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Puddle Spirit by ringnir

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Puddle Spirit

By: ringnir
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018
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Puddle Spirit

Elly Slipfoot


Puddle Spirit's Stats
STR 62 at 25 (18 + 1.8/level)
AGI 72 at 25 (24 + 2/level)
INT 89.5 at 25 (15 + 3.1/level)
HEALTH 1302 at 25 (524)
MANA 1416 at 25 (300)
DAMAGE 49 - 59
ARMOR 3.84

In the nearby forests of the Gleaming City ruins lie a peculiar puddle filled with the memories of a little girl, Elly. She remembers when King Ostarian's servants invaded her village and placed an undead curse upon her. She remembers her mother, who interrupted the curse as it was cast. She remembers watching her village disintegrate, and overgrow with fauna over the decades.

A chance encounter brought about the nymph Yvenia, who slipped over Elly's puddle. The two quickly became close, with Elly calling Yvenia with the endearing moniker, Slipfoot. Yvenia taught Elly how to traverse through streams and rivers, and together they began merrily on their way, travelling the world.

Their travels brought them to the Ivory Forest. To their plight, it was the day of the millennial solstice, the Wraith-Night. The effects of the Wraith King Ostarion's transformation brought immediate danger to their souls. With the last of her mana, Yvenia siphoned her own life essence in order to save the little living puddle.

The Ivory Forest became draped in wraith flesh. And Elly, with the undead curse, the wraith essences, and Yvenia's life, rose from her puddle in spirit form anew, inheriting the moniker of her most beloved friend.

Primary Abilities

Puddle Spirit slows and siphons mana from an enemy hero and, in an area of effect, restores the health of allied heroes based on the mana drained. The restoration is shared equally to all affected allied heroes. Puddle Spirit can move during the AOE delay.

Aghanim's Upgrade:
Hydrate and Living Puddle siphons health from enemy heroes and restores mana to allied heroes on top of the original mechanics.

: Targeted Unit / AOE
: Enemy Hero / Allied Heroes
: Mixed
: No
Mana Drain
Slow Duration
Movement Speed Slow
Cast Range
Cast Delay
AOE Radius
AOE Delay
Mana Cost
: 80 / 160 / 240 / 320
: 0.5s
: 40%
: 800
: 0.4s
: 125 / 200 / 275 / 350
: 0.6s
: 80
: 40s / 30s / 20s / 10s

Having adopted Yvenia's siphoning ability, Elly keeps her comrades healed, and her enemies annoyed.
Spirit's Blessing
All healing effects(including consumables) are more potent in the hands of Puddle Spirit.

: Passive
: Allied Heroes
: None
: Yes
Heal Boost : 20% / 25% / 30% / 35%

Living as a puddle for decades has enabled Elly to enhance the components of restoration artifacts.
Water Remnant
On receiving an enemy attack, a water remnant takes Puddle Spirit's place and explodes in its immediate area, while she spawns a distance away, avoiding the attack's incoming damage and purging herself of all debuffs. Effects increase along the river.

: Passive / AOE
: Enemies
: Magical
: No
Proc Chance
Max Spawn Range
Remnant Explosion Delay
Remnant Explosion AOE Radius
River Effect
: 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
: 125 / 175 / 225 / 325
: 0.5s
: 260
: 20%
: 9s / 6s / 4s / 2s

Elly is always connected to the water in the earth, and the troll in her heart.

Ultimate Abilities

Living Puddle
Puddle Spirit becomes formless and dissolves to the earth. She gains phase, increased movement speed, and physical damage reduction. Any enemy hero in its area of effect loses mana while allied heroes share and gain health equal to the mana drained. Puddle Spirit cannot attack while Living Puddle is active. Living Puddle's healing effects can be interrupted if Puddle Spirit is disabled.

Aghanim's Upgrade:
Hydrate and Living Puddle siphons health from enemy heroes and restores mana to allied heroes on top of the original mechanics.

: Active
: Enemy / Allied Heroes
: Mixed
: No
Cast Delay
Mana Drain/Heal per second
AOE Radius
Movement Speed Gain
Physical Damage Reduction
Mana Cost
: 1s
: 8s / 9s / 10s
: 24 / 39 / 62
: 450
: 70 / 90 / 110
: 20% / 25% / 35%
: 325
: 120s / 100s / 80s

Elly breaks down into her original form to escape danger and help her allies, but cannot bring herself to dissolve Yvenia's hat.

Hero Talents

+38 Living Puddle Drain / Restoration
Water Remnant 0s cooldown

+220 Water Remnant Damage
+20% Spirit's Blessing Effect

+120 Hydrate AOE
+30 Movement Speed

+25% XP Gain
+10% Magic Resistance

Concept Art / Playing Elly Slipfoot


Version 1.01

The concept of Puddle Spirit came about from a few inspirations. I've always liked Support Heroes and wanted to think of one that was focused on AOE healing. At the same time, I had just watched Wreck-it Ralph and really like Vanellope von Schweetz. So I wanted to create a character that was childlike, mischievous, vulgar, troll-ish, but ultimately takes care of her comrades.

3 of her spells like the Water Remnant, Hydrate, and Living Puddle are, in my opinion, kind of irritating to deal with, which justifies her assignment as a troll.
(I can almost hear her going, "UGGHHH YOU GOT ME!! MERCYYYY!!" every time a Water Remnant procs and she makes her escape)

And finally, like many others, I've felt that the Spirit Trinity was missing the water element - and that's how the Puddle Spirit came into being.

The concept art isn't much. Apart from doodling I don't spend alot of time practicing art, so bear with me.

A 0.4s cast delay before she drains mana and slows an enemy hero. Followed by a 0.6s cast delay of her AOE heal to allied heroes. This would give the player plenty of time to blink to allies right after the initial drain.

Aghanim's Upgrade
The base mechanics of Hydrate and Living Puddle drains mana from enemy heroes and restores health to allied heroes. With the addition of the Aghanim's Scepter, the spells will also drain health and restore mana.

Any healing effect from Puddle Spirit is boosted. This makes items like Guardian Greaves very potent. Consumables are also affected, so early game salves would be extremely useful to any lane partner.

Water Remnant
A passive that is the Puddle Spirit's only damaging spell. This raises her chance of survival as it creates an opportunity for escape when the passive procs (this is because the enemy attacker would lose its targeting on the original Puddle Spirit, and that she could spawn a distance away). At higher levels she gets even harder to catch due to the increase in spawn range and lowered cooldown. If the Level 25 talent of "Water Remnant 0s cooldown" is chosen, water remnants have a chance to trigger more often, dealing significant damage in a late-game fight.

Living Puddle
A spell that can potentially save the whole team given its AOE heal. In this form, the healing effects are still susceptible to spells, meaning a stun would stop Living Puddle from draining/healing, but non-healing effects like phase or reduced incoming physical damage will still be active. If the Level 25 Talent to enhance Living Puddle is chosen, the survivability of the entire team is increased in a team fight.

Aghanim's Upgrade
The base mechanics of Hydrate and Living Puddle drains mana from enemy heroes and restores health to allied heroes. With the addition of the Aghanim's Scepter, the spells will also drain health and restore mana.

Puddle Spirit is really more a team fight support hero.
With Hydrate, clutch plays of saving allies from death can happen, whether it is by restoring the allies' health or draining mana, possibly disabling an enemy from casting a finishing spell. With Water Remnant, it can cause some chaos in a team fight, coupled with the ultimate Living Puddle, and supported by Spirit's Blessing.

Below are some suggestions of a few useful items that would complement Puddle Spirit well.
  • Blink Dagger / Force Staff - for Hydrate(drain mana and blink to allies), for Water Remnant(escape when it procs)
  • Guardian Greaves - Amplified Restoration with Spirit's Blessing effect
  • Bottle - Amplified Restoration with Spirit's Blessing effect
  • Octarine's Core - Lower Water Remnant and Hydrate cooldowns means more harassment
  • Aghanim's Scepter - Upgrade to Hydrate and Living Puddle to drain health and restore mana on top of original mechanics
  • Glimmer Cape - In tandem with Living Puddle, if the enemy has no detection, that would be alot of mana drained/health restored
  • Black King Bar - Spell immunity during Living Puddle is an alternative as opposed to Glimmer Cape

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BloodArena | May 18, 2020 8:14am
Little mana burn = ok
Moderate mana burn = annoying
Huge mana burn = several people will quit the game
AinzOoalGown | August 5, 2018 10:19am
I absolutely love dedicated healing heroes, though I am a bit concerned about Water Remnant. Its giving me flashbacks to old Faceless Void's backtrack. Living puddle though, is such a fun spell I can definitely seeing it having massive impact in messy fights around the Rosh Pit. Great design!
ringnir | August 5, 2018 1:15pm

Yea I've been vexxing about Water Remnant for awhile too. Initially it was made to only proc on spells, but that felt really underwhelming. I thought triggering only through physical attacks could work, but ended up with any attack, as that could potentially open up room for more plays or strategies against her. I did balance the ability out a little by increasing its cooldown and decreasing its proc chance. Apart from that Puddle Spirit doesn't have innate cheap escape abilities like Faceless had with Timewalk. Hopefully with that, that would not make Water Remnant as broken like how Backtrack was.
Suklaakaakao (1) | August 4, 2018 9:28am
Love the cute artwork and unique ability design! Definitely one of the top contenders for the contest.
ringnir | August 4, 2018 9:03pm
Thanks for the kind words!
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