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Chimeria the Changeling

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Hero Introduction

Chimeria the Changeling is a ranged agility hero with the ability to summon illusions using with his first ability, Silhouette. These illusions are unique in that they spawn invisible and will slow movement and deal full damage when it breaks the invisibility by attacking. Spectrum Shift grants him invisibility for quite a brief period, but lasts shorter in the presence of enemy heroes. Gaze Fire is his single target nuke which deals magical damage and mini-stuns, but deal pure damage and stuns much longer if the target faces Chimeria. His ultimate, Chameleon, allows him to rapidly sap away stats from a single target through channeling while also passively and temporarily grants him a percentage of the stats of killed enemies.

Due to the limitations of his invisibility skills, Chimeria must use it to reposition himself for effective Silhouette illusion placement and face-on Gaze Fire instead of actual escapes. His invisible illusions can be used as a short, powerful and surprise movement slow as well as undiminished damage on their first attack. The undiminished damage on the first attacks make it easy for enemies to mistaken it for the actual hero breaking from Spectrum Shift allowing Chimeria to take advantage of their reactions whether they approach or use valuable spells on (good bait and kiting) or run. All his abilities allows him and enemies to reposition for the more powerful Gaze Fire. Spectrum Shift is generally the simpler way in which he can safely walk in front of the enemy. Silhouette, depending on their reaction, can force the enemy to turn towards Chimeria. Enemies who try to disrupt his ultimate channeling must also face him. The stat steal from successful Chameleon saps and kills can turn the tides from his nature of avoiding direct combat to becoming more fit in a fight.


[Q] Silhouette (Mana Cost:90, Cooldown:20/15/10/5, No Target, Magical)
Chimeria conjures an invisible illusion of himself. If the illusion successfully attacks, the invisibility is broken but the attack will slow the target's movement speed and deal full attack damage.
Illusion Duration: 20
Illusion Damage Dealt: 30%
Illusion Damage Taken: 400%
Break Movement Slow: 100%
Movement Slow Duration: 0.5
The Changeling finds joy in toying with its victims' minds

[W] Spectrum Shift (Mana Cost:90/80/70/60, Cooldown: 25, No Target)
Immediately grants Chimeria invisibility. If near an enemy hero, the duration lasts 5 times shorter while hasting Chimeria.
Base Duration: 20
Enemy Search Radius: 400
Movement Speed: 550
Bloodlust for the next victim usually outlives the Changeling's patience

[E] Gaze Fire (Mana Cost:110, Cooldown: 12, Target Unit, Magical/Pure, Pierces Spell Immunity)
Chimeria fires a dark fireball from his eyes which deals magical damage and mini-stuns the target if the target was not facing the fireball on impact. If the target was, then Gaze Fire deals pure damage, stuns much longer and has its cooldown halved.
Cast Range:600
Damage: 75/150/225/300
Mini-stun Duration: 0.2
Stun Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5
Some things are better left unseen

[R] Chameleon (Mana Cost:150, Cooldown:100/75/50, Target Unit, Pierces Spell Immunity)
Active: Chimeria rapidly saps each of the target's stats, granting it to himself for a duration. Channeled.
Cast Range: 500
Channel Max Duration: 5
Stat Steal Per Second: 6/9/12
Stat Steal Break Distance: 900
Stat Steal Duration: 30
Passive: Killing an enemy hero grants Chimeria a percentage of their stats for a duration.
Percentage of Stats stolen: 20%
Buff Duration: 50
*Aghanim's Scepter removes channeling from Chameleon but disarms him for the sap duration. Also adds Stop Chameleon ability.
Those who tread the Changeling's domain is greeted warmly by friends and family upon return, with slight notice that they are a changed person...


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