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Interis by Terathiel

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By: Terathiel
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018
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Living Contradiction

In a desolate, starless corner of the universe, life still manages to cling to the barren rocks within the freezing void. The umbral inhabitants of these dark planes seethe with jealousy, hungry for the light and heat of far-away suns. An empire slowly grew within that abyssal waste, an empire that built Cyclopean monoliths and wonders of technology that could devour galaxies entire. Each desolate planet they came across became a part of the whole, or was split apart without a second thought. Uncounted aeons passed, and still this empire grew.

The universe, however, was far too large for even these masters of science, these wicked planet-killers, to traverse. In equal parts desperation and madness, they turned to the arts aetherial to provide them the stars they so desired to devour. The greatest minds of that empire, joined together by neural links, peered into the realms beyond the physical. The crystal matrix of their consciousness was a beacon that called out to the unfathomable entities within that realm. One, more opportunistic than the rest, addressed them.

"I am Interis," he said in a language that had no words. "I can provide what you seek, and ask only your subservience in return."

The dark empire was all too eager and all too foolish to agree. Their science allowed the formless anathema that was Interis access into our pitiable universe, and his manifestation made the gods themselves quail in their sleep. Out went the abstract paradox, so far above such puny things as the laws of physics. Space had no meaning to one such as him, and lo, he came upon a world in which a moon insane warred with itself. As the orbiting rock cleft itself in two and fell to the earth, he sent a message back to his thralls, telling them that the time for their ascension would soon be nigh...

...and like a shadow out of time, Interis descended upon the hapless world, ready to begin his feast.

Interis is an Intelligence hard carry that scales extremely well with attributes via Logic Game, and the double-dipping of damage and durability he gets from Intelligence via Tesseract. His skillset enables him to output an absurd amount of single-target and area damage, while being phenomenally durable against sustained damage. Although sluggish in the early and midgame due to high mana costs and the innate weaknesses of Intelligence as a stat, given time and (ironically) space, Interis will transform into an absolute terror that shreds rivalling carries and decimates in turn those who dare attack him.

Primary Abilities

Collapsing Star
Interis transforms into a collapsing star and teleports to the target location. Enemies around him after the teleport are sucked in towards him and suffer damage.
: Active, Point Target
: Magical
: No
: 130/160/190/220
: 23/21/19/17
Damage: 80/140/200/260
Radius: 300
Pull Duration: 0.4
Interis begins his feast.

Logic Game
Assaults the mind of the foe, first reducing Magic resistance based on Strength difference, then inflicting damage based on Intelligence difference. The target is then slowed based on Agility difference.
: Active, Unit Target (Enemy)
: Magical
: No
: 120/130/140/150
: 8.5
Strength Difference Resistance Reduction Multiplier: 0.5
Intelligence Difference Damage Multiplier: 3/4/5/6
Agility Difference Slow Multiplier: 0.5/1/1.5/2
Duration: 2.5
Range: 600
They stand against a force they cannot possibly hope to comprehend, let alone defeat.

Mathematical Fallacy
Grants Interis a chance to negate physical attacks on him and respond with one of his own that deals reduced damage to all enemies in an area around him. Linked to Mathematical Perfection.
: Passive
: Physical
: Yes
Chance: 14/18/22/26%
Attack Damage: 15/20/25/30%
Attack Radius: 600
The laws of the universe can pass no judgement upon Interis.

Mathematical Perfection
Passively grants Interis bonus attack speed, and a chance to inflict bonus Magical damage to all enemies in an area around him when dealing Physical damage. Linked to Mathematical Fallacy.
: Passive
: Magical
: No
Attack Speed: 20/40/60/80
Chance: 10/20/30/40%
Magical Damage: 50/70/90/110
Attack Radius: 600
Reading and rewriting the code of reality is no difficulty for one who is above it.


Ultimate Abilities

Interis warps reality around him, the world twisting into impossible patterns. Within this tesseract, a percentage of his maximum mana is converted into health every time he takes a set amount of damage. Every time this conversion occurs, Interis is dispelled. Furthermore, enemies have their movement speed slowed based on their proximity to the Living Contradiction.
: Active
: No
: 215/340/465
: 130/100/70
Radius: 800/1000/1200
Minimum Slow: 2%
Maximum Slow: 20%
Damage Threshold: 225
Mana Conversion: 5/6.5/8%
Duration: 6/12/18
Swallowing reality, all creation comes under the unfathomable will of the Living Contradiction.


Hero Talents

3 Collapsing Star charges
+800 Mathematical Fallacy/Perfection attack range

+30 Intelligence
+4s Tesseract duration

+2 Logic Game multishot
+20% Evasion

+175 Health
+20 movement speed


Base Health: 560
Base Mana: 317
Base Armour: 2
Base Damage: 45-58 (51)
Base Attack Time: 1.35
Range: 500
Movement Speed: 320
Sight: 1800/800

Strength: 18 + 1.8 (61)
Agility: 17 + 2.9 (87)
Intelligence: 26 + 3.8 (117)

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