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6.85 Numeta builds

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Numeta » October 30, 2015 2:23am | Report
- Centaur Jungle/Offlane

Helm of Dominator first buy centaur out of the jungle, late game disassemble for Vlads/Veil.

Abuse the fact that Stampede will give Centaur neutrals max move speed and slow on collision. With some vigilant manipulation you can be on the map constantly, even from the jungle.

Also stacking stuns once you get blink is godlike. The better the micro the better the outcome.


Wraithband/tangos > RoA > Headdress > Phase > Diffusal > SnY or BKB needed > Disassemble RoA for Vlads > SnY into Manta. Sange into Silver Edge if you think it's a good choice > Butterfly.

Outcome = Mana burning, life stealing frost arrows. High base damage return from Vlads 15% damage aura. Purge to counter gap closing heroes, also adds utility to your team. Manta becomes a good item via 50% mana burn damage on illusions.


Lots of good success with Diffusal after BKB so far.

Sand king

Max caustic off lane phase/Vanguard

Natures Prophet

Midas > Refresher > Aghs > Octarine > nomicon 3


2x tranquils soul ring max sunray


PMS > OoV > Helm of Dom > Medallion

Manipulate satyrs to purge dust and to purge inside clouds. Accelerates your kill potential by 10 minutes.


Mana boots > Glimmer > Mek > Greaves or Aghs/Pipe

Been playing hard support pugna lately, pretty much only use drain life defensively on my carry.

Through Decrepify + Mek + Glimmer Cape you effectively make your carry immune to a majority of damage while you heal them up. Soul ring is great in this build as well.
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