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Caligor by jonbozz

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By: jonbozz
Last Updated: Apr 7, 2022
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the Fogbreather

Caligor is a ranged Intelligence hero, inspired by the Latin word caligo for fog. His abilities and theme revolve around vision and the Fog of War. Different item and talent choices can allow him to be a powerful debuffer who exercises nuanced control of engagements, or an oppressive damage-dealer who suffocates and isolates enemies. Vision control is a delicate mechanic in DOTA, so designing a hero around it can lead to inherent balance issues (probably why it remains largely unexplored.)

Base Stats
Primary stat: Intelligence
S/A/I: 18 + 1.8/ 16 + 2.6/ 24 +3.2
Vision range: 1800/1400
Base damage: 27-29
Attack range: 550
BAT: 1.8
Attack speed: 100
Movement speed: 295
Turn rate: .7
Base armor: 1
Base HP/MP regen: .25/.5

Level 1 stats
HP/MP: 560/363
S/A/I: 18/16/24
Damage: 51-53
HP/MP regen: 2.05/1.7
Armor: 3.67

Primary Abilities

Shade of War
Caligor conjures a shade imbued with the Fog of War on the targeted unit. The affected unit has its sight consumed by the attacking shade, applying a DoT and blind effect while continuously reducing its vision range. The unit is feared towards its fountain if its vision range falls to 200, at which point the shade deals any remaining damage in a single instance. The shade benefits from blind and miss chance. The affected unit does not lose Allied vision.



: Target Unit
: Magical
: No
: 80/100/120/140
: 24/21/18/15
: 20/17/14/11 (Talent)
: 500/600/700/800
: Basic
Damage per second
Fear duration
Blind chance
Shade health

Shade duration
Minimum vision
: 20/30/50/90
: 1.5/2/2.5/3
: 25/35/45/55%
: 2/3/3/4
: 3/4/4/5 (Talent)
: 7/6/5/4
: 200
*flavor text*
Encroaching Fog
Caligor releases a rolling wall of fog in the target direction. Units blanketed by the fog have are damaged for a small amount and slowed. The wave of fog reduces the vision range of affected units. Units may only be damaged once per cast. Movement speed and vision range penalties are doubled while under the cover of fog. Effects linger for 2s after exiting the fog and reapplied on re-entry. The fog takes 10s to travel its full distance. Affected units do not lose Allied vision.

: Target Point
: Magical
: No
: 130/140/150/160
: 30/27/24/21
: 1000
: Basic
Movement speed slow
Vision range loss
Fog penalty multiplier
Fog radius

Fog travel speed
DPS (Talent)
: 80/120/160/200
: 15/20/25/30%
: 125/150/175/200
: 2
: 100/150/200/250
: 200/250/300/350 (Talent)
: 100
: 40
*flavor text*
Caligor imbues his attacks with the Fog's essence, dealing a percentage of the difference of Caligor and the target's vision ranges as bonus magical damage. Caligor's attacks cloud the target's vision, leaving a stacking debuff reducing its vision range. Attacks from outside the unit's vision range do not reveal Caligor. Stacks have independent timers and can only be lost through death. Units retain a minimum vision range of 200 but can continue to accrue stacks. Affected units do not lose Allied vision.

Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade:
Caligor gains a stacking buff when applying Mistspeaker to enemy heroes. Stacks grant bonus vision equal to half the debuff stack value. Stacks can continue to be gained from units at the minimum vision range. Stacks of the buff and debuff are independent.

: Passive
: Magical
: No/Yes (Talent)
: Death
Vision difference as damage


Creep penalty
Stack duration
Vision loss per stack
Vision gain per stack
Minimum vision range
: 3.3/5/6.7/10%
: 3.6/5.6/7.7/12.5% (Talent)
: 30/20/15/10
: 28/18/13/8 (Talent)
: 50%
: 15/20/30/50
: 20/30/40/50
: 10/15/20/25
: 200
Damage is calculated as (Caligor's Vision - Unit's Vision)/Divisor. The Divisor is 30/20/15/10 at the respective ability levels, roughly corresponding to the percentage multiplier. Bonus damage has a lower limit of 0 when the target's vision range is greater. Bonus damage is dealt in a separate instance and counts as spell damage.

Bonus damage against creeps is halved. Player-controlled creeps can receive debuff stacks for half value and duration (but do not grant buff stacks.) Does not affect Roshan.

The level 25 talent allows the bonus damage to pierce spell immunity, but stacks of the Mistspeaker debuff cannot be applied to Spell Immune units. Caligor does not gain stacks of the Mistspeaker buff when attacking Spell Immune units while possessing the talent and Scepter either.
Piercing Glare
Aghanim's Shard
Caligor peels back the Fog's Veil and casts his gaze to the horizon. Enemies caught in his sights are rooted in place. Units facing Caligor additionally drop their arms until their courage returns. Caligor's vision is restricted to a line in the target direction. Allied vision is not lost. His gaze extends the longer he channels, starting at 600 range and reaching his max vision range at 2.5s. Root duration is equal to, and disarm duration is twice the time spent channeling. Flying vision of the affected area is granted upon opening his eyes, lasting the same amount as the channel time. The Gaze is released when interrupted in any way.

Autocast behavior
Piercing Glare is set to autocast by default. Caligor's eyes will automatically open at max channel time, and may be preemptively opened by pressing the ability's hotkey while channeling. When autocast is toggled off, Caligor will not open his eyes at max channel time. The ability's hotkey must be pressed again to open them. He may continue to rotate in place, but any other action or interruption with release the Glare. Caligor's vision remains restricted to the line and Allied vision, and the ability's cooldown remains frozen, until he releases his gaze.


: Target Unit/Autocast
: Magical
: No
: 80
: 20
: Basic
Max root/channel time
Disarm duration multiplier
Minimum distance
Maximum distance
: 50
: 2.5
: 2
: 600
: Vision range
*flavor text*

Ultimate Abilities

A ring of Fog escapes Caligor's lips, encircling the targeted unit. The unit has its vision range restricted and loses Allied vision. Paranoia overcomes those caught by the ring, amplifying abilities cast from outside the ring onto units within. Additional vision reducing effects can further constrict the ring to a minimum radius of 200. The ring is centered on the targeted unit. Spell and debuff amplification affect all enemy units within the ring. Other encircled enemy units also have their vision restricted to the ring's perimeter, but they retain any Allied vision outside the ring. If the targeted unit dies while under effects of Paranoia, the ring remains centered on their corpse and reverts to the base radius*. Ranged attacks on units in the ring do not reveal Allied units.


: Target Unit
: Yes
: 200/275/350
: 90/80/70
: 800
: Death*
Ring radius
Debuff amplification
Incoming spell amplification
: 7.0/8.0/9.0
: 800/650/500
: 20/30/40%
: 15/25/35%

Paranoia leashes units within the ring for its duration. Enemy units, other than the targeted unit, may still enter/exit the ring, but cannot use abilities disabled by Leash.

*Upon death of the targeted unit, the ring of Fog is spawned for its remaining duration at the location of the unit's death assuming its base radius. Its effects are now granted by a non-lingering aura centered on and its radius coinciding with the ring. This allows the dying unit to buyback or reincarnate without having the effects of the ring tied to it.

Hero Talents

Mistspeaker pierces Spell Immunity
Shade of War 450 AoE

Mistspeaker Divisor -2
Paranoia applies Leash

Encroaching Fog radius +100
Encroaching Fog +40 DPS

Shade of War health +1
-4s Shade of War CD

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