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Gargram The Rocketeer (Best Offlane Hero)

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Gargram The Rocketeer

Like Sleithir The Reef Warden, this is merely my take on the best offlane hero. This hero specialized as a position 3 hero (obviously), which if given a level advantage can be a dangerous pusher.

An offlane hero is said as an offlane hero because he has some aspects: Escape/Durable Capability, Exp and Gold Soaking Efficiency, Equilibrium Control and Level Ahead Effectiveness. Gargram is meant to be a hero that excels in all of this points. His first skill is primarily his escape skill that is similar to Leap that allows him to survive anything thrown to him, especially given that it also stuns any units behind him, thus clearing the Escape Capability (durability is because he is strength AND range hero). His second and third skill basically acts as his Flash Farming tool and Equilibrium Control because his second skill provides him a splash attack that can damage allied creeps even from full HP and third skill makes it harder for enemy carry to farm + gives him flash farming power.

However, what is interesting about this hero is that he works with Turn Rate (speed in which a unit rotate 90/180 degree from original position) and Projectile speed with his second skill that are rarely even spoken about. These two, even if not as useful in game, is very, very great in laning phase. Imagine if you're Mirana and died because you leap the wrong way because you are turning so slow or if you're fighting Sniper how the projectile speed makes it harder for you to last hit.

That's not all though, because his ultimate skill is different. It is similar to True Form in terms that it allows you to shifts form freely between the two, but is different because that in itself does nothing but give movement speed boost. This ultimate skill is interesting because it CHANGES the whole skillset effects, changing him from an offlane hero to a ridiculously strong pusher. This clears Level Ahead Effectiveness because once he reach level 6, he can roam quickly and a successful gank can potentially extinguish enemy tower quickly.

Blacksmith by born, a young orc deep inside small isolated city of Xysraksa always wonders what is the limit of a human technology. Ever wandering, he grew tired of tempering only iron and metal into swords and armors. Years after years he bear with it, but when the story of Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter spreads around the city, his creative and competitive mind cannot bear to not do anything any longer. He began to collect scraps of metal from workshop to build his own inventions; what other deems as a makeshift of Gyrocopter, a toy.

None understood what is the true potential of Gargram, but they soon did. Few years after starting his first invention, he set out of his garage to war with his set of cannons and rockets, only to be stopped by his father and laughed at by the entire village. Gargram grew mad "Go ahead! Laugh at me! But don"t you dare laugh at my inventions!" he said. But the villagers heed no attention, thinking that he cannot and will not do anything "Look at that! The stupid orc think that his TOYS are actually something so great!" they continue insulting him and his inventions. Cannot bear with it any longer, Gargram shot his rockets for the first time, destroying a great part of the city and killing off dozens of citizen. As the guards were lounging at him, he tried to shoot his next rocket, but he forgot to load in his next rocket. With nothing in the cannon but gunpowder, he burst forward from the exhaust recoil, flying over the village and landed unconscious in a place he did not know.

"Argh... My head... I need to fix this thing soon so that it won't happen again... Wait! I can do something cooler!" A wide grin was seen on his face, seemingly not regretting what he did to the city. As he open his eyes, he noticed that he was in a plateau, corpses of hideous beasts and a kin that he has never seen. He did not care though; since his eyes were fixed toward the engines and machines that seem so advanced he couldn't believe his eyes. Years he spent within the isolation of the plateau, and the day came when he went out of the plateau into the war spouting the words "I finally did it!"


Faction: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Range
Roles: Pusher, Escape, Ganker, Disabler, Semi-Carry

Str: 88 at 25 (25 + 2.5/level)
Agi: at 68 (13+ 2.2/level)
Int: 67 at 25 (22 + 1.8/level)

Health: 1812 at 25
MP: 871 at 25
Armor: 15 (5.3 base armor + 9.7) at 25
Movement: 290
Range: 500


[Q] Exhaust Burst: Gargram takes away his cannon's mount, and burns his remaining gunpowder inside the cannon without any rocket. This causes his exhaust pipe to burst a huge explosion, knocking him to direction he is facing for 900 points distance because of the recoil. Any enemy unit in cone radius behind him will be damaged, stunned and knocked back by 300 points. The cone has 100 starting width and 300 ending width for 400 points range.

- 125 damage, 1 second stun
- 175 damage, 1 second stun
- 175 damage, 2 second stun
- 225 damage, 2 second stun

Type: No Target
Affect: Enemy Units, Self
Damage Type: Magical

MP Cost: 140, 130, 110, 100
Cool Down: 18/14/12/8 seconds

Flying like a rocket!

[] Refined Refinery: The Rocketeer is so adept in refinery that he can refine his already refined weaponry even to the tiniest detail. This skill increases his turn rate (originally 0.3), projectile speed (originally 900 speed) and his damage, while also allowing his attacks to splash 200 points radius in front of the direction his target is facing. The splash affects both allied and enemy units. The bonuses other than splash are permanent (affect both forms).

- Turn rate to 0.5, speed to 1300, 18 bonus damage and 50% splash
- Turn rate to 0.65, speed to 1700, 25 bonus damage and 65% splash
- Turn rate to 0.9, speed to 2100, 32 bonus damage and 85% splash
- Turn rate to 1.2, speed to 2500, 40 bonus damage and 100% splash

Type: Passive
Affect: Self

For refining anything, Gargram is the best!

[E] Blazing Fuel: Gargram shot his secondary rocket filled with fuel alongside with his regular rocket, drenching 250 points area around the target to be burned. Units burned will receive an instance of damage every 0.1 seconds for 12 points of damage each, while having their movement and attack speed slowed. The slow stacks with other instances of slow, including Exhaust Burst

- 0.5 seconds duration, 15% slow
- 0.8 seconds duration, 20% slow
- 1.2 seconds duration, 25% slow
- 1.5 seconds duration, 30% slow

Type: No Target
Affect: Enemy Units
Damage Type: Magical

MP Cost: 40
Cool Down: 4 seconds

Oh my, my fuel spills!

[R] Dive-bomber: The Rocketeer took on the advanced technology of gyrocopter, and combined with his invention and the tinkers' technologies to create his own futuristic machine he called "dive-bomber". This skill grants Gargram a secondary form that he can shifts freely from the Rocketeer form and Dive-bomber form with certain cast time. Dive-bomber form receives bonus movement speed and changes the rest of his skills. The skills don't share cool down within the 2 forms, and passives only work if he is in appropriate form.

- 1.5 second cast time, 10 MP cost per second
- 0.75 seconds cast time, 5 MP cost per second
- 0 second cast time, 0 MP cost per second

Type: Toggle
Affects: Self
Bonus speed: 60 points (350 base speed)
Cool Down: 30/15/0 seconds

[Q] Exhaust Burst: The exhaust burst on a dive-bomber is not an instantaneous combustion of gunpowder, but instead a huge boost on the machine power, enabling Gargram to moves with flying capability and increased movespeed in certain duration. In this duration, Gargram can exceed movement speed cap of 522 points speed. However, Gargram will receive penalty damage if he exceeds the movement speed cap as HP removal damage based on distance traveled. When Gargram initially activate this skill, it deals damage based on his current movespeed and slows enemy units move speed within 450 points duration from him.

- 25% bonus speed, 0.2 multiplier, 40% slow for 2 seconds
- 35% bonus speed, 0.4 multiplier, 50% slow for 2 seconds
- 40% bonus speed, 0.5 multiplier, 60% slow for 3 seconds
- 50% bonus speed, 0.7 multiplier, 70% slow for 3 seconds

Type: No Target
Affect: Enemy Units, Self
Damage Type: Magical

MP Cost: 110/125/140/155
Cool Down: 12 seconds
Duration: 6 seconds
Damage: 10% distance travelled

[] Refined Refinery: His refining prowess is more refined, giving Gargram capabilities to instinctually refine the refineries of even the dive-bomber forms. Leveling this skill reduces damage taken from Exhaust Burst, increases Blazing Fuel damage stacking percentage, and grants him with splash attack of point radius according to Blazing Fuel level that affects only enemy units. If this skill has been leveled, once an enemy receives more than 600 points accumulative damage from Blazing Fuel and Exhaust Burst, the unit is charred, disabling them from moving, attacking or casting ability/item while taking bonus damage from any source. A unit cannot be charred more than once within 10 seconds. Tower can also be charred once every 15 seconds for half the duration.

- 8% damage taken / distance, 40% damage stacking, 1.5 second char
- 5% damage taken / distance, 60% damage stacking, 2 seconds char
- 3% damage taken / distance, 80% damage stacking, 2.5 seconds char
- 0% damage taken / distance, 100% damage stacking, 3 seconds char

Type: Passive
Affect: Self, Enemy Units
Bonus damage when charred: 30%
Splash damage: 60%

[E] Blazing Fuel: Gargram drops a rocket of blazing fuel in his location, dealing damage every 0.3 seconds for 10 damage per instance within certain radius from impact point for certain duration. This skill also affects buildings for full damage. The damage doesn't stack unless Refined Refinery is leveled

- 3 seconds duration, 300 points radius
- 4.5 seconds duration, 350 points radius
- 6 seconds duration, 400 points radius
- 7.5 seconds duration, 450 points radius

Type: No Target
Affect: Enemy Units
Damage Type: Siege

MP Cost: 110
Cool Down: 2 seconds

The hard works finally paid off!

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