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Take a Stand against Progressive Sexism in Video Games

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Forum » General Discussion » Take a Stand against Progressive Sexism in Video Games 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » June 6, 2023 9:08am | Report

Mostly, Stand against Blizzard Entertainment.

The situation wouldn't be such a big deal if Diablo 2 wasn't clearly and favorably inspired by naïve and trinity realistic perceptions which have much more of a subliminal impact in regard to the natural and subconscious mind than we should be comfortable with by any means...

With the berserk skill representing his soloing aspect, the effects of amazon bow elements and their effects representing the mastery of dependency and the hidden yet powerful way that the sorceress ties back around in to the barbarian through sacrifice as she sacrifices much of her mana shield to cast enchant and (berserk sacrifices armor), we have enough evidence to favorably support the naïve and trinity realistic inspirations for fundamental diablo 2 design. All that's really missing is the repulsion effect of Amazon design which would bring her life per vitality point down to 2 from 3 in some cases and as far as the significance of the unseen way that the Sorceress ties in to the Barbarian? Let's look at a visual clue...

One of the biggest counterpoints that I felt like Blizzard was trying to hit me with was this following quote by Calvin Coolidge:

"Don't expect to build the weak by pulling down the strong"

What this quote clearly shows is that we have a problem with "Pathetic Narrow Minded Ego" if we actually believe it and take it seriously.

First of all if you are trying to demonstrate strength next to weakness then you are pathetic
-If you are trying to identify strength as an exclusive role then you're automatically implying a clear opposition of being weak and that's pathetic.
-If you are so weak that you cannot be wise and courageous then you are pathetic
-And if you are so strong that you don't need wisdom and courage anymore and are going back to the implication of your narrow minded view of strength that makes an implication of weakness then you are pathetic.

Visual Reference

Secondly, I'll just straight up counter obliterate the quote entirely...

-Don't expect to NOT pull down the Master(Sorceress Masteries) by improperly building the Slave(Barbarian).

If there is a two sided way of looking at the situation then Master and Slave have not been properly incorporated in to the picture. You see a proper and balanced perspective would be "The Strong Slave" vs "The Weak Master" and that's how it actually is. People are trying to perceive something black and white in the Trinity of Roles when they get the impression that Strength and Weakness are involved when they are only seeing half the picture of a beautiful nothing.

But what would I mean by "Properly Building the Slave(Barbarian)? The Barbarian may be strong and powerful but he has a side of slowness about him. Slowness is an implication of being weak and Ego Boys can't handle that the problem of the Barbarian not qualifying as a viable PvP hero because of it. The problem has never been solved as far as I can tell, but I have made my suggestions.

The real strength of the Barbarian is that he gets to fulfill the role of a Support and a Soloist at the same time according to the Naïve Trinity Realism. That's where the real impression of strength is at and seems imbalanced when it isn't. That's the cool but tragic part about it. People are only seeing what they want to see, rather then what they need to see.

Now when it's implied that "the weak are pulling down the strong" when I'm proposing that an Aspect of Dependency finds itself crossing the line in to bowazon territory as that would seem to be the case in the following picture...

You just go back to consult the "Strong Slave vs Weak Master" concept and understand that the bowazon is suppose to be equally divided between them as the hero in the middle dividing the extremes. The critical question here is... How should weak mastery be part of the Bowazon? I have proposed my ideas for addressing this issue also as I can understand why it can be felt that the Amazon may be pulled down as a whole with the Javazon more classified as in the Strong Slave section.

If you've noticed in D2R, they've tightened up the screws on an equilibrium of power between all the heroes but that's only turned out to put the Amazon and the Assassin on a pedestal. How convenient if they were frustrated about the Barbarian not being able to qualify as a proper PvP hero? Now they can experience the best of both worlds with "durable cannons" and continue to throw dependency under the bus by what the Secret Cow level represents. I hope you feel great when you're going through the level and mass slaughtering defenseless dependences with now offensively over powered heroes that fire their missiles in automatic and round bursting fashion while the #1 killer of children is firearms....

I could say that Blizzard Entertainment is really just a bunch of Ego Boys hurting the Weak by trying to protect the Strong and with 85% of their employment as male and previously proving that to be the situation, I must say that I've never quite seen a set up for their own failure as that.

There's an opportunity to capitalize on the situation here entirely and capitalizing on these ego boys must happen because that's their own value.

You wanna know what's really pathetic? A bunch of Ego Boys seeing that they have been proven wrong, knowing that they have been proven wrong when they believed that they were most certainly right but then not stepping up to own it. That's pathetic.

But guess what? now I'm entirely banned on two accounts on their forums for standing for the right thing. What embarrassing disgraces to Humanity and the Freedom of Speech.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » January 3, 2024 7:41pm | Report
The reason why most people complain at all is because they are not being legitimately lead by proper parenting. Then when the superiors in the hierarchy are just as emotional and complain just as much as the lesser, the hierarchy fails. Someone needs to stand up and lead by the example of taking the ugly with the good to get to the beautiful while avoiding the bad entirely... but in order to do that the bad(evil) must be separated from the good first.

I've been investigating the possibility of how good and evil could be at war with each other within the basic number set of 1-10 and I'm trying not to take it seriously but I do hope that it goes to show how our sense of "quality" and "atrocity" can be fused in our psyche when we don't know how to properly distinguish one from the other in a realm where rationalizing is natural which then therefore makes logic hard to see. This has also been part of a pursuit to identify the Pinnacle of Virtue as a Liberating Greatness within a Virtual Reality that would be composed of numbers.(which makes sense and is relevant to today's world which is heavily oriented around the miraculous video game)

Gonna start with 3 types of qualities, and I might describe these more later but you'll get the basic idea.

1). 2 and 3 which are identified as prime numbers which shows why we haven't caught on to their composite quality. Some synonyms for the word Composite that contrast with each other are Collection(2) and Variety(3). And because this collective variety demonstrates a wholesome contrast so pure and natural I would further describe it as Virtuous. Another description could be
something like "Sound Variance". 2 represents collective symmetry.

2). 3, 6 and 9 where 3 represents the spirit or soul and 9 represents the trinity as a fractal amplifying the power of the soul. 6 is huge in this because as you can see, 2 in to 6 = 3 and 3 in to 6 = 2. Therefore 6 can then fairly take the description of "harmony of the collective variety". 9 also seems important in this because you can either do 6x2x3x2x3x2... or 6x3x2x3x2x3x2 and on and always end up with a value representing 9.(except in the initial 6x2 = 12 = 3). The idea is that these numbers have to do with balance, harmony and diversity.

3. 1 and 0 together which represents the greatest contrast without being absolute. For me, the number 10 was the first shape(decagon) that legitimately qualified as a circle (symmetrical, odd, open angles). Probably already an established thing. The number 10 is also great because it is progressive 1+2+3+4 = 10. So someone doesn't even have to buy in to the idea that the trinity = the soul while still believing in diversity and purpose. Counting rather seems to be a quality of gradual alternating advancement in regard to diversity. Anyway, we have 10 fingers and the idea that the circle is literally connected to us is an interesting point. Maybe we should find a way to value or appreciate it even more.

The Great Atrocity:
So the number 1 alone represents the Absolute and the number 7 represents the greatest Deviation as the most primal prime. Now, neither of these numbers alone could be a gateway to evil but together they could very well be a great tool of evil, especially if it was being used against the very quality, virtue, soul, balance and harmony that I talked about. Once you start Absoluting each number(1/) until you reach 7 where the deviation and the absolute meet(1/7), you realize that 1/7 stands on a pedestal of it's own and = .14285714285 forever repeating. It qualifies as a rational number but where have you seen a non terminating decimal repeat after the 7th number? And did you notice which numbers 1/7th is excluding? 3, 6 and 9. There's no 3, 6 or 9 in this forever repeating decimal(tesla said: if you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 then you would have a key to the universe) and that should be enough to indicate that 1/7th as an absolute deviation is also against qualities of the soul, virtuous harmony and as not just 9 to productively expand that diversity but with also missing 0 there's no counting progress or circle that would start to represent the quality of the feminine. 7 can therefore go against what we are and the world we are in. It is the gateway for the possibility of what would be best described as Progressive Sexism and I can make a very solid case that this has crossed in to video game territory within my lifetime and seems to be a true atrocity.

With this notion that 7 could be used against the very quality of diversification I will share a perspective of the cosmos from American medical doctor, theoretical biologist, and complex systems researcher, Stewart Kauffman. , Now consider that if he's right at all, what the subliminal impact on children may be if the number 7 acted as a road block structure of the diversity of the soul for child development in video games and to the degree of being progressively sexist?

The game that I'm claiming to have a progressively sexist design is Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction which fully established this design in 2001 when the expansion came out. This game has 7 heroes and followed the prime path from having 3 heroes in D1, 5 in D2 and then 7 in D2:LOD. The game ended on the most primal prime number of the primary path and the lore revolves entirely around the "Prime Evil" hence the name of the game Diablo and is described as the Lord of Terror. Not only did the game stop at 7 heroes but so did it's sequel Diablo 3.

Blizzard and it's 4700 employees are made up of 85% males, their work atmosphere is described as that of being "frat boy" and they have been dealing with sexual harassment cases in court. There's enough going on here to suggest a deeper problem like progressive sexism but I have to be able to prove a few things. So you have 4 different perspectives about the design structure of Diablo 2. You either 1. believe that it evolved from a legitimate trinity and in to a greater one. 2. That it is arranged in progressive numerical order. Or 3. There is no architecture with the heroes collectively, and all them are roughly capable of the same effectiveness disregarding any legitimate role or 4. unaware and undecided. Most people are in the category of 3 and 4. Now when Diablo 3 came out it was an absolute disaster and many still believe that even though it turned that situation around for the most part that it still wasn't worthy of being called Diablo. Well it never was and never will be because Diablo 2's design held meaning and purpose with the nature of hero extreme roles which made it a fantastic team work experience. Everyone feels this way but no one can logically seem to explain it and that's because either the Tri role experience is difficult to perceive and conceive with 7 heroes or the progressive numerical arrangement is broken and unfinished.

Both of these truths have steered the community away from acknowledging a core element of why they love the game. It's an Architecture of Diversity. But in order for me to prove that the design is progressively sexist, I have to show how one hero and their sex/age group has been pedestalized above all and against a hero that has been singled out of the opposing sex and age group and how one hero of this sex and age group has been excluded and missing from the game entirely. But I'm even able to show how how this excluded hero's image and classification is being maliciously targeted in the game by means of a "secret cow level". At this point I'm going to start releasing some of my greatest image works as sound and accurate perceptions of how it is. , , , , , , , , ,

The Absolute(1) and the Deviation(7) have been clearly integrated here people and used to suppress children from the very quality of diversification in progressively sexist fashion. The Secret Cow level is seen as a "Joke" by the majority and you slaughter Cows by the masses. But what if the supposed random animal that had been chosen for the level been a Hyena? Hyena are a Matriarchy, they are Virtuous with a greater bite force than Lion or Tiger yet with a smaller body. And finally, as Scavengers they are Dependents (a role that parallels Children), and they communicate with laughter. Hmmm. I'm actually considering heavily that the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt was originally a Hyena. Seen as a Sacred Animal. The last thing I would like to say is that most of the reason why the world and our country organized to the value of 7 is because it naturally felt special and positive. But I want to point out how if this sense was accurate, it surely wasn't because a Triangle and a Square are masculine shapes, 3+4=7. Rather, it had to be because 2 and 5 represent the true masculine and feminine. 2 x Pentagon(masculine) = Decagon(feminine). This seems to be the most natural and graceful justification for getting out of this mess.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » January 8, 2024 3:19am | Report
Diablo 2 IS an Architecture of Diversity because we know it's composed of 3 primary heroes, 3 hybrids and 1 tri-brid. 6 around 1. 6 is the key that proves the architecture of diversity because it's a multiple of both 2 (which divides mage from warrior) and 3(which is made up of Support Tank(Barb) , Soloist Flanker(Amazon), Dependant Cannon(Sorceress), AND it's progressive.... 1 wholesome Barbarian + 2 Amazon Modes + 3 Sorceress Elements = 6 aspects. This is the harmonic appeal that everyone loves about the design leading in to the simple and clear graphics. The next step after 6 is 10 in order to advance the hero structure. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. We are missing 2 because apparently it hasn't clicked with anyone that the valkarie + bowazon qualifies as it's own hero archetype.


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Posts: 39

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