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King Midas by Glen_Coco

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King Midas

By: Glen_Coco
Last Updated: May 28, 2018
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King Midas

The King with the Golden Touch

Midas was a wealthy King of Greek, who loved counting his hoard of golden riches. However, his vast riches were not enough and sought a trade with the gods. The Gods saw Midas Midas as a naive king and granted him a devious wish. He traded is vast fortune for the power to turn anything he touched into Gold. Midas rejoiced in his new power, which he hastened to put to the test. He touched an oak twig and a stone; both turned to gold. Overjoyed, as soon as he got home, he touched every rose in the rose garden, and all became gold. He ordered the servants to set a feast on the table. Upon discovering how even the food and drink turned into gold in his hands, he regretted his wish and cursed it. Midas's daughter, Lydia, came to him, upset about the roses that had lost their fragrance and become hard, and when he reached out to comfort her, found that when he touched his daughter, she turned to gold as well. Now, Midas hated the gift he had coveted. He prayed to God's to take it away, but they laughed at the foolish king.

Enraged at his curse and the loss of his daughter, Midas vowed revenge on the gods. He had his servants feed food directly to his mouth and began training his "Golden touch" into a powerful magic. With golden armor and a flail he began his quest for revenge.

Strength: 18 + 2.2 (Primary)
Agility: 12 + 1.2
Intelligence: 16 + 2.0

Base Damage: 20 - 32
Base Armor: 4
Attack Range: 100
Movement Speed: 285

Primary Abilities

The Golden Touch
Midas can touch any non-hero unit and turn them into a golden statue instantly killing them. The statue then radiates damage around the area.

Cast Animation: 0.3+0.1
Cast Range: 0
Radiance Radius: 600
Hero Radiance Burn: 15/30/45/60 ( 25/40/55/70)
Non-Hero Radiance Burn: 20/40/60/80 (30/50/70/90)
Golden Statue Duration: 20
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30 (50/40/30/20)
Mana Cost:
Golden Statue:
Level 4
Duration 30
Health Creep Health + 60/120/180/240
Health regeneration 0
Armor 6/8/10/12
Magic resistance 33%
Collision size 16
Vision range 1800 • 1800 (G)
Bounty 75/100/125/150
Experience 0
Model scale 0.8
Radiance damage of statue does not stack with radiance, but does stack with Lydia's Revenge.
Midas's Golden Flail
Midas can imbue a charges of his power into a powerful two-handed flail. If active, any opponent hit will slowly start being turned to gold slowing them with. If move speed is slowed to a certain threshold on a target they are momentarily stunned by being turned to a golden statue afterwards the slow debuff is purged.

Cast Animation: 0.48+0.17
Charges Per Cast: 6/8/10/12
Move Speed Slow per Charge Stack: 4%/8%/12%/16%
Charges Duration: 3
Threshold: 20%/30%/40%/50%
Golden Statue Duration: 1.2 s
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/100
Duration: 20
Cooldown: 40/36/32/28
Illusions do not get ability.
Heroes or creep turn into statue gains plus 4 armor for the duration.
Only slow from flail counts for the threshold.
If speed of the target is increased it is subtracted from the debuff.
A King's Greed
Midas's greed for gold causes him to fight with a greater ferocity! Within a short time span the more gold he has acquired the faster he attacks and moves.

Max Gold Counted: 250 (400)
Attack Speed Gain Per 25 Gold: 10/15/20/25 (15/20/25/30)
Move Speed Gain Per 25 Gold: 3%/4%/5%/6% (3%/4%/5%/6%)
Duration of Past Gold Counted: 4/6/8/10

Ultimate Abilities

Lydia's Rvenge
Midas transformed his daughter into his most powerful weapon as the center piece of a magical fountain he can summon into play. The fountain emits a damaging radiance burn and increases the value of any kill by Midas.

Cast Range: 900
Mana Cost: 250/300/350
Radiance Burn: 30/45/60
Value Increase Per Kill: +25/+50/+75
Lydia Fountain:
Level 3
Duration: 20 s
Hero Hits to Destroy: 10/15/20
Non-Hero Hits to Destroy: 15/20/25
Health regeneration: 0
Armor 5
Magic resistance: 33%
Collision size 18
Radiance and Vision range: 1000
Bounty 100/150/200
Experience: 0
Model scale: 0.8

Hero Talents

Max Gold for King's Greed Raised to 400
Lydia's Revenge adds 25 gold per Kill

Plus 10 gold for each creep kill
Radiance Burn damage Increased by 10 for Golden Statues

Gold Touch Cooldown reduce by 10 s
Lydia's revenge duration increased by 6 s

+ 200 mana
+ 200 health

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