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Essence Master by JakeKolkat

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Essence Master

By: JakeKolkat
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2022
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Essence Master

Essence Master

Complexity 2
Nuker 3
Escape 1
Durable 2
Carry 2

attributes :
strength : 24 - 3.0 per level
agility : 26 - 3.2 per level*(Primary Attribute)
intelligence : 18 - 1.9 per level

Health : 660
Mana : 300
HP regen : 2.05
MP regen : 0.75
Attack Speed : 1.37s
Damage : 46-50
Armor : 1.4
Movement Speed : 320
Turn Rate : 0.7
Attack Range : 700
Day Vision/Night Vision : 1800/1800

As of this concept, the game`s version is 7.30e

Primary Abilities

Grants Magic Resistance & Bonus Armor. When attacking an enemy, a certain amount of their attack damage is removed for 3/4/5/6 seconds & given to Essence Master. as long as he keeps attacking, the duration is refreshed.
: passive
: Yes
: Strong Dispels Only
Exchange Damage
Spell Damage Reduction
Magic Resistance
Bonus Armor
: 10/20/30/40% (25/35/45/55% with talent)
: 5/10/15/20% (20/25/30/35% with talent)
: 5/10/15/20% (20/25/30/35% with talent)
: 2/5/8/11 (6/9/12/15 with talent)
Essence Master is blessed with armor & might; The foundation of a winning fight.
Change Main Attribute
Changes Essence Master`s main attribute, granting bonus main attribute, HP regeneration, attack speed & MP regeneration.
ABILITY : toggle
Bonus Main Attribute
strength mode
agility mode
intelligence mode
: 20/25/30/35 (40/45/50/55 with talent)
: 4/8/12/16 HP regeneration
: 20/35/50/65 attack speed
: 2/4.5/7/9.5 MP regeneration
: 80/70/60/50
: 10/9/8/7 (Aghanim Shard reduces CD by 7 seconds) (Aghanim Scepter makes this ability usable during hex, mute, stun & silence)
Due to his mastery over attributes, Essence Master can alter his innate attribute.
Perfect Caster
Unlocks max movement speed, grants invisiblity & cast point reduction for Essence Master. Grants cast range & AOE for spells & items & bonus movement speed to allied heroes & him. While under the effect of this ability, Essence Master can cast abilities & items while being invisible & moving. after casting, Essence Master will remain invisible & he can move, until he attacks an enemy. Casting on allies will reduce cooldown by half.
: active, targeted
: No
Cast Point Reduction
Bonus Cast Range & AOE
Bonus Movement Speed
: 10/30/50/70%
: 100/150/200/250
: 30/50/70/90 (60/80/100/120 with talent)
: 100/150/200/250
: 45
Dedicating a long time to casting different attribute spells, Essence Master have learned the perfect way to cast spells.

Ultimate Abilities

Sound Wave
When cast, enemies within readius will be rooted & mini-stunned & damaged for the duration. Damage is pierce immunity but root & mini-stun are not.
: ground-targeted
: Magical
: Yes
Damage per second
: 2.5/3.5/4.5 (3.5/4.5/5.5 with talent)
: 500/575/650
: 80/100/120 (100/120/140 with talent)
: 350/425/500
: 140/130/120
Essence Master traps his enemies, using sound attribute he destroys them all.

Hero Talents

+20 Sound Waves damage per second
+1s Sound Waves root

+20 Change Main Attribute Bonus Main Attribute
+30 Perfect Caster movement speed & -5s CD

+65 Change Main Attribute attack speed
+16 Change Main Attribute HP regeneration

+4 Self-Defense bonus armor
+15% Self-Defense effects

Ideal Items For Essence Master

Meteor Hammer
Mage Slayer
Power Treads
Armlet Of Mordiggian

These 4 items greatly increase his nuking ability

Eye Of Skadi
Ethereal Blade

& with these 3 items, he will gain a great bonus to attributes

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TheTruePrringler | November 14, 2021 9:28am
I have a question about his ultimate, from what I understand it deals 100/150/200 dmg per second? To which 6 seconds times 200 is 1200, yet the hero seems pretty decent it needs some nerfs and some rebalancing. Great job though!
JakeKolkat (2) | November 17, 2021 3:33pm
Yeah you're right; I think he needs nerfs in some cases, & Thanks for your feedback!
TheTruePrringler | December 28, 2021 8:54pm
Hey so its been awhile and I decided to recheck, and the ultimate is still a little strong. 650 radius is pretty wide and the root duration is 6 seconds, and 6 seconds is about 860 damage. this ability is stronger than treants and his ultimate is already pretty decent, if anything you may need to nerf the root duration but the damage is ok. Or if you want to keep it you could increase the cooldown to about 145s and 200 / 260 / 320 mana. But good job with keeping up and paying attention.
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