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Arcexes The Gargantuan (New Gameplay Hero)

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » June 8, 2014 11:47pm | Report

Arcexes The Gargantuan

This hero was created with an idea that heroes such as Invoker and Meepo has a "unique" skill level ups (taken at first level 4 and irregularly increases) because of that, I tried to make a hero that uses different level increases skill. This hero cannot take stats point, but is redeemed by his first ult (which can only be taken at level 13), and the second ult at level 19. This hero is quite hard to explain, so please read and comment as you like!


Faction: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Range
Roles: Carry, Durable, Escape

Str: 82 at 25 (20 + 2.6/level)
Agi: 70 at 25 (13 + 2.4/level)
Int: 61 at 25 (13 + 2.0/level)

Health: 1708 at 25
MP: 793 at 25
Armor: 10 (0 base armor + 10) at 25
Movement: 300
Range: 200 (Range)

Lore: It was said that eons ago, in the ancient world existed animals of humongous size and power. Arcexes was an organism of long forgotten insect species that lived in such era. However, Arcexes was not one of such beasts. His species boasts extreme longevity and peculiar hibernation system, but it all comes in a huge price. His species was much, much smaller compared to other grand beasts. They were just as big as the demons that inhabit the land, living in fear of such huge beasts.

When the Mad Moon was torn asunder, however, their extreme longevity and peculiar hibernation system went into action. While the other grand beasts crave for food and went into extinction, Arcexes and his kin simply hibernate for a long time. Nonetheless, it turns out that it wasn't enough, for when they woke up they are still incapable of living. This instinctually forces them to fuse together and strengthen their already extreme longevity at the cost of their hibernation system. Now, Arcexes is a beast greater than the beasts he once wished to be.

With his newfound power and appetite, Arcexes roam in the new world with hunger to devour everything that moves. Time has long since past that era, and nobody knows about what Arcexes was. Now, Arcexes was known for his many forms throughout the ages, for everybody has sure heard of the tale of the ever-growing beast that are so deadly and insatiable.

Arcexes is now a being so tremendous and frightening, that not even the best of warrior dare to stand in his way. Every living being has come to learn about the strongest predator known as the Gargantuan that is never sated and will always grow stronger and stronger.


[Q] Excavate: Arcexes excavates into the ground to quickly escape or attack other beasts. After a short cast time, Arcexes goes invisible and cannot move. In this state, Arcexes can activate the skill Underground Move that levels up with this skill.

- 0.5 second cast time, 20 seconds duration
- 0.4 second cast time, 30 seconds duration
- 0.3 second cast time, 40 seconds duration
- 0.2 second cast time, 50 seconds duration

Type: No target
Affect: Self

MP Cost: 80
Cool Down: 12 seconds

Arcexes can quickly excavates into the ground with his huge body and power

[D] Underground Move: Arcexes moves underground with great speed to later on resurface unto the ground. This skill makes Arcexes move a short distance in 2.5x his current move speed while staying invisible. Can be stunned to stop the move.

- 550 maximum range
- 700 maximum range
- 850 maximum range
- 1000 maximum range

Type: Target point
Affect: Self

[W] Grand Appetite: The Gargantuan has such an appetite that it can suddenly burst to hunger frenzy and eats up enemies nearby. When this skill is used, Arcexes deals damage to his surrounding and drains 20% of total damage.

- 60 + base damage, 250 radius
- 90 + base damage, 275 radius
- 120 + base damage, 300 radius
- 150 + base damage, 325 radius

Type: No Target
Affect: Enemy units
Damage: Physical

MP Cost: 100
Cool Down: 8 seconds

An accumulated appetite of a whole species throughout an eon is not to scoff at.

[E] Acid Gas: The digestive system of Arcexes is so acute that he can formulate chloric acid of high intensity inside his body and throw it outside as acidic gas. This skill slows all units in cone in front of Arcexes and reduces armor while damaging over time for 5 seconds. Slow starts huge that last for 2 seconds, and then reduce slowly over the remaining 3 seconds.

- 2 armor reduction, 6 damage per quarter second, 500 range
- 3 armor reduction, 8 damage per quarter second, 600 range
- 4 armor reduction, 10 damage per quarter second, 700 range
- 5 armor reduction, 12 damage per quarter second, 800 range

Type: No Target
Affect: Enemy units
Damage: Physical

MP Cost: 120
Cool Down: 10 seconds

Slow: 60% movement speed
Minimum width: 100 points
Maximum width: 300 points
Travel speed: 600

Ever tried being inside a huge beast? It feels quite a lot like this

Metamorphism Transformation: Arcexes undergoes a metamorphosis that transforms his form and power into extreme difference. This skill can only be taken at level 13 and 19. When this skill is taken, Arcexes shifts form permanently and gain the capability to learn new abilities as well as bonus range. When this skill is first taken, Arcexes have to choose 1 skill between Excavate, Grand Appetite or Acid Gas. This skill will be kept permanently, while the other skills will be lost (Hotkey will change to Q).

- Grants the ability to learn Extreme Growth, 200 points bonus range (400 total range), and shifts form into a floating cocoon with 20 reduced speed.
- Grants the ability to learn Neurotoxin and Fatal Dust, 400 points bonus range (600 total range), and shifts form into a humanoid wasp with 50 points increased speed (330 total base speed).

Type: Passive
Affects: Self

Arcexes never cease to eat, and thus, transform

[] Extreme Growth: While Arcexes is inside his cocoon; he grows extremely quick and strong. This skill passively grants Arcexes bonus stats, armor and HP regeneration permanently. When this skill is complete, at lvl 25 Arcexes will have the maximum amount of stats as follows: 112 points of strength, 100 points of agility, and 91 points of intelligence.

- 10 to all stats, 2 armor and HP regeneration
- 15 to all stats, 4 armor and HP regeneration
- 20 to all stats, 6 armor and HP regeneration
- 25 to all stats, 8 armor and HP regeneration
- 30 to all stats, 10 armor and HP regeneration

Type: Passive
Affects: Self

Arcexes never cease to eat, and thus, transform

[] Dust Scale: Arcexes scales are created from poisonous dust that he uses to guard himself and damage nearby enemies, dealing damage passively to units within 800 points radius and causes all units that are damaged more than a 300 points by this skill to have a chance to miss until that unit stops taking damage from this skill. This skill also grants Arcexes damage reduction from every source and gives bonus damage to his first skill (Excavate, Grand appetite / Acid gas) by 3 times damage per second. Passively makes Excavate deals damage and give chance to miss in 300 points radius for in and out. (Overrides Radiance effects)

- 40 damage per second, 20% chance to miss, 9% damage reduction
- 60 damage per second, 25% chance to miss, 12% damage reduction
- 80 damage per second, 30% chance to miss, 15% damage reduction

Type: Passive
Affect: Enemy units
Damage: Magical

Neurotoxin poison dust is just the most dangerous thing, ever

[R] Neurotoxin: Arcexes coats his next attacks with dangerous neurotoxin. This skill grants Arcexes' next attacks bonus damage that deals 7% of the target max HP. When active, Arcexes' attacks become splash damage that deals 40% damage in 350 points radius. Units hit directly by these attacks are silenced and blinded for 1 second, losing the capability to cast spell and having only 400 points radius sight. Attacking while this skill is active simultaneously refreshes the effect.

- 3 attacks
- 4 attacks
- 5 attacks

Type: No Target
Affect: Self
Duration: 10 seconds
Cool Down: 40 seconds
MP Cost: 260

Arcexes has such dangerous nerve poison that can kill anyone and anything almost instantly.
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