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Kino by Miku_Nakano

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By: Miku_Nakano
Last Updated: May 19, 2020
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Time Ranger

Kino, the Time Ranger, is a ranged agility hero whose greatest asset is a high damage burst skill and the ability to stun opponents for up to 12 seconds. His skillset allows him to stun opponents for prolonged period of time for him to be able to burst down. His damage will also be pretty high in the late game especially with a good item build such as daedalus and butterfly.

Strength. : 21 (+1.5)
Agility. : 9 (+4.2)
Intelligence : 17 (+2.4)

Once an ordinary boy Kino lives his life peacefully in a little place known as Clock Town. The town is peaceful and is filled with party and joy untill the war came. The town was stuck in no mans land. Countless of life has perished in the conflict. Kino was nearly killed untill he accidentally slipped through another plane of existence, Claszureme. He was taken in by a community there and was taught the fundamentals of time control granting him the same abilities as darkterror. Unfortunately with the war going on Claszureme, the realm beyond time is no longer a safe place as the war going on causes a disturbance in the balance of power. Kino seeks out to enter the physical plane once again to stop the war for good and return peace and balance to the world.

Primary Abilities

Winding Bullets
Increases the amount of shots kino can do in a single attack. This skill also affects accel shot imcreasing the bullets in accel shot by 1 per this skill level
: Passive
: 1/2/3/4
Aghanim Upgrade: Causes each bullet to ignore evasion
Stasis Blast
Kino tosses a hourglass into a area. The hourglass will expand and explode after certain amount of time. All opponents who got caught in the explosion will have their time distorted therefore stunned for 3 seconds.
: Ground Target / Active
: Physical
: No
: 145/200/240/275
: 100/110/115/125
: 11/10/8/7
: 2/2.5/3
Accel Shot
Kino swiftly reloads his gun with bullets and shoots them with quick succesion. The bullet then will be sped up with his time control making it able to rip through diamond.
: Single Target / Active
: physical
: Yes
: 120/165/200/240
: 16/14/12/10
: Yes

Ultimate Abilities

Time Freeze
Kino uses his powers as the time ranger and forcefully stopped time for a few seconds, causing friends and foes alike to be immobile. Kino is free to move during this moment however
: Global / Active
: 4/6/8
: 200/275/320
: 90

Other Abilities

Time Warrior
Kino will have mastery of his own time causing him to be immune to time based spells.
: Passive
Kino's pistol has a magazine system that could hold up to 4 rounds of bullets before he has to reload.
: Passive/Innate
: 4
: 3 seconds
- Aghanim Sceptre: reduces reload time to 1 seconds.

Hero Talents

+4 sec time freeze duration
Gains extra passive "Time Warrior"

+25 agility
+50 damage

+3 bullet inside magazine
Increase skill range

Accel shot ignores armor
-4s CD for accel shot

Pro's and Con's


- Good Disables
- Devastating ultimate that could tilt a teamfight
- Good agility growth
- Can potentially became a potent Snowball
- High damage Burst with accelshot with no chance to miss after getting aghanims


- Weak laning phase with atrocious stats early game.
- Item and Level reliant dying could offset your snowballing capability
- Low Mana
- Lack of good escape mechanism.
- Getting silenced will cripple him severely,

Good Againts

Faceless Void
- Faceless Void's skills is mostly useless on Kino making Kino a hard counter to him

- Accel shot armor ignoring properties counters spectre in the late game.

- Terrorblade does not enjoy the armor ignoring abilities of kino as well as his ultimate because if its well timed it could prevent terrorblade from casting sunder.

- Bristleback is hard countered by accel shot as it will ignore bristleback's passive.

Any other Squishy heroes
- Kino will have a good time bursting heroes with low hp down.

Bad Againts
Phantom Lancer
- Kino limited magazine + needs to use accel shot to do damage in early-mid game could cause him to get overwhelmed by PL

- If got caught isolated spectre will demolish Kino making it a double edged sword

- Riki invisibility can catch Kino off guard as Kino doesnt have any escape ability making him a easy kill.

Anti Mage
- Anti Mage could dominate Kino in early-mid game as he is reliant on Accel shot.

Any Intelligence nuker
- Low HP + Low magic armor spells doom for Kino

Any Illusion Spammer
- Kino cant deal much AOE damage causing him to get overwhelmed real quick.

Any hero that could summon units
- same reasoning like illusion spammers.

Winter Wyvern
- Winter curse can easily kills kino as he is very frail
- Artic burn allows winter wyvern to harass Kino while staying at a safe distance

- Viper harassing ability causes kino's laning phase to become even more difficult. This could cause kino to be offline for a long time

Good With
Faceless void
- his level 25 talent allows him to move inside chronosphere. Same goes otherwise as faceless void can move in time freeze making them having a good synergy wirh eachother.

- Earthshaker could counter heroes that is used to counter Kino with echo slam making him a good ally.
- Fissure can save kino when he got caught in a gank.

- Axe call could be a good tool of engagement for Kino.
- Berserker call can also save Kino when he got caught in a gank.
- Culling blade can finish off low hp opponentz who got nuked with accel shot.

- Time freeze allows jakiro spell to do massive damage with extended time.

Shadow Demon
- Shadow demon could save Kino easily.
- Shadow poison + Accel shot = High nuking capabilities.

Writer Note

Hello this is the first time im in this forrum and i would like to post some of my heroes idea. Im a big fan of moba games especially dota and league. I played dota before but not rlly good at it, this is the first hero i published in this forrums i have tons of hero idea saved on my phones memo and im thinking to publish some of them later.

I randomly thought of this hero when im bored one day and this is my first hero idea. His name came from a character of the same name from a comicbook/light novel. I got inspired by a few book and anime while making the concept of this hero.

Well thats just a short note hope we can get along it this forum Its nice meeting you all here.

- Edit: 19th May 2020, added innate passive, bonus aghanims ability as well as revamped talent tree and renamed Hourglass bomb into Stasis Blast. Also added Lore for Kino.

- Edit: 20th may 2020, added a list of Kino's counters as well as heroes that has good synergy with him.


- Time Warriors grants Kino the ability to mpve inside Chronosphere.
- Time freeze will freeze the duration of a spell but the spell will still take effect during the frozen time. This makes spells such as Alchemist acid became a potent damage dealer.
- Kino is based off the character with the same name from the light novel Kino's Journey.
- Unlike the kino in kino's journey, Kino is a male.

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FangzofFuzzy (9) | November 15, 2019 6:13pm
Welcome to the creating space.

You mention a lot of stats on his cons, but it'd be nice to actually see them.

Also, basic abilities in dota have 4 ranks while the ultimate has only 3 ranks, so you'll have to change some things around.
Miku_Nakano | November 16, 2019 8:34am
Ah thx ill fix some of it and probs add the stats tho im sorta confused about the exact stats. Thanks for the criticism tho :D
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