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Abilities/Scepter Upgrades Reworks (1)

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Lewis19 » June 23, 2019 2:13am | Report
Here are some of my crazy ideas for Heroes that I want to be reworked.

*Frost Arrow (Additional Effect)
Enemy unit shot by (8/6/5/4) consecutive shots of Frost Arrows will freeze, unable to move for (1sec) duration, freeze does not deal damage but can disrupt spell channeling or teleporting.

The affected unit must be hit again before (2sec) effect duration expires or the hit counts resets, after a successful second hit new (2sec) time limit replaces the initial time limit,
also the hit counts resets after the freeze duration ends.
The effect is Magical and can be dispelled.

*Precision Aura (Additional Effect)
Activating Precision Aura now grants Drow Ranger (1/1/2/3) precise hits, (100% True strike) with (100%) bonus proc of Attack Modifiers.

*Spin Web (Additional Effect)
Now comes with (1/2/3/4) Sticky Web Traps, set randomly within the Spin Web AoE,
slows the affected enemy hero unit's movement by (25%) as they step on the trap, the Sticky Web sticks to the affected unit and ties that unit to the trap point, the slow gradually increases by (15%/20%/25%/30%) as they move away, the slow rate increases per 50units travelled, the Sticky Web breaks as the affected unit made it to 200units away from the trap point and deal (90/125/200/275) damage.
(IDK how to... just like pulling a rubber band then it snaps and hit you, anyway)
The effect fades if it did not break after 5sec.

*Silk Shot (Bonus Scepter Ability)(Active)(Can be Dispelled)
Arachnia shoots sticky silk strings to a target with (1000units casting range) lowers the Attack Speed by (10) for (8sec) duration, effect stacks up to (3) and if able to reach the max stack, the affected unit will be entirely wrapped by sticky silk for 3sec, unable to move and attack but allowed to cast spells or use items, also takes less physical damage but takes more magical damage, breaks instantly as the affected unit takes magical damage.

Sorry for some wrong grammars maybe,
if ever that some of my ideas might be alike to yours, my apologies and it was not intensional. Newbie here :)
Got more to come...tnx


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