magic Resistance: 20%
Attack Range: 150
Base Attack Time: 2.0/1.8/1.5/1.2
Movement Speed: 330
Items: Non Equipable
Vision Range: 1000/900
Bounty: 250
Experience: 250
Turn Rate 1.0


Hell Fire: Balmozgus spits hell fire at the target unit.
Damage: 70/80/90/100 with +10 dps as burn damage for 2 seconds
Mana Cost: 50/75/100/120
Cooldown: 12
Radius: 200

Infernal Bite: Balmozgus bites into an enemy locking them in place.
Stun Duration: 1.5/2/2.5/3
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 14
Radius: 150

Dread: Balmozgus's Attacks have achance to slow the enemy.
Ability: Passive
Slow: 12/15/18/22
Chance: 19%

Summoning Balmozgus reduces The Wardens Health by 12%/21%/33%/40% depending on the level of Blamozgus. Id addition The Wardens damage output is reduced by 75%.
If Balmozgus Dies or is unsummoned then the warden's damage and health will not go back to normal untill 45 seconds have passed.
Balmozus abilities do not pierce spell immunity or go through linkens sphere.

E: Shards Of Rumination

As the Keeper of the shards the Warden can open a portal and call forth the immense power of the Demons within to temporarily give himself or allies enhanced Physical Capabilities. Requires the blood of Hero enemies.

If an enemy Hero dies within the radius or Enemy heroes take a cumulative amount of damage a shard charge is created. Charges last for 4 minutes upon which they are lost. 2 Allies may be receive shard bonuses at a time. If 2 shard charges are active and another is cast the first ones bonuses are immediately lost. Bonuses are non Stackable, If recast on an Allie the duration is refreshed.

Affects: Allies
Ability Type: Target Hero
Enemy Hero Death Radius: 400
Enamy Hero Damage Threshold: 400/700/900/1000
Max Charges: 4
Mana Cost: 100
Cast Animation: 0.5
Dispell Type : Strong Dispell
Bonus Attack Speed: 30/60/90/110
Bonus Move Speed: 10/20/30/40
Cast Range: 500
Duration: 4/5/6/7
Cooldown: 6/5/4

    Can be cast on Creeps.
    Buffs on Allies can be cast through spell Immunity.
    Agahnims scepter upgrade: Allows the Shards of Rumination to be cast on Enemy Heroes as a debuff that instead reduces attack speed and movement speed, debuffs do not penetrate Spell Immunity or Go through Linkens Sphere. Also adds an +20% damage increase Buff effect for Allies.

R: Blood of the Apostate

The Warden's blood boils as he takes damage and as he spills his opponents Blood, working him into a frenzy. In this Frenzy the Warden Gains Increased attack damage and Movespeed in addition Enemies in the vicinity have their damage reduced depending on their missing health.

Damage Amplification per enemy 25% of life missing: 5%/6%/7%/8%
Move speed Bonus: 4%/5%/6%/7%
Enemies damage reduction to you per 25% of their life missing: 7/9/11/13%
Pierces Magic Immunity: No
Radius: 300

LVL10: +12 to all stats OR + 30 Movement Speed
LVL15: +10 Strength Regen OR +10 Mana Regen
LVL20: +10 Strength OR +4 Shards Of Rumination Charges
LvL25: +200 Hells Congregation Damage Or 3 Balmozguz Item Slots

I should point out that I own none of these pictures, They all came to me as an offering from the gods of Google.


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