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"Similar Guides" sections showing guides that shouldn't be there

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Forum » Support » "Similar Guides" sections showing guides that shouldn't be there 2 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dimonychan » April 6, 2016 11:50am | Report
Those two highlighted guides look like they are not published(the "HAHAHAHA" guide is definitely not, at least) and they don't show up anywhere but in this section and they shouldn't since they are archived. This is also the case with other hero guides(I checked Lina and there were unpublished guides in "Similar" section too).

Another confirmation of this could be the fact that my guide sometimes gets +2 views when I click to check how it looks. Might be due to the fact that I have it opened in two tabs though I doubt it - it makes no sense and shouldn't work like that.

Spoiler: Click to view

Oh, and while were are at it, the info about draft guides in your profile seems to be updated only when the guide is published. My profile looks like this ATM though I've already changed the name and the hero.

It would be nice if those are fixed.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hades4u » April 6, 2016 12:07pm | Report
The "HAHAHAHA" guide was actually a published one, I've just removed it though, it looked like spam.

We'll try to make it so only the "legit" guides will be shown as similar, thanks for reporting!

Also, you save your guide but the title remains the same till you publish it, true, it's not a bug I believe, but we'll look into it!

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