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Je-Ar by Mariza

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By: Mariza
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018
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Cursed Innovator

-- Summary --

Je-Ar is a micro-heavy ranged carry that relies on his inventions in order to move around the battlefield. Je-Ar uses his helper robot-turned-tank to carry him to battle while he shoots enemies with his long-ranged rifle or he prefers more height, he can mount his scouting-robot to gain more range when attacking in exchange for mobility. Implanting a mark on his enemies will turn his docile robots to aggressive beings, giving him crowd-control when he needs to escape. His ultimate unleashes his greatest creation, an assassin robot striking from the shadows, giving Je-Ar a clear shot of his already vulnerable enemies.

-- Stats --

Roles - Ranged, Carry, Escape

Strength - 16 + 1.8
**Agility** - 23 + 2.7
Inteligence - 17 + 2
Base Attack Damage - 17-21 (40-44 lvl 1)
Attack Range - 600
Base Attack Time - 1.8
Armor - 0
Health - 150(438 lvl 1)
Mana - 100(304 lvl 1)
Movement Speed - 250

Primary Abilities

Tank Bot - Sirius
Unleashes the butler-turned-tank robot to aid him in battle. Je-Ar can mount the robot, giving him damage reduction but a penalty to his attack range. Sirius has a body slam ability that can be triggered with Target On Sights, charging to the targeted unit and stunning it briefly.

Attack Range Penalty : -30% Attack Range
Damage Reduction : 25%/30%/35%/40%

Body Slam Range : 400/500/600/700
Stun Duration : 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6 s
Body Slam Cooldown : 20 s

Robot Movement Speed : 300
Robot Max Health : 1000/1250/1500/1750
Robot Armor : 6

More Details

: No Target
: None
: Yes
Bonus Damage
: None
: 100
: 120/110/100/90
Je-Ar's butler robot serves him well both in battle and in housekeeping.
Scout Bot - Marcus
Je-Ar sends out a robot to scout the battlefield. If the scout-bot is too far from Je-Ar its vision range is reduced. Je-Ar can mount the scout-robot to give him more attack range but reducing the movement speed of the robot. Marcus has a laser ability that reduces movement speed of the Target on Sights targeted unit and reducing its armor per second.

Attack Range Bonus - 20%/40%/60%/80%
Movement Speed Reduction - 70%
Max Range for Good Vision - 1000/1200/1400/1600

Shredding Laser Movement Slow - 12%/24%/36%/48%
Shredding Laser Armor Shred - 0.4/0.6/0.8/1 per second
Shredding Laser Range - 400
Shredding Laser Debuff Duration - 7 seconds

Robot Movement Speed - 300/350/400/450
Robot Max Health - 500/600/700/800
Robot Armor - 2
Vision in Range - 1000/600
Vision out of Range - 500/300

More Details

: No Target
: None
: Yes
Bonus Damage
: None
: 100
: 100/90/80/70
Je-Ar always feels at ease when he has the high ground.
Target on Sights
Je-Ar tags an enemy unit to be exterminated by his robots. His summoned robots will then use their abilities on the marked unit. The marked unit will also be revealed throughout the duration of the ability.

Cast Range - 500/750/1000/1250
Duration - 7
: Targeted
: None
: Yes
Bonus Damage
: None
: 100
: 13/11/9/7
Sometimes you have to let them do the dirty work.

Ultimate Abilities

Assassin Bot - Victis
Je-Ar unleashes his personal assassin bot to lay waste on his enemies. Victis has a wind walk ability that deals bonus damage on next hit. If Victis attacks a unit targeted by Target on Sights, Je-Ar will automatically attack the target. If Victis moves 1250 distance away from Je-Ar, it cannot attack.

Robot Movement Speed - 350/450/550
Robot Health - 600/750/900
Robot Armor - 0
Robot Attack Damage - 45/75/105
Base Attack Time - 1.2

Wind Walk Duration - 20/40/60
Wind Walk Cooldown - 20/15/10
Wind Walk Backstab - 100/150/200

More Details

: No Target
: None
: Yes
Bonus Damage
: None
: 200/150/100
: 150/140/130
A long time servant, eliminating Je-Ar's competition since the day it was created.

Other Abilities

Dismount Je-Ar from the mounted robot, allowing him to move separately from his robots.

: No Target
: None
: Yes
Bonus Damage
: None
: 1
Curse of Disability
Je-Ar's curse prevents him from moving around with ease. His movement speed will never go above 250.

Max movement speed : 250

More Details
: Passive
: None
: Yes
Bonus Damage
: None
: N/A

Hero Talents

Robots have Spell Immunity
Remove Scouting Bot movement speed penalty.

Summon 2 Assassin Bots
Casting Wind Walk also makes Je-Ar Invisible

+30 Attack Speed
+15% Lifesteal

+200 Health
+15 Agility

How Robot Mounting Works

When the player right clicks a mountable robot, Je-Ar will move towards the robot.

Once he is in melee range (to prevent mounting up terrain) he will proceed to mount the robot and play a 1 second animation meaning he can't attack will mounting.

Once Je-Ar is mounted he will not be able to move. His position will always be on the mounted robot.

Je-Ar and the mounted robot are still separate units meaning in order to move, the player needs to control the mounted robot and the player also needs to control Je-Ar to auto-attack, cast spells and use items. The best way to control them is to have them both in control group so moving will order the mounted-robot to move and right clicking will order Je-Ar to attack. Another way (programmed to the hero itself) is to issue order to mounted robot to move in right click point when Je-Ar is mounted.

The robot will become untargetable(no hit-box, cannot be clicked) but will take damage when Je-Ar takes damage meaning AoE Spells will damage the mounted robot twice. Single-Target stuns and slows hitting Je-Ar will not affect the robot.


Early Game

Je-Ar has good flexibility on what to pick at level 1.
  • He can summon the Tank Bot to give him more mobility and a good body blocker to secure more kills.
  • Picking Scout Bot instead will give more vision and prevent the enemy from juking your team.
  • Taking Target on Sights will prevent enemy heroes with invisible to escape from your team's early ganks.

Laning for Je-Ar is all about adapting to the lane.
  • If Je-Ar is facing heavy harassment, he can mount his Tank Bot to tank more damage.
  • When you supports are going for a kill, assisting them with Target on Sights will definitely secure a kill with the crowd control that your robots will provide.
  • If Je-Ar is in danger, don't hesitate to use Target on Sights to get away.

Mid Game

  • If you had a bad lane, you can use Tank Bot to help you tank creeps at the jungle with Assassin Bot giving you more DPS.
  • Keep your Assassin Bot healthy so that it doesn't die in clashes as it will give you huge DPS with Target on Sights.
  • Don't forget that when your Tank Bot charges and you're mounted to it, you will go with it as it charges. You might get into dangerous situations with it.
  • Don't forget to dismount from your Tank Bot when tower diving to have it absorb damage for you.

Late Game

  • When sieging high ground, mounting your Scouting Bot can create safe distance from you and the enemy team while you hit the tower. If the enemy team decides to initiate your team, quickly mount to your Tank Bot so you can reposition to a safer spot so you can deal damage and tank some as well.
  • Have your Assassin Bot positioned well so you can immediately follow up your team stun-locking and bursting someone from the enemy team.
  • When you're about to be stunned, hit an enemy with Target On Sights so you can still deal damage to it as your Assassin Bot attacks it.

Item Build

Power Threads - Gives good Attack Speed to give more DPS.
Phase Boots - Gives more damage and movement speed.
Ring of Aquila - Great early game stats and gives armor for your robots.
Hurricane Pike - Gives more mobility and scales when mounted with Scouting Bot.
Desolator - Synergizes well with Target on Sights and Assassin Bot.
Black King Bar - Good item for carries in general.
Shadow Blade - Gives good mobility and allows you to ambush heroes with your Asassin Bot.
Scythe of Vyse - Great for bursting down heroes with Target on Sights and Assassin Bot.
Bloodthorn - Great for bursting down heroes and disabling spell-reliant heroes.
Nullifier - Great for bursting down heroes and disabling item-reliant heroes. Assassin Bot can also proc movement speed slow.
Butterfly - Good for adding more damage and stats and having evasion for more survivability.

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