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5 Hero DotA 2 So Imba After Patch 7.07

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by mashelmi » November 2, 2017 3:08pm | Report
5 Hero DotA 2 So Imba After Patch 7.07 - Hello noob pro player, Patch 7.07 DOTA 2 bring lots of new things into the game ranging from new heroes, new items, new mechanics, etc. Apart from these new content, Valve also brings a lot of changes to the ones already in the game. Some heroes and items get reworked that can change the meta now. This change also indirectly makes some old heroes become much more imba than before. This time we will mention a few heroes who really imba after the 7.07 patch released yesterday and the reason why the hero is considered an IMBA.

Honorable mention:
Elder Titan

1. Mirana
Talent Tree:

Level 10: +200 Health OR +20 Damage
Level 15: -5s Sacred Arrow Cooldown OR +100 Leap Attack Speed
Level 20: +12% Spell Amp OR +25 Mana Break
Level 25: +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows OR -70 Moonlight Shadow Cooldown
Why Imba?

Leap now has a charge like the Sniper's Shrapnel or Fire Remnant's Ember Spirit, which means Mirana can leap to the enemy to attack and leap away to escape. With 3 charge he has, now he can also jump 3 times at once to escape from the enemy that gank him. Bonus after leap ranging from attack speed and movement speed is still obtained by Mirana although now specifically for him alone.

-70 Moonlight Shadow cooldown makes ganking or retreat much more often done by Mirana. Although it takes a long time to get this cooldown reduction that is required to level 25, great influence can be generated in the late game with this much reduced cooldown time.

2. Dragon Knight
Talent Tree:

Level 10: +2 Mana Regen OR +30 Attack Speed
Level 15: +300 Health OR +40% XP Gain
Level 20: 2x Dragon Blood HP Regen/Armor OR +150 Gold/Min
Level 25: +40 Strength OR +1.75s Dragon Tail Stun Duration
Why Imba?

From the bonus talent tree, if you take +300 health, 2x Dragon Blood HP regen / armor and +40 strength, Dragon Knight will become very thick and hard to kill. Without any items and capitalize talent tree he has 3160 HP and 36 armor. Coupled with late game items like Heart of Tar***, Satanic, Assault Cuirass, etc., Dragon Knight will be a challenge to be killed.

3. LionTalent tree:

Level 10: +75 Cast Range OR +75 Damage
Level 15: +200 Finger of Death Damage OR +90 Gold/Min
Level 20: +500 Health OR +2 Mana Drain Multi Target
Level 25: +1000 Earth Spike Range OR +325 AoE Hex
Why Imba?

Icefrog, what have you done? This support hero too over buff. All Lion's talent tree is very nice and can be tailored to the conditions of the team. But the craziest is the bonus damage on the finger of death and talent tree level 25. Bonus damage on the finger of death may not be as big as before, but now can be obtained more quickly. The level 25 talent tree of the hero is too much of an impulse, between you can do Earth Spike as far as Sand King stun with Aghanim, or juggle all enemies within a 325 radius into a frog for 4 seconds. It may be difficult for a Lion to get level 25, but if he reaches this maximum level in the late game, the enemy without BKB will bite the finger in team fight.

4. Undying
Talent tree:

Level 10: +100 Cast Range OR +8 Health Regen
Level 15: Tombstone On Death OR +20 Decay Duration
Level 20: +30 Tombstone Zombie Damage OR +3 Tombstone Attacks
Level 25: Gains Reincarnation 200 CD OR -2s Decay Cooldown
Why Imba?

At level 15, whenever Undying dies, he can issue 2 tombstones, one is issued alone and the other automatically appears when he dies. With the buff bundle given to the tombstone via the same patch, the existence of 2 tombstones simultaneously in a good position in team fight will make the enemy hassle.
At level 25 Undying get aegis every 200 seconds, this not only means he can help his team longer, but also he can spend 3 or even 4 tombstone simultaneously. It has not been tested whether this reincarnation can be refreshed with Refresher Orb, but if so, it means Undying can remove 5 tombstones if it continues to die. The downside is you give free gold to the enemy, but if the tombstone is in such a good position that the enemy is hard to destroy it, tombstone will be so imba.

5. RikiTalent Tree:

Level 10: +5 Health Regen OR +8 Agility
Level 15: -4s Smokescreen Cooldown OR 20% 1.5x Crit
Level 20: +900 Blink Strike Cast Range OR +0.2 Backstab Multiplier
Level 25: +400 Tricks of the Trade AoE OR Cloak and Dagger Doesn’t Reveal
Why Imba?

Smoke screen now makes the enemies in it "blind" in the intention of the enemy can not see what happens outside of the smoke screen.
Riki now has a critical bonus on the talent tree level 15, and this critical stack with backstab damage.
At level 20, he can blur more effectively with bonus ranges from Blink Strike, but +0.2 The backstab multiplier at the same level is also basically good.
At level 25, he can either make his ultimate radius much wider or keep himself invisible despite attacking the enemy. Both talents are very good, but in the late game sometimes enemies have a gem or put a lot of blue ward, then take the right choice for you.

Source: 10 Hero DotA 2 So Imba After Patch 7.07


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