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A few item suggestions

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » June 9, 2016 12:26pm | Report
Hi there. I've had some item ideas a long time now, and I think they're good enough to be posted here. First, a list of them.
    Skirn's Eye (Don't confuse it with Skadi)
    Remjun's Meteor
    Halg's Spear
    Light Slippers
    4 heavy armor items.

Skirn's Eye

Removes all illusions from the map.

Cost: 490
Max Stock: 1
Restock time: 140
Cooldown: 280


"Skirn's Eye seeks out the real hero, and banishes all illusions to a void outside time."

A very useful item against heroes like Chaos Knight. The cooldown is very long and so is the restock time to avoid people using it too much.

Remjun's Meteor

Calls down a powerful meteor from the skies, dealing damage to enemies.

Max stock: 1
Restock time: 190
Cooldown: 280

Damage per sec: 50
Duration: 8
AoE: 450


"Remjun's Meteor flies around in the sky, and when it's master designates a position for it to land, it strikes with full power."

A powerful "buyable ultimate". It deals 400 damage before reductions. But it is very expensive and can be hard to land. Can win teamfights in the early game.

Halg's Spear

Removes the armor of the selected enemy for a short period of time.

Duration: 3

I got no good item lore idea.

Can be deadly against agility heroes.

Light Slippers

Increases the movement speed of the owner. Does not stack with other boots.

Cost: 450
+20 Movement speed
+10% of base movement speed
+1 agility

"Light Slippers made for being able to run fast."

I've always wanted a alternative to Boots of Speed. This is nice for heroes with higher movement speeds as it increases their base movement speed by 10%.
A hero has 300 movement speed.
He buys this.
Now it increases by 50 as well as increasing his agility by 1.
If a slower hero bought this, he wouldn't get the same increase in movement speed.

Now to the armor set!

Heavy Boots

Increases the movement speed of the owner. Does not stack with other boots.

Cost: 550
+40 Speed
+2 armor
+1 of every stat

Ring of Protection (200)
Iron Branch (50)
Recipe (300)

Builds into:
Heavy Armor Set

Another nice alternative to Boots of Speed.
Gives you some nice stats and some movement speed.

Thick Plates

Cost: 350
+3 Armor
+3 of every stat

Ring of Protection
3x Iron Branch

Builds into:
Heavy Armor Set

A nice item that provides some really nice stats.

Armored Helm

Increases daytime view distance.

+View distance during day: 50
+Armor: 8

Builds into:
Heavy Armor Set

Nothing to say about it really. Some nice ganking Protection and tons of armor.

Heavy Armor Set

Gives bonus movement speed and improved daytime view distance.

+45 Speed
+50 Daytime view distance
+15 armor
+5 of every stat

Armored Helm (860)
Heavy Boots (550)
Thick Plates (350)

Gives a ton of armor and some nice stats.

That was all of my suggestions. I hope you guys like them. Please comment below if anything should be changed.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Afghanizm » July 26, 2016 10:26am | Report
OK the meteor cost WAY to much to be worth it. Second of all for the spear I really hope it's not meant to be used once and then being over, because, again, nobody would buy that since supports already lack money big times. The heavy armor set looks nice for start, since it gives out way more that Platemail for only 360 more gold, but doesnt build into anything better so thats a minus. It's components are not the best either...


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » August 4, 2016 5:28am | Report
The meteor is supposed to help winning teamfights, and in the late-game it can be worth it if you're trying to get rax.

The spear is an one-use item. But I can make so that you buy them in stacks of 2 or 3.

I'll add something that the Heavy Armor Set can build into.

What do you think about Light Slippers? I think that they're extremely useful on Chaos Knight or Luna.

More items will be added!
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


Posts: 114

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