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Archdyne by Yzreel

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By: Yzreel
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018
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Born as a noble of the high elf, Archdyne had tasted the many luxuries of life. However, never once was she satisfied. One night, she felt a calling to become a druid, and thus she left her fortunes and to the forest she went. For decades Archdyne didn’t speak to anyone but the elements of the forest, to deeply apprehend the meaning and voice of the flickering flame, the unmoving rocks, the movement of gale and the flow of water. Before she noticed it, she understood how the elements work, and she became the elements themselves.

One day, Archdyne grew tired of watching the elements. Thinking that she had nothing else to learn from the elements, she went out from the forest and wandered to find her true worth. With a blade in her arm and a runic gauntlet in the other, she went and challenged every single Elven Lord she had ever heard, the title given to the strongest of the fighter and magician of the high elves.

After her hundredth victory, she knew that she was much stronger than those they call lords, and to further increase her power she knew that she needed to join the greatest war and test her might. To the blaze of the Great War she went, then, with the might of the elements in the mortal form. She knew the dangers her enemies are going to face, and she wept for weeks. She wept for she knew the fate of her enemies. She wept for she knew what would come to them was not a simple man, nor a lord, but the Overlord.

Faction: The Radiant
Roles: Carry, Durable, Disabler
Movement: 310
Range: 150 (Melee)
Primary Attribute: Agility
Str: 77 at 25 (21 + 2.3/level)
Agi: 85 at 25 (23 + 2.6/level)
Int: 71 at 25 (21 + 2.1/level)

Primary Abilities

Gale Body
Archdyne shifts her essence to be like the moving wind, furious and quick. Using this skill grants her extra movement and attack speed. While this skill is active, Archdyne will instantly blink and attack with each successful Deflection. Enemy that is hit by this effect will be slowed by 15/20/25/30% for 3 seconds.

: Toggle
: Physical
: No
Movement Speed Bonus
Attack Speed Bonus
Mana Cost
: 20%
: 12/18/24/30%
: 30 + 20 per second
: 3.5 seconds

Like the raging gale; quick and deadly
Rigid Strike
The Overlord focuses her blade like the rigidness of a rock, bashing her target every few seconds for a bonus damage and duration of stun. This skill’s cooldown is refreshed whenever Archdyne succeeded in deflecting an attack or magic with Deflection.

: Passive
: Physical
: Yes
Bonus Damage
Bash Duration
: 40/60/80/100
: 0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0 second
: 12/10/8/6 seconds

When the Overlord focuses her blade, she can deliver the might of a great rock
The Overlord has gone through many battles against many kind of fighting styles, allowing her to deflect both magical and physical attacks alike, just like a blazing flame that burns those that touches it. Using this skill deflect the first damage Archdyne receives within a duration along with the effects to the attacking enemy unit if they're within 600 range radius (closest enemy unit if not). Archdyne doesn’t receive any damage or effect if this skill is successful.

: Active
: Magical
: No
Deflect Duration
Mana Cost
: 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30 seconds
: 50/45/40/35
: 3.0/2.6/2.3/2.0 seconds

The flame burns those who dare oppose it, much alike to the Overlord

Ultimate Abilities

Flowing Slash
The Overlord has learned that the flowing blade is the most dangerous kind of slash. Whenever Archdyne triggers an effect from her skills, her next attack will attack all units within a circular radius from him. The damage of secondary targets and initial damage are the same and receives bonus damage based on the level of this skill. This effect only last for 1 attack and have all attack modifiers applied to secondary targets (Rigid Strike stun stuns all units hit.) Activating Gale Body or successfully deflecting with Deflection counts as triggers.

: Passive
: Pure
: Yes
Total Damage
Slash Radius
: 150/175/200% damage
: 250/300/350
: 0.5/0.4/0.3 seconds

Beauty is lethal, like the flow of a waterfall and Archdyne herself

Hero Talents

Increase Flowing Slash radius by 200
50% lifesteal from Deflection damage

Double Gale Body attack speed bonus
20% cooldown reduction

+0.5 second Rigid Strike bash
-15 Deflection mana cost

+20 damage
+6 armor

Hero Discussion

This hero is meant to revolve around her Deflection skill that acts similarly to Spiked Carapace, but presses more on the user's skill because it only allows for up to 0.3 seconds duration. This hero is meant to rely on player skill and is played as a durable carry, especially with all of her skills that scale greatly into late game.

I intended this hero to be relatively simple to understand, but horrendously hard to master –and very fun to play! I hope you can imagine playing this hero, and the fun it would bring :)

Any feedbacks and comments are very much appreciated!

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