Magic Damage Channeling Blade Mail and Magic Block

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoid » December 5, 2017 8:58am | Report
So I see for instance, heroes like Crystal Maiden have had their critical talents such as % magic damage resistance stripped of them.

Once this talent was implemented, a form of magic damage negation was the right idea... it's just that being a percentage of magic resist was, once again, the wrong implementation.

Now it is completely taken away?

Why is block so important?

Block is critical to implement in to the game properly because it takes an item like blade mail and makes its capability of rendering "channeled ultimates" useless and at least allows them to finish out the duration of the channeling with out worry.

Heroes that have low life pool are not suppose to have defense in the form of a percentage... it is either block or evasion.... the only acceptation is when the intelligence hero has some form of healing, usually directed towards itself. Only then does percentage based defense make sense.

And so it makes perfect sense why they took crystal maiden's magic resistance out, it makes zero sense that they did not replace it with a magic damage block that may function like the tear drop...

When blade mail is activated against her ultimate, she then would block the necessary amount of magic damage through both tear drop and the talent in order to be equal to the opponent or better.... not worse.

block is the key to making blade mail balanced, but sometimes I wonder if the designers start to think that if some squishy intel supports have magic damage block, then pretty much some of the heroes from every class should have it...

This is where I start to wonder about the Intelligence Stat and how it should increase a factor of magic damage block, similar to how agility provides armor....

I see agility heroes as being somewhere inbetween in terms of life pool, which makes the armor factor of them situational... it's like... there's simply going to be more agility heroes with greater strength amount and growth then there is with intelligence heroes... but that's just me.
And then intelligence that enhances by a percentage of magic damage as it currently does, seems to come in to question...

it's as though intellegence should enhance magic damage in percentage bursts, rather then gradually... like, every 10 intellegence you get a certain percentage increase that actually might be slightly more then what it was if it were gradual percentage base.

but the whole point is to remove the function of percentage growth, so the percentages since they cannot be escaped of their implementation, but be a higher amount at certain points.

Percentage suggests Carry and magic damage is not carry, it is mostly nuke...

We'll see if valve truly has a stronger team then blizzard does and can get these changes in to the game as opposed to being extremely lazy


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This is why on previous thread I talked about how there needs to be an ability on the basic shield to go higher then normal block but at the cost of mana drain for how ever long the higher then normal block is sustained.

And while it is active the blade mail would be cast and the damage that would be absorbed by block would still be returned to the damage doer.

Basically a mana shield, but not a like medusa obviously, it's own thing.

And anyone wanting to make the hood argument and the changes it has gone through, well, percentage magic resist is for life pool heroes.... get real.... no intel hero is going to effing farm that when they generally suck at farming in the first place


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoid » December 5, 2017 3:06pm | Report
While this is up here....

You would think that with crimson guard they would have had the stat

"Melee units can be affected once every 46 seconds"
"Ranged units can be affected once every 23 seconds"

In order to not be hypocrites towards ranged heroes who get half as much block, yet block being their type of defending style...

Just ridiculous

I honestly just don't see why the nerfed blocking only applies between melee and ranged, while ranged to ranged stays full block


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