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I want to start playing treant, there's no guide whatsoever.

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Forum » Build & Guide Discussion » I want to start playing treant, there's no guide whatsoever. 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dragonmilo » October 18, 2015 11:42am | Report
Treatn seems is fun to play, but want to know more about him, if anyone knows how to play him correctly, make a guide. :)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by caine1232 » October 18, 2015 1:15pm | Report
I don't really have time to make a guide so I'll make some quick tips many don't use (treant is one of my fav heroes):
- you are the hard 5, buy EVERYTHING always, you do not need anything throughout the whole game, if you have brown boots 30 mins but your team is doing well, you are fine
-if you do get a boost of gold from a fight, consider midas, it will get you that aghs
-arcanes are the way
-aghs before blink (though most of the game are done before aghs)
-if an offlaner wants to trade hits, do it, you got the highest attack dmg in the game and there is no way he wins
- early oov does A LOT in a lane which has a lot of kill potential
- by 7 the build is 1-1-4-1, from then max Q, maybe put one more point W
-the good thing about treant is everyone thinks he is useless but his heal. No one will buy sentries for you so you will be free to roam the enemy jungle with Q. That is HUGE map vision you are getting
-early game just pull, babysit and teleport if someone is being dived, gank only if you have a REALLY good ganking partner (lion, rubick, venge)
-do not be afraid to use your ulti for one hero, it has a low cooldown
-your ult goes through bkb and disables blink
-mid and late game, you are only useful for healing towers, your ult and scouting. Most of the time you should be scouting areas with your Q, trying to find pickoffs for your team
-always go first with your Q, if you get picked off, your team gets out, if they don't see you, you will get an easy 3-4 man ulti


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by V-Slash » November 1, 2015 5:43am | Report
Some things I like to do when playing treant (maybe not the best to do, but it's fun)

I play it as an offlane support, so i can sneak into the enemy's jungle and mess with the camps: blocking neutrals, messing up the lane creeps path, harassing a jungler, showing up mid, sometime getting the cour down if lucky.

After a few initiations with my ult, i start mindgaming a bit: i don't show upon map if a teamfight is going to start. Alternatively, I show up on one side of the map and hide, then teleport, and sneak in just to make a surprise counter-ini

Tanky supports, when focused by the enemy team is costly for them to commit on. I'm very sacrificial with treant (E, bite, kite, Q), get the ult out at some point in that sequence of course.

If your carries do not farm the enemy jungle, deny the enemy these camps by taking them.

Do not skill your first point too early. You might need the W for a first blood opportunity, if not, skill something else.


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