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Aaron Ironhide, The Steelcruncher

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by porygon361 » July 2, 2013 2:20am | Report

Aaron Ironhide, The Steelcruncher

Dire Strength
"I will win this competition just as I have won all others."

Base health

: 492

Base mana

: 169

Base damage

: 49

Base armor

: 3

Movement speed

: 290

Attacks per second

: 0.7

Base attack time

: 1.7

Cast time

: 0.7 +0.5


: Melee

Vision Range

: 1800/800


: 68.4 (18 +2.1)


: 83.8 (19 +2.7)


: 46.6 (13 +1.4)

Huge beasts of power, steelhounds are solitary creatures that usually live close to urban areas, consuming large chunks of metal and destroying factories and technology wherever they go. No matter what the alloy, the metal will be assimilated into the creature, coating its skin with layers upon layers of armor, protecting it from harsh weather or larger creatures bent on consuming it. Steelhounds are judged by their own kind based on the thickness and durability of their outer coverings in a competition held only once a year. The winner consumes the metal platings of the loser, and is given the honorary title "Steelcruncher". Only the strongest will survive.
Aaron Ironhide has been the Steelcruncher for many years, sporting his impressive armor mostly gained from consuming the losers'. However, one of his opponents cheated and won the round that year, claiming Aaron's title as the Steelcruncher. Not willing to give up his hard-earned armor, he fled from the arena, an act considered dishonorable by the steelhounds. Aaron was outcast by his species, and the only way to fix this is to redeem himself. He plans to partake in the greatest battle of all and win it, so that he can face his kind once more and, of course, reveal the plans of the dastardly culprit who cheated against him in the annual competition.

Q: Reckless Charge
Type: Target-Point
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
The Steelcruncher charges forward in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies in the path. Each time this happens, the Steelcruncher takes recoil damage.
- 550/600/650/700 range
- 400/450/500/550 speed
- 80/160/240/320 damage
- Half damage as recoil
- 100 mana cost
- 30/26/22/18 second cooldown

A short temper and bad judgement often leads Aaron to attempt reckless maneuvers.


W: Metallic Plating
Type: Passive
For each point of armor the Steelcruncher possesses, he gains additional health and damage. However, his attack speed is also reduced.
- +15/20/25/30 health per armor point
- +3/5/7/9 damage per armor point
- 20/30/40/50 passive attack speed reduction

Metal thickens the skin and sharpens the claws of the mighty steelhound.


E: Armor Crevice
Type: Passive
Affects: Self and Enemies
Damage: Physical
Whenever the Steelcruncher is hit, there is a chance that he will block some of the damage and damage all enemies in a radius around him based on his total armor, but lose 2 armor points in the process. The lost armor will be recovered after a short duration.
- 25% chance
- 10/20/30/40 damage block
- 2 armor shed
- 30/40/50/60 +200/250/300/350% of total armor as damage
- 500 radius
- 8 second armor recovery duration

Steelcrunchers have large chunks of loose armor that are often dislodged from their body when they are hit, usually causing fatal injuries to its assailants.


R: Armor Cruncher
Type: Passive
Affects: Self
The Steelcruncher's attacks steal armor from enemy heroes. The additional armor stacks and lasts for a short duration. After a short duration, the armor is returned to the affected enemy. Reapplying the armor reduction to affected enemies will refresh the total duration of the debuff, and reapplying the armor buff to yourself will refresh the duration of the buff.
- 1/2/3 armor stolen per attack
- 6 second armor reduction duration
- 6 second armor buff duration
- 5/7/9 maximum armor debuff
- 6/9/12 maximum armor stolen

Steelcrunchers are infamous for their large appetite for any metal or alloy.


After weeks of remakes and tweaking, I present to you my latest creation! Please leave some feedback on it :)

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