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Mazzie by carIvic

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By: carIvic
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019
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the Snapfire

This is my official entry to r/DotaConcepts' Snapfire Prediction Contest .


: 23 + 2.2
: 13 + 1.7
: 28 + 3.0
Starting Health
Starting Mana
Starting Armor
Starting Damage
: 660
: 386
: 2
: 15 - 23
Sight Range
Move Speed
Turn Rate
Attack Range
: 1800 / 800
: 300
: 0.5
: 490
Missile Speed
Base Attack Time
: 3000
: 1.7.


Mazzie, the Snapfire is a ranged hero who can juggle between support and mobile damage dealer. She can bake and save pastries for her allies with the ability A Taste of the Revolution. She can also cast the spell Sic ‘em, in which Fanadin,her mount, jumps toward an area causing damage and slow. Another of her ability is Gatling Volley which pelts the enemies with hot lead. Her ultimate ability, Guzzle Fire, spits a burning liquid towards an enemy hero’s face causing DPS while cutting its vision to zero and disables all forms of allied vision for the targeted unit.


Aunt Mazzie is not new to the scorching flames of conflict. Serving as the mother to many injured keen who find themselves in her custody, she feeds her wounded children cookies and other pastries to soothe their troubled minds and empty bellies. In her own home she would secretly shelter these brave rebels from the armies of the Machine King, a maddened magnate who bought the local Keen government in Iron Fog; he was Aurel’s old boss. Yet after all her effort, her infirmary finally falls after the kindness she freely offered to one of the enemies’ soldiers was reciprocated with betrayal. She was captured, tortured, and imprisoned until the cause that she and her children fought hard for was finally lost.

Offered between the choice of servitude or exile, Mazzie did not hesitate to choose the latter. She was exiled to the Keen prison colony in the Knollen peaks, where she taught herself how to wield a blunderbuss to keep the cold away. Then finally came the day when the exiles of the Knollen peaks outnumbered their guards, the battle was swift. Most of the exiles decided to stay in Knollen, but Mazzie decided that she had to leave. Salvaging the technology of the fallen guards, she crafted a weaponized motorcycle from the bits and bobs. She left Knollen with a man named Brag, a Keen sharpshooter who she fought with in the last battle.

The keen duo has faced many adversities and has made many friends. Brag was a lover of Snapfire dragons and kept one as a pet. But alas father time has finally caught up with Brag, and he decided to return home to Knollen. He left his favourite Snapfire, Fanadin, to keep his partner safe. With a new, less-talkative, amigo; Mazzie carried on with her adventures. Clearly she has been to many places, from the new city streets of the then newly-founded Revtel to the old town roads of Weeping Rose. She would make cookies filled with enchanted mango-chutney, which Fanadin consumed religiously and because of, has grown to an impossible size compared to the average Snapfire. Oh well, thought Mazzie. I guess it’s time to teach this fiery lizard some new tricks. And rightfully so, for she has heard that the heir to the Machine King has entered the war of the Ancients, and it's about time for her to give him and his kind a piece of humble pie.

Primary Abilities

A Taste of the Revolution

Mazzie dismounts to bake some cookies. For every second she channels this spell, she receives a charge on her cookie basket.
If an enemy attacks the Snapfire while channeling, all the cookies will be snatched and the attacking enemy will receive the "Cookie Thief" debuff for 10 seconds.

: Instant, Channeling
: 2
: Up to 1/2/3/4 seconds
: 75
: 15 seconds

"The sweet taste of freedom takes time sweetie."

Spoiler: Click to view
Cookie Toss (Subskill)

Feed a hero a cookie, granting mana loss reduction to the next spell it casts.
If the hero chooses not to cast a spell within the duration, it is healed by a fixed amount.

: Allied Hero, Active)
: Healing
: Yes
Mana Loss Reduction
Healing on End of Duration
: 14/16/18/20%
: 200/250/300/350
: 70
: 6

"You're not you when you're hungry."

: Can be cast on enemies, giving them the "Cookie Thief" debuff.

Spoiler: Click to view
Gatling Volley

Snapfire sends forth a volley of 9 bullets flying towards the target's general direction.
The Snapfire may move while casting this spell and the turret will face the target automatically.
Any enemy unit that moves into the line of fire will block the bullets and receive all the damage instead.
If the target enemy has the Cookie Thief debuff, this spell lasts 2 seconds longer.

: Target Enemy, Active
: Magical
: No
Damage per Bullet
Casting Range
: 10/15/20/25
: 500
: 5 seconds
: 130/150/170/190
: 20

"I missed you for a long time sonny, but this time I'll make sure I won't."

Spoiler: Click to view
Sic 'em

Target an area to leap into that location.
All enemies that are hit by the spell will receive damage and will have their movement slowed for a period of time. If an enemy with Cookie Thief debuff is hit by this spell, it is stunned instead.

: Target Area, Active
: Magical
: No
Area of Effect Damage
MS Slow Percentage
Slow Duration
Casting Range
Area of Effect
: 180/220/260/300
: 3.5 seconds
: 30/40/50/60%
: 300
: 250
: 130/140/150/160
: 10
"Fanadin likes it when we pretend fly."

Spoiler: Click to view

Ultimate Abilities

Guzzle Fire

Fires a flaming gooey substance at an enemy's face, dealing massive magic damage per second, reducing its' vision to 100 and cutting off its' allied vision.
If the enemy has the Cookie Thief debuff, it is becomes fearful during the duration.

: Target Enemy Unit, Active
: Magical
: Yes
Damage per Second
Penalty Duration
: 130
: 4/5/6 seconds
: 270/300/330
: 100

I'd rather face hellfire than this humiliating pile of lizard phlegm. -Lion, the Demon Witch

Spoiler: Click to view

Hero Talents

Unlimited A Taste of the Revolution channel time
+20 Gatling Volley damage

Cookie Toss buff is not removed when ally casts a spell
+2 seconds Guzzle Fire duration

+100 cast range
+2 seconds Sic'em slow duration

+30% experience gain
+220 Health

Play Style

The General play style for the Snapfire is as follows:
Initiate with Guzzle fire, then cast Gatling Volley on blinded foe. If the foe is not a Cookie Thief or is faster than you, you can follow up with Sic'em to slow them down and cover distance.
Overall, i can see her filling up a mid lane role, but she can also be flexible with her build.

As a Support:

Mazzie can be played as either a full support, always carting around a basket full of cookies, or as a lane support keeping enemies at bay with Gatling Volley. Her left side of the talent tree focuses on her ability to make cookies for her team.
A good item pickup for a support style Snapfire would be items that enable her to lock down opponents, like Rod of Atos or Scythe of Vyse.

As a Core:

Core Snapfire capitalizes on her ability to dish out tons of magic damage in a short period of time. It usually makes use of the general play style found above, but improved with items that boost magic damage like Kaya or Veil of Discord.
Increasing Snapfire's mobility is also crucial for building her as a core since she is expected to be able to chase down enemy units with Gatling Volley.

Both play styles can exist in a hybrid situation, bringing out the full potential is up to the players.

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