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Dota 2 Replay Submission

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Submit your Dota 2 replays to DOTAFire TV and if you get featured in an official MFTV video you qualify to win one of the prizes listed to the right. Replays will be featured in DOTAFire TV each week.

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Paste your replay link in the box below. To find the replay link: open replay in Dota 2; move the time to the time you want replayed; click the Copy to Clipboard button; paste it below.

Example Link: dota2://matchid=99999&matchtime=2000
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DOTA 2 Replay Submission

All replay submissions to DOTAFire TV must be made by a user in the clip. All information is private and will be used to properly review and credit submissions. Entrants must be 13 years of age or older as of August 1, 2012.
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