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Silverscythe by R1ngleader

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By: R1ngleader
Last Updated: Oct 13, 2018
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The Reaper

Silverscythe the Reaper is a hero that utilize his presence to weaken his enemies. Reborn as a ferocious and threatening angel of death, Reaper skill set lowers his enemies' chance to escape death. A slice of his scythe causes his enemy to have a reduced magic resistance while with just a movement, their move speed is slowed greatly. When the time comes for death to claim their lives, Reaper launches his hell-wrought scythe to deal a fatal damage and frightening debuff to those who witnesses the action.

Complexity: Range ◆◆◇


Main attribute: Strength (26+3.5 per level)
-Agility (22+1.7 per level)
-Intelligence (20+2.0 per level)

Base stats:

Attack damage: 50-52
Move speed: 295
Armor: 2.0
Attack range: 300
Spell amplification: 6%
Magic resistance: 25%

Health: 200 (785 at Level 1)
Health regen: 1.5
Mana: 100 (315 at Level 1)
Mana regen: 0.9
Turn rate: 0.6
Vision range: 1800/800
Projectile speed: 1125
Attack animation: 0.40+0.77
Base attack time: 1.7

Primary Abilities

Ability: Target Area
Pierces Spell Immunity: No
Damage type: Magical

Slice the scythe forward in a cone shape and deal damage based on how close the victim is. The closest enemy receive full damage and their magic resistance is lowered. Can be cast twice after the cool down duration begins.

Second strike duration: 5
Magic resist reduction: 15%/15%/20%/25%
Damage: 75/100/125/150
Minimum damage: 50
Max damage range: 150
Min damage range: 500/550/600/650
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7

Range is inversely proportional to damage. A second strike can be cast with a separate duration and shared cool down with the first strike. Magic resist reduction can not be stacked with other sources.

Those who stands in the same arena of the angel himself, begs to be killed.
Spectral Dash
Ability: Target Point
Affects: Self/Enemy
Pierces spell immunity: Yes

A quick and phased movement to the target position where all enemy unit will be marked. During the phase, Reaper is immune to all type of damage (including pure) but is unable to cast spell or attack.

Enemy move speed slow: 30%
Max dash range: 800/850/900/950
Dash speed: 2500
Mana cost: 70
Cool down: 15/12/9/6

Can be cast while rooted.

All fools will try to escape death. Only the wise prepares for it.
Ghastly Presence
Ability: Passive
Pierces spell immunity: Yes
Dispellable: Cannot be dispelled

Reaper's presence causes great terror to enemy who faces him. Any ability dealt to enemies causes them to receive a Ghastly Mark, a type of debuff that is exclusively different to each skill.

Onslaught: Lowers enemy magic resistance (only the closest one)
Spectral Dash: Slows enemy movement
Cut Throat: Reduce attack damage and increase miss chance
Max mark stack: 2

If the enemy receive more than 2 abilities, the duration is refreshed and the stack counter would not exceed more than two.The mark is visible to all heroes, be it ally or enemy.

Look at his face and you will know the pale scenery of the afterlife. Look right through his eye socket and you will acknowledge how empty his heart is when claiming lives.

Ultimate Abilities

Cut Throat
Ability: Self/Target Unit
Pierces spell immunity: No
Dispellable: Yes
Damage type: Magical

Initiates a pose that begins to enlarge the scythe and changes Reaper to his true form. The second cast of this ability latches the scythe onto an enemy and then drags them closer to Reaper, dealing massive damage and stuns. If the enemy dies with this ability, nearby enemy will receive a debuff that lowers their attack damage and increase their chance to miss attack, based on their mark stack.

Damage: 400/500/600
Debuff duration: 15
Debuff damage reduction per mark: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Debuff attack miss per mark: 7%/8%/9%/10%
Mana cost: 150/200/250
Cooldown: 120/110/100

Cool down begins after Reaper changes to his true form but the second initiation can be cast at any time. Stun duration is the cast time that starts when Reaper latches an enemy hero and ends when he drags them to his position.

With just a swing of a gruesome metal, their vessel and soul is sundered, marking the end of their life.

Hero Talents

Cut Throat pierces spell immunity
+400 Cut Throat Damage

15% cooldown reduction
+20 second spell block

Instant Spectral Dash movement
+150 Gold/min

+10 Intelligence
+10 Strength


He who is a mere henchman, sent by the God to rip the soul of the self-willed apart from their vessel. Once who was being hunt and now is hunting. Once who was murdered but is now murdering. Silverscythe the Reaper was Arzelo, an innocent soul, just like any other living mortals. He was an attractive and remarkable smith, only rivaled by the elder and more experienced in this business, Craler. Any tool he crafts, any sword he sharpen proves that his mind is gifted by the Unchallenged One to help those who in need to fight their war. But the claim was too prevalent that it reaches the ears of fearful clans who lives from the other side of the world. They decided that the Arzelo is too threathening to be left alive. In just one night, all the veterans of the clan successfully ambushed the smith's house and assassinated him using his own newly made scythe. The slaughter sent Arzelo to the God's realm where he meets him directly. He told the ex-smith that his death was very unjustified and he deserved to live more than he was. The God offered a resurrection chance, not exclusively for his vengeance, but for a chance to contribute more to the God, as his dreadful angel of death, the Silverscythe.

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R1ngleader (2) | October 13, 2018 11:50am
Date created: 14/10/18
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