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Coding Help & FAQ

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Mowen » October 26, 2016 1:11pm | Report
First of all, we have a list of all the available bbcode tags here, if you're just looking for what we have and how to word it.

There are already a lot of options at the top of the text editor (click "more options" when posting comments / in chapters when writing guides) so check those out too!

When using multiple parameters such as text that is both bold and underlined, make sure the parameters are nested. This means the parameter that comes first ends last, the parameter that comes second ends second to last, the parameter that comes third ends third to last, and so on.

Example: [b][i][u]Bold Italicized AND Underlined![/u][/i][/b] = Bold Italicized AND Underlined!

Here are some useful / common coding examples:

Database Icons

[icon=ursa size=75]

Images and Media

When linking an image it needs to be uploaded somewhere on the internet. You then need to get the IMAGE URL (not the page url). Do this by right clicking the image and selecting "Copy Image URL", then paste into the [img] code. If you need somewhere to upload your image, you can use an image upload service like Imgur or Photobucket.

[img=] OR [img][/img]

Resize images with the "width" parameter:

[img width=200][/img]

Link images to other web pages using the [url] code:

[url=][img width=200][/img][/url]

Center images and videos with [center], and link videos with [embed]. Be sure to get the direct video url (again, right click the video and copy the video url / paste).


Text Coding

Size 7
Size 6
Size 5
Size 4
Size 3
Size 2
Size 1

[size=#]Text Goes Here[/size]
Italic Text = [i]Italic Text[/i]

Bold Text = [b]Bold Text[/b]

Underlined Text = [u]Underlined Text[/u]

Bold Italicized AND Underlined! = [b][i][u]Bold Italicized AND Underlined![/u][/i][/b]

Hyperlink = [url=]Hyperlink[/url]

Colored Text = [color=blue]Colored Text[/color]

Hex Code Colored Text = [color=#8fc9c1]Hex Code Colored Text[/color]

how to make spoilers

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3
[*] Bullet 1
[*] Bullet 2
[*] Bullet 3


Columns and Tables are a way to put things exactly where you want them. They can get a little complicated, but if you mess around with them you can make some very nice layouts!

Columns code goes like so, you can have as many [nextcols] as you want:



[nextcol width=50]

This starts the column code

This adds a column

This adds another column, that is 50px wide

This ends the column code


I made the first column 65px in width, since I knew I'd be adding a 50x50 icon to it. This way there is nice spacing between my icon and my text. This is a generally useful code for explaining abilities, classes, what have you, as people can find the icons easily then read the text!

Click here to see the code!


Now onto tables! Tables are more complicated, but you have better controls for the look of your layout. Tables work exactly the same as they do in html if you are familiar with it, and you can read html table help here.

Parameters that affect [table], [tr] and [td]: bgcolor, width, height

Parameters that affect [tr] and [td]: padding, colspan

You can add as many [tr]'s and [td]'s as you want! (tr = table row, td=table cell)

Think of rows fitting in tables, and cells fitting in rows, you have to have them in order, cells within rows and rows within tables: [table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]

Also there needs to be the same amount of cells per row if you have multiple rows, otherwise the layout can get funky. See my example for how to handle this with colspan.






This starts the table code

This adds a row, you always need at least 1 row

This adds a cell to the row you just made, you need at least 1 cell

This ends the cell

This ends the row

This ends the table code

The row above has padding="10px" added to the cells so that they have some breathing room, this adds an invisible 10px border around every cell. This row I'm typing on right now has a bgcolor="#2b2727" to make it pop, as well as padding="10px" to give a nice margin. The cells to the right and left are colored white and use width="15px" to control their width. The height automatically adjusts to the height of this cell. There are also 2 more cells that are the same but without bgcolor for padding. The colspan=6 makes the number of cells in both rows even, and the width="350px" in the table constrains the size so the class icons don't spread out.

Click here to see the code!

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by michimatsch » October 27, 2016 10:02am | Report
This is awesome.
Like seriously with this knowledge I might even find the courage to create another guide.

Just one small error (I suppose) I noticed in the bbcode table.
The explanation of define contains an example output that is not working it just shows the example usage.


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