Passive/Active Frost Armor Talent for Intel Heroes

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I'm working on a blog that I have at the blizzard and team liquid forums that is trying to prove neglect to game designs that have 3 bodies of classification, particularly to 1 of the 3 bodies.

In their game it is the neglect of the zerg race... in this game it is the neglect of the intelligence class. I am using what I refer to as the most refined or reduced rationalization of the golden ratio, 2.5/4 as a potential proof that what is going on in both games is practically insulting to beauty itself depending on how much it can be proven that the golden ratio by the example given is related to the spectrum of colors.

2.5 + 4 = 6.5, and 6.5 may be the magical number of how many colors there actually are considering the controversy over whether indigo is its own color or not. If not, then 6 is the answer, if so, then 7 is the answer. But what if it is a half truth and 6.5 is the reality?

It is my assertion that one firm reason why the talent tree was put in to this game is because it helps to give some depth to the intelligence, ranged, support heroes. At least give them a reward for leveling up faster then other classes and carries if they can definitely pull that off against their opponents who may even theoretically level or farm faster.

However, what makes my face cringe every time I look at it is when I see the armor talent in the talent tree on a lot of these "ranged intelligence (squishy)" heroes.

To get to the point, the reasoning and politics goes something like this...

-Block is now half as effective on ranged heroes
-The armor in the talent tree should probably actually be block, because block and evasion are the proper defense forms on squishy heroes
-We can't give a full effect of block as a talent because that conflicts with our item block and how it works on ranged heroes
-We can't give a partial block as a talent because it seems like we are screwing over the intelligence class twice now, as other classes would get a block talent that would not be partial
-We can't make the talent evasion because that would put evasion on too many intel heroes
-Evasion is too strong of a talent or too extreme in some cases as it flips a critical hit in to a complete miss at times, and is suppose to be higher up in the talent tree?

So armor is the answer but it is improper... maybe it just works the best at avoiding the problems aforementioned, but now the big question....

Why not and what about FROST ARMOR?

with the 6.5 color spectrum theory, the .5 is pretty much establishing that there would exist a half classification.

And I'm trying to say here that this "half classification" may be the design theory element that is a "sour point" for game designers and so due to that awkwardness they are unable to bring themselves to implement in to the game. But the question... is that sourness the critical point in the defining of what is beautiful?

A talent is a passive, but that doesn't mean that an "active passive" cannot exist... where this armor talent on these ranged intelligence heroes becomes an "active passive frost armor" that DRAINS MANA at a reasonable rate when it is activated, and can be deactivated at any time.

I say, this is the missing golden mean that we have been looking for, for complete design satisfaction and also not having to do anything outside the realm of reason to the game design in order to compensate for this missing design element.

As far as Blizzard's design and zerg goes, it is a sort of conflict in terms of units with roles and teching freedom to complete a philosophy.

But I will be using the example here to start proving that there is a start of a trend of neglect going on for 1 of the 3 bodies in rock/paper/scissor classification game design.

For the record, it is sad if I am right for the sake of the uniqueness and significance of the Hero Lich and the creep camp Ogre Mage, but I'm pretty sure they stand out just as fine considering their value at different stages in the game.


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One double post here while the thread is still at the top of the list and I'm out...

In the whole "mage > warrior" controversy, I don't believe that the ranged intelligence class has this sort of advantage in dota, especially with block only being half as effective on ranged heroes.

Just because the intelligence class is more of the squishy class doesn't mean there are more heroes with above average movement speed or anything like that...

The only argument that can be made I think is that ranged heroes have the advantage of starting out offensively, with damage items, which is going to make last hitting more convenient. And that might mean something but that's basically a different topic... like... "the difference in starting potentials of different classes"

"the best defense is a good offense" etc

And they definitely could start out better, but they definitely aren't finishing better in to the late game.


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