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Selene by Xx_Deathly_Embrace_xX

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By: Xx_Deathly_Embrace_xX
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
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Naiad/ Sea Nypmh

Naiad is a support hero capable of dishing out damage while keeping herself alive with spell Lifesteal, however she is not excellent in team fights and often struggles at enemies who deal a lot of physical damage.

Working Progress.

Primary Abilities

Energy Flare
Naiad releases a globe of energy, combusting a fixed percentage of current mana and dealing damage based on mana destroyed.
Slows targets affected based on mana destroyed. Slow lasts 10 seconds.
Level 1: Destroys 15% current mana, dealing 7.5% damage based on mana destroyed. Base Slow: 5%, Slows 0.005 per mana point missing.
Level 2: Destroys 20% current mana, dealing 10% damage based on mana destroyed. Base Slow: 5%, Slows 0.010 per mana point missing.
Level 3: Destroys 25% current mana, dealing 12.5% damage based on mana destroyed. Base Slow 5%, Slows 0.020 per mana point missing.
Level 4: Destroys 30% current mana, dealing 15% damage based on mana destroyed. Base Slow 5%, Slows 0.025 per mana point missing.

Cooldown: 30/23/17/15/11 seconds.
Damage Type: Pure

Target:Target Point
Tidal Wave
Naiad summons a wave in front of her dealing damage on enemies in front of her.

Level 1: Deals 150 damage, up to 900 range in front of her.
Level 2: Deals 225 damage, up to 950 range in front of her.
Level 3: Deals 325 damage, up to 1000 range in front of her.
Level 4: Deals 400 damage, up to 1050 range in front of her.

Cooldown : 35/27/19/15 seconds.

Manacost: 90/120/150/180 mana.

Talent Tree Stun: 1.75/2.25./3.00/3.75
Talent Tree Knockback distance: 200/300/400/500

Damage Type: Magical
Target:Target Point
Blessing of Tide
Naiad's nature of conjuring of water magic strengthens her granting her spell lifesteal.

Level 1: Grants 25% Spell Lifesteal.
Level 2: Grants 35% Spell Lifesteal.
Level 3: Grants 45% Spell Lifesteal.
Level 4: Grants 55% Spell Lifesteal.

Ability Type:Passive

Ultimate Abilities

Watery Imprisonment
Naiad channels a ball of water, trapping her target and deals a fixed amount of damage to the target. The target cannot move, attack, use items or cast spells within the channeling time.

Level 1: Deals 650 damage and channels it for 5 seconds.
Level 2: Deals 1150 damage and channels it for 4.5 seconds.
Level 3: Deals 1400 damage and channels it for 4 seconds.

Aghanim Scepter Uprgade: Allows Naiad to heal 25% of total dealt damage.

Manacost: 220/340/450 mana.
Cooldown: 120/90/60 seconds.

Damage Type: Magical
Target: Enemy Target

Hero Talents

Negates all damage incoming on Naiad within Watery Imprisonment
+ 600 Watery Imprisonment Damage

Tidal Wave stuns and improves per level.
Tidal Wave knocks and improves per level.

+ 10% Blessing of Tide Spell Lifesteal
+ 10% Energy Flare Mana Burn

+ 250 Health
+ 50 MS


Base Attributes:

Strength: 26
Agility: 13
Intelligence: 29

Stat Growth:

Strength: 2.4
Agility: 2.1
Intelligence: 2.8

Attack Range: 450
Base Attack Time: 1.71 sec
Base Attack DMG: 34-35
Base Movespeed: 275

Base Armor: 1
Magic Resistance: 25%
Spell Amplification: 1.279%

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