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The Shared Blink Sword and Legit Drum of Endurance

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » July 15, 2021 7:38am | Report
There's a major concept problem in this game with blink dagger and it's not just that blink dagger costs a lot of gold it's that blink dagger costs any gold at all... the weight of gold is suppose to be relative to core stats and scaling stats.... abilities and spells cost charges and mana on items, so they have their own costs... a lot of those abilities have damaging and defending outputs as well.... Remember when Eul's didn't do any damage but then they got their concepts in place? Ok, so how come they aren't continuing that thought process?

But blink? blink just.... blinks. And... it's not even a guaranteed blink... it can be interrupted and such.

Ok so if blink dagger is important for the offensively aggressive sport of dota and moving the game a long then you have to have it in the game...

Ok... but what would it cost if it didn't cost gold?

How about... time... Time and an objective reward like taking an outpost. So after an outpost has been captured it unlocks 1 team sharable blink dagger FOR FREE that can be obtained from the shop at a certain point in time. There's the objective cost, and there is the time cost... but let's throw another cost on to this initial team sharable blink dagger....

Let's have this one initial team sharable blink item be called a BLINK SWORD or SCYTHE and have it occupy 2 inventory slots instead of 1.

See.. there's so many alternative ways to have the absent core stat, and interruptible blink dagger that costs 2150 gold, cost something else entirely initially...

But they could still even keep the current blink dagger in the game right where it is, still costing 2150 gold. That's the beauty of it right there.

But even with that convenience of keeping things how they are... did you ever think about what the blink dagger could be hurting?

What if blink dagger is hurting drum of endurance? Drum has initiation qualities like the dagger you know.... But did you ever think that the drum of endurance is not even really a drum of endurance? It really is actually the drum of limited speed burst. A real drum of endurance would last forever or a really fricken long time. To be different than smoke it could last forever until coming in to proximity with opponents or attacking creeps. Might be similar to a smoke, sure... but still a unique enough identity apart from it. I think that would be the quality promoted way of initiating before the current blink dagger if the drum was actually a legitimate drum of endurance...


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