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Hero idea: Theodore the fallen general

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Afghanizm » July 3, 2016 1:15pm | Report
Greetings all. I am a new member of the site DotaFire and have decided to post one of my own hero ideas. I apologise in advance if I am posting it in the wrong thread. So, here it goes:


He used to be a mighty warlord, feared throughout the realm. Following his every step was an army of tens of thousands of mighty warriors that crushed all opposition. The mention of his very name sent shivers down the spine of even the mightiest knights. Yes, he had it all. He was The Allmighty, The Unopposed, The Unbeaten. Was. One faithfull day, once all opposition has been slain, once all the lands were in his grasp, he did the unthinkable: He challenged the gods themselves; shattering their statues and burning down their shrines as a mean of a taunt. Enraged by this act of defiance, the gods unleashed their might and the mighty generals army fell just as soon as the battle started. He was the only one spared death, as they believed it would be too mercifull of a punishment; instead, he was banished to an endless desert, cursed to forever suffer in the scorching heat with nothing but sand. As the days turned into months and months into years, Theodores mind and body quickly decayed until they broke, yet his suffering would not end as he could not die. It was at that moment, by the fiftenth year of his imprisonment, when he had long lost all hope, did a shadowy figure approach his collapsed body. It reached out its hand and silently spoke: "Come with me, and you may one day get your revenge if you so dearly wish". Despite not believing those words, Theodore saw his only chance of escape in the figure, and mustered up the strength required to raise his hand and grab that the figures own. As soon as they touch, both men vanished into the void. Nobody knows what happened in the millenium that passed, from where the mysterious figure came from or who it was, but one thing is certain: Theodore changed. As soon as he returned to his home realm he climbed atop the heaves themselves, challenged his previous tormentors and forever took away their powers, severing their ties to the heavens as the other gods helplessly watched. No magic, no divine power can even faze him ever since his return; magic itself fades in power by his mere presence alone. He made a new declaration to the world, one that would be considered crazy talk if spoken by any other: I shall strike down any and all gods who dare raise their hand against their mortal children. Many gods have challenged his resolve and all had since dissapeared from their thrones. That is the story of the fallen general, who has now heard of a new war: A war between the Ancients

Hero Stats:

-Base str: 23 Str gain: + 3.0

-Base agi: 19 Agi gain: + 1.9

-Base int: 14 Int gain: + 1.4

-Main Attribute: strength

-Base movement speed: 310

-Base attack time: 1.7

-Vision: 1800 (day)/800 (night)

-Attack Range: 150

-Attack type: melee


1. Spell Null
-Aura radious: 900;
-If an enemy casts a spell near Theodore they will be silenced for 1/1.75/2.5/3.25 seconds;
-AGHANIM'S SCEPTER UPGRADE: Increases silence duration by 0.75 seconds and now ignores spell immunity.

2. Mania
-Each of Theodores strikes burn away 40/60/80/100 mana;
-Note: Illusions can use it.

3. Battle purge
-Purges the target unit, removing debuffs if it's an ally or removing buufs and aplly a slow if it's an enemy
-Slow value: 10%/15%/20%/25%
-Slow duration: 5 seconds
-Cast range: 400 dotameters;
-Cooldown: 10/8/6/4 seconds;
-Manacost: 100 mana;
-Note: It cannot target spell immune enemies, unless their source of spell immunity is Repel, in which case it is removed along other buffs.

4. Ultimate ability - Repress
-Active ability;
-Makes Theodore magic immune for 10/15/20 seconds;
-Cooldown: 60 seconds;
-Manacost: 100/150/200 mana;


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