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Desolation and Carnage by FelixDarkTerror

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Desolation and Carnage

By: FelixDarkTerror
Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018
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Desolation and Carnage

The Twin Hunters

"what do you fear the most?"
"The nightmare without face or the nightmare without form?"
"we bring you both"
"we are the Desolation of your soul and the Carnage of your body"


STR 20 + 1.70
AGI 21 + 1.60
INT 19 + 2.10
18 - 25
SIGHT RANGE: 1600/ 1200

"-And the Dead God did it... 2 souls that come from Nevermore itself, washed in the ichor of Nyctasha, a truly masterpiece doesn't it?.. Not even Grimstroke can contain how jealous he is of such a perfect ritual.
Desolation the faceless crossbow... better than a drow his accuracy is not a joke, when he strikes he goes directly for your soul... Desolation unleashes the fear among everyone on his range, not even the most powerful entities can deal with his darkness, stinguishing every light on his path, lights that cannot be turn on again, or can you Ezalor? don't think so...
...But theres always something worst to tell little friends...
Have you ever had a nightmare where theres something that you don't see? indistinguishable, unbelievable, insatiable, just eyes and theet that open up like a real monster would do, something beyond demons, something worst than the devil itself... die by him is a torture that none should go through... Carnage doesn't leave anything to the butcher to work with, he eats every part of his prey.
But now they are going to the war of the ancients to hunt the most powelful heroes and show what a real nightmare means... none is safe and none will survive the twin hunters, the new creation of the dead god and the oblivion of the living."
-Scary isn't it?
-Is mr Wukong gonna be ok?
-Don't worry Ilexa those are just Dire stories.

Primary Abilities

Unleash the Fear
Desolation instantly unloads a large number of shots that are distributed among all nearby enemies damaging them for each number of shots they received.

: No target/Radius
: Magical
: No
: 400
Shots Damage
Number of Shots

: 50
: 4/6/8/10
: 90/100/110/120
: 11/10/9/8
"This is how it begins"
A running evil
Mark the closest hero in the map gaining vision and true vision of him and a large amount of movement speed for a period of time,if you auto attack the marked hero while the duration, the target will get blind and slowed for a short duration. Can't be use in combat.
: No Target
: No
: 10
: 3 sec.
Movement Speed

: 90/120/150/180
: 20%
: 100
: 40/35/30/25
"They see you, they are coming for you...
but run will not save you..."

Let's hunt Carnage
Carnage will attack the target of this ability or the enemie that you are auto attacking, but only if it is on your auto attack range. Carnage's auto attacks are melee and deal a porcentage of your total damage and at the same attack speed that you have. Carnage can proc items effects like attack modiffiers, crits and even the ones that are melee only like cleave and bash. Carnage will be disable if you are affected by "Break".
: passive/targeted
: Physical
: Yes
: 40%/60%/80%/100%
: 1 sec.
Have you ever felt like being divoured alive?..
some nightmares deosn't need a form...
Can you imagine it? it's worst than you expect...

Ultimate Abilities

Nightmare's Realm
You and your enemie hero target will change and appear it the nightmare's dimention leaving you and your unfortunate prey alone to start the hunt. anyone else is visible or able to interact with you both not even the turrets or other structures. While in the Nightmare's realm you gain attack speed. If one of you die, the duration ends. Blink Dagger gets disable at the beginning of this spell.
: targeted
: yes
: 8/9/10 sec.
Attack Speed
: 40/80/120
: 100/150/200
: 90/75/60
: 400
"Once in the nightmare's realm... theres no scape from your dead. they will hunt you down"

Hero Talents

+ 5 seconds duration on Nightmare's Realm
+ 10 shots in Unleash the Fear

100 attack range
-4 seconds cooldown on Unleash the Fear

25% cleave
7 armor reduction on auto attacks

4 armor
2 mana regen


_The Twin hunters are a powerfull late game carry that excells at hunting down heroes when having a good early game farm, but struggling a lot if that's not the case. Items are an important part of this hero taking at count that he doesn't have defensive skills and his stats increase by levels are bad too, but getting damage is very impact full taking at count Carnage's auto attacks so you basically get de double of the damage of the items, but be carefull defensive items are needed.

_Items like
Maesltrom and BattleFury are really good for farming taking at count that your E can proc attack modifiers even melee ones, lifesteal is also a good way to sustain yourself, but if you want to play a more aggressive laning phase and early game, Orb of venom and Diffusal blade are the best options.

_Late game is when this hero can abuse even more items that function with attack modifiers and attack speed, finish your
Mjollnir and go for something like a Nullifier or a Bloodthorn could be great. As deffensive options you can choose between items like Satanic, Linken's sphere and Hearth of Tarrasque. Also other items like Eye of Skadi, Manta Style and Sange and Yasha can help making you fairly tanky while still giving you a good damage. Don't keep your eyes far from Abyssal Blade because you can proc it with Carnage, and Hurricane pike will also help you increasing your attack distance wich also you can combine with the lvl 20 talent considering that your E's range will also increase.

_As Twin Hunters, farm and get items in early game is your priority, use your Q to wave clear if necessary or to burst enemies that are alone if you are hunting them or if they are the ones going for you, remember that this is a great ability combined with your ult and the power of this skill can be screased with the talents, so a combo with
Ethereal Blade is real.

_Your W will help you hunting enemie heroes when you feel prepared and also can be used to counter some invisibility heroes too. With lvl max this skill doesn't have that long cooldown so you can use it to bring vision to your team and prevent ganks and roshan kills. Remember, yout can't use it on combat.

_Your ultimate is a powerful skill that is able to keep an enemie hero away from the teamfight while giving you a free kill if used correctly, taking at count that you can also be killed and the target can run away from you, so choose carefully who you ult. So this skill can secure you kills, help you to tower dive or fountain dive or just keep someone away from your team but at the cost of keeping you also away from the team fight. It doesn't have a lot of range but it disables blink dagger so your target don't scape that easily, and be careful on where you reappear.

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