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Askeladd by Yzreel

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By: Yzreel
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018
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Under the steepest valley of Knollen was he —unknown and unmissed by his long-forsaken folks—, a man once called Askeladd the Gunsmith. It had been centuries since the day he threw away his name, since the day he threw away the world. Indeed, it had been centuries since he forsook everything in the pursuit of perfecting his art.

Lonesome and silent, accompanied only by incessant harmony of hammering and shooting, he continued to forge and test and fine-tune his firearms. Smaller, stronger, more compact, more efficient, more lethal. Driven by this obsession —nay, by this very reason of being— he ceased to eat, to drink, to sleep, and at last, to be. Askeladd the Gunsmith was no more, leaving only the eternal embodiment of his art.

And so this embodiment continued to perfect his art, perpetually and inertly, until he stopped at last. He lifted up his head, noticing that a great war was beginning. In a semblance of consciousness —a long-forgotten habit, perhaps—, he lit an ancient pipe and headed toward the tremor of war with the penultimate gun in his hand.

For how does one know perfection without trials?

Faction: The Radiant
Roles: Carry
Movement: 320
Range: 450
Primary Attribute: Agility
Str: 70 at 25 (22 + 2.0/level)
Agi: 90 at 25 (25 + 2.7/level)
Int: 53 at 25 (17 + 1.5/level)

Primary Abilities

Extended Muzzle
The Gunsmith adds an extended muzzle to his gun that allows him to shoot stronger bullets for the next magazine, dealing piercing damage in a line for a longer range. When this skill is used, automatically reloads and upcoming attacks will change to piercing shots (target point), disabling normal auto-attack. Deals 10% lower damage per units hit.

: No Target
: Physical (Affects ethereal units)
Bonus Damage
Mana Cost
: 10/25/40/55
: 600/700/800/900
: 80
: 20
Extended muzzle also extends the range of a bullet —and misery it causes
Additional Barrel
The Gunsmith adds an additional barrel to the gun, shooting special bullets from each barrel, dealing greater damage in a cone radius that maims enemies. When activated, automatically reloads and upcoming attack will change to cone shots (target point) that consumes two bullets, disabling normal auto attack. Has 350 range but deals lower damage the farther the units are.

: No Target
: Physical (Affects ethereal units)
: Yes
Bonus Damage
Maim Slow
Mana Cost
: 25/40/55/70
: 20/30/40/50%
: 110
: 25 seconds
An additional barrel can deal additional damage
Askeladd appreciates every bullet while battling, effectively increasing his efficiency by increasing magazine’s capacity and subconsciously strengthening him. This skill grants bonus damage per bullet missing from the magazine and bonus bullet per magazine.

: Passive
: Physical (Affects ethereal units)
Bonus Damage
Total Bullets
: 3/5/6/8 per bullet
: 8/9/11/12

Double bullets amount, double enemies killed

Ultimate Abilities

Total Customization
The Gunsmith customizes his gun to be perfectly compatible to his bullets. Giving different bonus to Askeladd according to the magazine he is currently using. Effects run out if the magazine is emptied or reload is used. 0.5 seconds cast time (cannot attack but can move in cast time).

ABILITY: No Target
Mana Cost: 200
Cooldown: 80

Normal Bullet (Without any skill used):
Change attack to pure damage and grants 30/35/40% chance to mini-stun for 0.1 second and 40/50/60 bonus damage

Stronger Bullet (With Extended Muzzle):
Increase attack range by 150/300/450 and grants 55% chance to deal 140/170/200% critical attack.

Special Bullet (With Additional Barrel):
Multiply bonus damage of his skill by 1.2/1.4/1.6
(e.g: Bonus damage by AB is 70 and Bandolier is 40, with 1.6 bonus damage multiplier.
Damage bonus is 110*1.6 = 176)

Bandolier Improvement (Passive):
Increase bonus damage per bullet missing by 2/3/4. This affects Askeladd passively after Total Customization is learned.

A great Gunsmith can change everything in one customization

Other Abilities

Limited Bullet
Askeladd’s guns use limited amount of bullets. This skill is obtained by default and sets a counter that indicates the amount of bullet left per magazine. Default magazine amount is 6. Reduce the amount of counter per attack, successful or not. If counter reaches 0, Askeladd cannot attack until he reloads.
Completely reloads the magazine after 0.3 second cast time. If used, Askeladd will be immobile for the cast time. Also stops Extended Muzzle and Additional Barrel effects if used within skills duration. This skill is obtained by default and doesn't have any cooldown or mana cost.

Hero Talents

Total Customization now grants all bonuses
Double the maximum bullet count

+40% Additional Barrel Slow
Remove Reload cast time

+400 Extended Muzzle range
+2 bonus damage per bullet missing

+15 Movement Speed
+45 Gold/Minute

Hero Discussion

This hero is a mid-ranged hero (450 range) that has a high potential to be carry. What makes this guy interesting and new is that he have default skills (like Stone Remnant) that define his gameplay. The default skills are actually more like a disadvantage rather than an advantage, but they could turn into a great advantage later on. The default skills forces this hero to count his bullets, literally. A counter will always be put on this hero that count his attacks. We call it a "magazine", by default there are 6 bullets in 1 magazine, and that defines the number he can shoot before he has to reload (as in FPS games, in which he can also reload before magazine runs out)

All his skills revolve around the magazine. His Extended Muzzle and Additional Barrel both do bonus damage and different effect when activated, for limited number of attacks based on magazine size (much like Flak Cannon or Overpower) while his Bandolier improve the magazine size.

The disadvantages of having to count the bullets also pays off because it grants bonus damage per bullet missing in magazine, let's say that Askeladd has maximum level of his Total Customization and Bandolier. With 12 bullets in 1 magazine, if he does a shot with only 1 bullet left he would get 11*10 bonus damage, which is 110. But then, he cannot shoot anymore without having to stay immobile for 0.3 seconds to reload.

Basically, he is intended to be a hard hero that should only be used by players confident of their "attack-management" and anticipation skill. But he will also be a hero that pays it off with great advantages and potential. So that's this hero, any comment and feedback are most welcome :)

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AttackHelicopter (1) | August 4, 2018 4:55am
This concept has merits and it's cool looking, "magazine" things have been used before (Jinn from league is a great example). For me just ditch the reload or something and just let him reload automatically. it just doesn't feel right to feel like your playing an FPS here, it will also make a great limitation to him and can makes both his Q and W unique for making him "reload" his gun.
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