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Hard Complaints: But Taking the High and Simple Road

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Forum » General Discussion » Hard Complaints: But Taking the High and Simple Road 4 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » January 6, 2021 11:53am | Report
Ok.... so I could be on here complaining about the heavy fundamental problems with attributes and how they function like I previously have...

-I could complain about how INT doesn't provide life recovery and how STR doesn't need to provide life recovery while it could alternatively be converting basic attack damage in to pure damage, or to represent a concept of being strong, it could be enhancing spell damage output for a higher mana cost. That's how the balance of it would have to work if say casters from intel starting getting strength, however, having life recovery properly on INT would make the ranged INT hero weigh their choices, which... should be good right? Why is the shield even providing any block for ranged heroes at all if INT isn't providing life recovery to work with it (as most int heroes are ranged)(Note: if strength was enhancing spell damage for a higher mana cost then a hero like centaur would also be paying a higher life cost for his casted cleave).

-I could complain about how an item like heaven's halberd just doesn't make quality sense by both disarming the opponent and providing evasion. Evasion is a defense form that makes the most sense on low life pool heroes, just like block. Yet here we are with this halbred that can disarm the opponent, so familiar to a ghost scepter just in a re-translated way. On the other hand the halbred could be capable of being cast on the opponent or the self and reduce attack damage by a % for a period of time and could naturally be reducing attack damage by a small % outside of the cast.... I could also make another point relative to the same problem. That there is no item for the intel class that would straight stack the evasion of combined talisms with say a shadow amulet and provide that evasion to you so long as you stood still. Think "trickster's necklace" and ... where have you seen that term "trickster" recently. Think about it and how it works.

I can only suspect that the problem with these points is that heroes might be escaping too confidently with TP and hurt the forward momentum of the potentially hour long games?

Still, why not implement something in to the game where if you are attacked while in TP you have a chance to drop so much gold on the ground.... like it was knocked out of your pocket. Problem solved beautifully right?

Sure... I could complain about all these deep and meaningful things and claim that valve is just trying to take you through their elaborate ruse of milking money and attention(advertisement) from your valued attention...

But that's not what I'm going to do...

I'm going to take the high and simple road and the complaint I make favors the way the game is and how they apparently perceive it...

And that complaint is...

Where is the neutral item or item at all that is familiar to or in the same spirit of the ghost scepter yet obtainable early game?

Here's the idea:
New Item: "Cover Shield" (make it look like a shield that could be used to hide under if you curled yourself up in to a ball"

This item takes the block that is lost by ranged heroes and pushes it out in the other direction, granting more block than a melee hero would have but SO LONG AS THE HERO HOLDS POSITION. And this is in affect over a duration of time (casted).

So now what's the problem here?

Oh yeah the TP problem that could easily be solved by having gold knocked from players who are hit by a basic attack during TP.

Do something of quality for this game before it's over....

Good Lord....


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » January 14, 2021 10:41am | Report
While this is up here I'm going to talk about Tinker since the neutral item suggestion would particularly be useful for him during his ult....

Tinker seems to have some major concept problems going on. Like... his rockets attack from 2500 range but then he has nothing else that can be cast at even remotely that far of a range. His machines are 0 range and his lazer is .... really short I can't even remember.

They have 3 options to address tinker in a more proper way

1. Make his shield from fragment cast from nearly that far of range
2. Get rid of shield and instead have him cast double long range roots (atos inspired)
3. Fragment now gives him an ability to drill into the ground with his hazard suit and pup up and a decently far range, allowing him to stay in a "held position" state which means he can stay invisible with a shadow amulet active (good for ambuhsing)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoids » January 17, 2021 1:18pm | Report
Going to just quote some recent commentary I had with someone about Tinker...

I feel like there's something to the tinker concept missing
something like a spell taunt, sorta like an axe thing missing when he ults
where a bm would make some kind of sense
or a damage redirect like an abadon thing
when abadon has scepter so that like
when tinker ults near an ally he redirects their damage to himself to a certain amount while he blade mails that's what is missing with either scepter or fragment, that was the way scepter USED to work on abadon for the record that's what the concept of his ult is all about, being so offensive that it redirects enemy attention but another idea for a scpeter fragment thing would be
to be in a "shallow grave" state while in the ulti
so that a blade mail could have continued use
I think that his spells would have to be disabled at the time though or something to not potentially have infinite shallow grave with blade mail.

Gotta think of Tinker as some kind of unique blade mail user.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Popity » January 4, 2023 5:09am | Report
The carry team just farms items that counter them and have their own stuns. Raw damage is what wins turbo, whether you're going for crazy building damage or big team fight, you can 5v1 a team of supports and faceroll to victory if the game lasts until you have all of your items.


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