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Gladius Ignis, The Angel Warrior

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by JerfyBawss » May 17, 2015 12:31am | Report

The Angel Warrior, Gladius Ignis

Ego sum spes populi, Ego numquam concedebo!

(picture I drew is going to go here)

Durable, Initiator, Nuker, Support

Strength: 25 (+2.5) [85]
Agility: 17 (+1.9) [62.6]
Intelligence: 19 (+1.9) [64.6]
Base Damage: 57
BAT: 1.55
Base Armor:2 (+2 from agi)
Movement Speed: 300
Base Health: 675
Base Mana: 247



Q: Flight (Active no target)
The Angel takes flight, granted unobstructed movement and a 20%/24%/26%/28% movement speed boost for 16/20/24/28 seconds. During the duration of Flight, Angel Warrior loses the Flight ability and gains the ability Skydive instead.

CD: 45
Mana: 75

"Vorare supra hostes vestrum est vincere."

Alt Q (leveling shared with Q): Skydive (Active target point)
While in flight, Angel Warrior dives into the ground, damaging and stunning enemies in an area of effect where Angel Warrior dives into the ground. If no enemies are hit, Angel Warrior is stunned for half the current duration. After this ability is used, Angel Warrior regains flight.

Pierces spell immunity?: No
Range: 900
AOE: 300
Flight into aoe speed: 900
Damage: 100/175/250/325 Physical
Stun: 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4
CD: Shared with Flight
Mana: 100

"Scuto vito et ego in denso proeli *** hoc interficere paravi."

W: Sacred Fire (Active no target)
Gladius Ignis raises his blade into the air, poised to strike. After a channel, he thrusts his blade into the ground, causing an explosion of sacred fire which damages enemies in an AOE, damages Angel Warrior for half the damage, and removes debuffs of Angel Warrior and his allies in the AOE. The longer the channel is, the greater the effect of the ability. Press W again to release the channel.

Pierces spell immunity?: No
Channel minimum: .5
Channel maximum: 5.5
Max radius: 950
Minimum radius: 250
Radius gained per sec: 140
Max damage: 500 magical
Minimum damage: 100 magical
Damage gained per sec: 40 magical
CD: 18
Max Mana Cost: 300
Minimum Mana Cost: 50
Mana Cost gained per sec: 50

You CAN deny yourself with Sacred Fire

"Ignis sacer meus tuum Purget!"

E: Flaming Halo (Toggle)
The Halo of the Angel Warrior burns bright, granting allies within 600 range healing and armor, and damaging enemies within 600 range every second.

Pierces spell immunity?: No
Range: 600
Damage Per Second: 30/45/65/80
Healing (heals occur every .33 seconds): 8/14/20/26
Armor bonus: 2/4/6/8
CD: 3
Mana Cost: 20/25/30/35 per second

"Ego maximo imperio deorum cremo!"

R: Aegis of The Angel (Active target allied hero)
Gladius Ignis selflessly grants his ally with his Aegis, removing Angel Warrior from the battlefield for the duration of Aegis of The Angel. The targeted ally is protected by the Angel, redirecting damage they take to the Angel Warrior's health. Angel Warrior may also use some of his abilities during the duration of Aegis of The Angel. Flight affects the targeted hero with the current level's effects, Skydive cannot be used, Sacred Fire can be used and does not subject the affected ally to a channel, but only to The Angel Warrior, Flaming Halo can be used, and also items can be used. Gladius Ignis cannot attack during Aegis of The Angel.

Damage Redirected: 70%/80%/90%
Duration: 8/10/12
CD: 90
Mana Cost: 175/200/225

"Numquam cadebimus!"


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