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Aghanim, the Reborn Mage

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by knight96-1994 » December 25, 2017 2:48pm | Report
Aghanim, the Reborn Mage

Many tales exist of mages able to achieve power unknown to mortal men, but only few tried to go even further, transcending every limit imposed by human nature.
The Head of the Council of Mages, Aghanim, was one of them: in his never ending pursuit for knowledge, he tried to bind his soul to this realm, so that he could improve his magical skills forever.
After decades of attempts, he managed to do so by channeling his spirit into his mighty scepter and thus became immortal.
Through the centuries, Aghanim’s power grew unmatched: no one could try to challenge him, as he would shape his body into an ethereal form and then summon bolts of energy upon his foes.
No one dared to fight him and he was finally considered a god among men.
And yet, Aghanim was still a human being: he fell in love, abandoned the very Council he shaped for so long, settled down and got married.
But the gods were infuriated at the idea of letting someone who had defied them live any longer.
Numerous assassins were sent to hunt down Aghanim and his family until one blow managed to strike and killed his wife.
Consumed by guilt, he decided, for the sake of his child, to release his immortal soul from his scepter and finally die, so that the gods would stop trying to claim their vendetta once and for all.
Not even Aghanim could predict what would’ve happened: instead of being sent to the realm of the dead, his soul travelled across the worlds and, decades after, managed to find his way back to our one. Now Aghanim lives again, with one purpose in mind: to claim a power even stronger and take revenge upon the gods who killed the love of his life.


Strength: 16+2.0
Agility: 18+1.9
Intelligence 24+2.9
Base health regen 1.8
Base mana regen 1.0
Movement speed 295
Turn rate 0.6
Vision range 1800/800
Attack range 500
Projectile speed 1080
Attack animation 0.3+
Base attack time 1.5
Collision size 32



Aghanim focuses his power onto an enemy hero: the target is progressively slowed over 4 seconds and then stunned. Oculus provides vision of the enemy.
Max slow: 17/25/32/36%
Stun Duration: 3 seconds
Mana cost: 100/120/120/130
Cooldown: 32/26/20/17
Dispellable: Yes
Pierces spell immunity: No
Target type: Unit
Lore description: Many believe that Aghanim’s greatest power is the ability to subjugate the mind of his enemies

Myst of the Magus:
Aghanim abandons his physical form, becoming untargerable while moving towards a hero at 580 speed. All enemy heroes caught in the path grant Aghanim additional 10-19-27-36 magic damage for 14 seconds. The first enemy hero Aghanim passes through is silenced while the target hero, if foe, loses 10% magic resistance.
The ability can be canceled.
Spell immune units don’t receive any debuff but still grant the damage buff.
The damage buff is applied at the end of the jump and pierces spell immunity.
Cooldown: 32/29/24/22
Mana cost: 90-115-135-150
Range: 850
Dispellable: Yes
Pierces spell immunity: yes
Target type: Unit
Lore description: Those who tried to fight Aghanim soon found out that he could enter an unknown dimension, becoming ethereal and even deadlier.

Aghanim receives 20% additional magic damage for 2-2-2.5-3.5 seconds but recasts ability used against him back to the enemy (up to 1-2-2-3 different spells).
Can be purged.
Mana cost: 120
Cooldown: 40/36/29/25
Pierces spell immunity: No
Target type: No target
Lore description: To use other people’s spell against them is something Aghanim taught even to his son.

Aghanim channels his hidden power to cast 6 bolts of energy in random positions around himself. 2 bolts are invoked every second.
Mana cost: 330/400/470
Cooldown: 100/75/55
Channel time: 4 seconds
Bolts damage: 400-520-600
Radius: 300-330-410
Bolts AoE: 70-100-160
Damage type: Pure
Dispellable: Yes
Pierces spell immunity: No
Target type: No target
Lore description: Few have seen Aghanim’s power erupting so fiercely but none of them had the chance to describe it.

Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade:
Gain the ability “Soul binding”:
Aghanim channels the soul of one of his allies inside his scepter: the hero gains 100% magic resistance and is paralyzed (100% movement speed reduction). If said hero hasn’t died in the following 5 seconds, he releases a wave of magic damage equal to 200+2.5* his main attribute.
Cannot be used on spell immune heroes and cannot be self cast.
Channel time: 1.8s
Mana cost: 225/280/340
Cooldown: 50/44/39
Dispellable: No
Pierces spell immunity: No
Target type: Unit
Wave radius: 670
Lore description: The mighty Scepter of the Magus unlocks the hidden magical force of any warrior


5: +25 damage or +30movement speed
10: +0.8s Oculus stun or +10 armor
15: Mirroring +2 max spells or -5s Myst cooldown
20: +300 health or +15 Myst damage per hero
25: Vanquish pierces spell immunity or 2 charges for Myst


Aghanim is an initiator who can be used as an utility support thanks to his good set of disabling skills and a powerful damage dealing ultimate, or as a more core oriented hero, who goes in and out of the fight while gaining extra right click damage through Myst of the Magus, using Mirroring as a deterrent against other nukers.

By activating Myst he can quickly blink into a fight and then use Vanquish to disrupt the enemies’ ranks. With mobility items like Hurricane Pike he can then catch fleeing foes.
Purchasing Aghanim’s Scepter improves Aghanim’s synergy with other initiators, since he can let them jump into the enemy team, grant them the magic resistance bonus and so forcing the opponents to either run or retaliate, knowing that they risk to be heavily damaged if they don’t manage to kill their target.

Ideally, he can be played as a position 4, roaming around the map and using Oculus to secure the first kills, or as a position 2, controlling the midlane and safely injuring his opponent by taking advantage of his Myst.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by AttackHelicopter » December 26, 2017 4:44am | Report
Now this is very....bland to say the least. He is fairly one of the most misused characters in all of Dota lore, The abilities themselves are just there to justify him as a hero, not to mention the utter lack of creativity in the spells (jeez that's harsh) What I mean by that is this, look at the Q, its a slow with a stun WHICH TOTAL BS, both are disables in someway and hinders mobility don't mix them choose one over the other and give it another effect or maybe have both but give it a unique thing like casting a spell that is not yours to the enemy will stun it.

Now on the hero itself, He is Aghanim the famed Magician that gave one of the best (situational) items in the game, and what does that item do? It boosts people, whether it be a new ability or an augmentation (lower cooldowns, bigger radius etc) that is its purpose, and due to the fact that the item will be an extension of his lore use that lore, maybe he has an ability that lowers cooldown, or it gives an Aghanim's effect and all now you may say, oh this is different his lore did not mention of the scepter, but hey remember we have Monkey King and his Boundless Strike (which is Monkey King Bar in ability form) has True Strike ( one of the former bonuses of that weapon.)


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