Chen is an Incomplete Hero Still

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoid » December 4, 2017 2:30am | Report
Was happy to see changes but I doubt they were ultimately the right ones

In my opinion, all skills need to be evaluated in terms of a role of clssification

Now that test of faith is ONE skill, it can't be confused with another

Therefor, in its role evaluation it is clearly and obviously a "Nuke"

And, there simply cannot be in existence a "pure damage nuke" meaning that all it really can be used for is to do damage exclusively.....

But this is where the game design becomes embarrassing....

Omni-knight is considered a nuker.... but his nuke also heals (lol, how did this quality for the nuker classification and not test of faith... wtf?)

The fact that they tried to merge a pathetic healing capability with test of faith shows the right idea... but the outcome is absolutely terrible.

Now, if we we know that health value should be relative to pure damage, such as again for example with bane and how he steals life through pure damage....

Then what would need to happen is a unique function of chen's pure damage relative to health value. If bane steals life, then why can't chen sacrifice his?

This is if they want to keep the nuke classification which they failed to label in the game.... So once all of chen's mana pool is depleted he could still sacrifice his life pool for further casts of test of faith of equivalent output value, what ever that random amount happens to be.

this would change the skill the least and still maintain what would seem to be the aim here...

But if they just keep this skill as a flat damage / heal nuke function, then it would have to have some kind of solid additional utility effect.

Note: Penitence is an amp damage skill and while it does enhance test of faith, it does because of its function of enhancing all damage types.

But if penitence was a pure damage enhancer or particularly further enhanced test of faith then it could possibly do the skill justice, although I think the previous thoughts were more on track relative to health value.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoid » December 4, 2017 2:57am | Report
While the thread is up here, I'll finish this one off with

They could at least cut the cooldown of the skill in half when it is used as a heal since it heals for half as much damage that it outputs

And look! The mana cost still stays the same omg!

My suggestion is to implement this immediately, and then decide later on the original post

We can't not address this issue immediately when we can confirm its imbalance 100%


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Kyfoid » December 9, 2017 9:26pm | Report
At this time I have a follow up to the original post

I must apologies on this hero even though I could possibly be right

I misunderstand the hero

It's not what your necromicon does for your creeps....

It's what your creeps do for your necromicon

I guess I'm not aware or familiar so much with the item skill being better then the skill

I've always wondered if most hero skills are better then item skills, why this is so, and then strangely how in this case, necromicon is just flat out better then test of faith


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