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The New Patch Changes we Need

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Forum » General Discussion » The New Patch Changes we Need 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » September 12, 2020 9:55am | Report
These are the changes that should be on the next patch because the game has become more fundamentally broken than it previously was....

Change Log:

-Take life regen effect away from strength and add it to intel
-Strength now increases critical damage amount but slows crit attack speed
-Percentage increase of spell damage per intel also increase percentage of mana cost
-Urn: When cast on self is now uninterruptible and restores life as a percentage of total life pool (works the same as it always has (flat restore amount) when cast on allies)
-Block on shield is reverted back to normal (I thought the stout shield had a cooldown but I guess not)
-All armor acquired from agility stat is now divided in half as armor reduction to the opponent and added armor to self
-Need to look at critical block which would triple block amount when blocking a critical hit

-And oh yeah.... change dagon back to an intel exclusive item....
-and heart back to the way it used to be....

Commentary: when they took the shield and put it on a cooldown, this was to make shield less effective against attack speed..... the idea is that this would help agility counter strength more clearly. This is not necessary however as the solution can be found in solution #6 of this changelog.

Example: Phantom Lancer vs. Wraith King

They are both warriors and agility SHOULD beat strength but how exactly? (because we can understand quite easily how intel would counter agility even tho that is broken) So PL minors in strength growth which is an indicator of doing it right. He just needs to basically rush the best strength item and then she is countering WK naturally and can go about her typical agility items. So she rushes heart.... but with THE NEW HEART she does not need to play an agility style to beat WK by diving in and out at higher movement speed because heart is providing a flat 1 percent life regen all the time now with no cooldown. The old heart that functioned exclusively off of a cooldown would promote proper agility style of diving in and out and with the right way that agility should provide both armor to self and armor reduction against opponent and movement would complete the counter.

Observation of Dagon Change:
When they changed dagon from an intel exclusive item to an all stat item, I was shocked.... because this change had some perceptual accuracy to it but was necessary in a different way than changing dagon. It reveals the way that Intel itself should have been working all along by enhancing the hero in an all stat fashion by say.... increasing percentage movement, increasing life regen (as aforementioned) and increasing percentage spell damage. But they don't even care about even just life regen for intel to synergy with block against agility for a proper counter system.

Final point on Theory: Ask the question, why doesn't intel enhance cooldown reduction instead of enhanced damage. That's almost an obvious answer.... Spell casting should be a more sacred and momentous occasion. It's not suppose to end up being pure spam, that is the wrong goal and wrong aim. But when you ask the question.... should strength heroes be able to ultimately eventually spam additional crit damage on practically every attack? And the answer to that question is "Yes" because unlike reduced cooldown we are talking about a reduced attack speed and so it not just makes logistical sense, it also makes conceptual sense. Strength and Agility relate to being a warrior more than intel and strength or intel and agility. You just cannot escape that truth.

Take an intel warrior for example. If you are an intel warrior and your intel growth starts off higher and grows more than your agility and strength then that could be a very scary thought. Because what if you don't have as many spells or nukes as an intel warrior?


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » September 12, 2020 1:50pm | Report
And one more point..... It's still ABSOLUTELY BONKERS RIDICULOUS that no one has done or apparently said anything about the ethereal blade ghost scepter problem....

Let me ask you this question.... Have you ever got a ghost scepter AFTER getting an ethereal blade and realized that using ghost scepter also sets the ethereal blade on cooldown too but for zero mana cost now just because you went back and got another ghost scepter?

I'm saying that ghost scepter costs 0 mana and then when it turns in to ethereal blade and you cast it on yourself you then pay 100 mana for self cast for doing THE EXACT SAME THING.

what they really need to do is make it a self toggle item where when you cast it on yourself you are slowed by 80% and it drains your mana while you can stay in that form indefinitely so long as you still have mana left.... maybe you could be stunned out of that form as a type of dispel for it.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » September 17, 2020 10:28am | Report
Continuing the idea

Once life regen is taken away from strength and given to intel and considered "Recovery"

Now think of strength as not a life regeneration concept but rather a life degenerating one...

When you think of agility you think of proc crits with physical damage, especially PA and I mean it is an ultimate ability on an agility hero so that's really making a big statement about the agility class over all.

But think of strength as being an initiation hitter, not a chance to proc, but an initiation hit that does a damage over time as "pure damage"

So the idea would be that instead of enhancing crit damage with strength with a slower attack speed and speculatively being too strong against intel, it's now a pure damage dot over time to give an option against agility.

All strength heroes should have this proc hit that's on a cooldown and is enhanced by the strength attribute because they would no longer regenerate life naturally.


Posts: 23

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