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Lovley guide to ricky

April 10, 2018 by Crampton
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DotA2 Hero: Riki

Purchase Order

starting items

Late game

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

2 8 9 11

Blink Strike

4 13 14 16

Cloak and Dagger

1 3 5 7

Tricks of the Trade

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+400 Tricks of the Trade AoE
Cloak and Dagger Doesn't Reveal
+900 Blink Strike Cast Range
+0.2 Backstab Multiplier
-7s Smokescreen Cooldown
20% 1.5x Crit
+5 Health Regen
+8 Agility


so you picked ricky ... Ricky is probably the most banned hero in the whole of dota for his ****ty little invisible shenanigans ... but none the less he is one ****ing fun hero to play. I hold Ricky in the same category as Ursa, just a complete pub stomper, here for some reason everyone is just not bothered about actually buying detection, and would rather die to your ticks of the trade over and over than spend 80g on a sentry, and in those pub games where the opposite team has no support heros and full carry, ricky just excels.

Hes also really good in alot of low MMR games, sub about 4k, my last 3 games with the guy have gone 42/2/10 17/4/5 and 33/8/22, its ridiculous.

Permanent invis is kind of a big deal
Easy to use when itemised properly
Fun as ****
Amazing solo pick off kill potential (ill get into that later)
Constantly keeps the enemy team money down due to having to buy dusts, senterys and even gem, if not, you are a complete win condition

Really low base attack
item dependent
you will be a massive target all off the time
farming can be a piss take during laning phase, just because as soon as you break invis, the opposite team with hit you with all you have in your 6sec down time

Ricky in theory counters everyone, and is countered by everyone, just take that advice in mind, but nearly all of the time he is a solid pick, it just depends on the skill of your self and your opponent that will really take a toll on you

Early game // Framing lane

Ricky in all my games playing him, i have had a really rough time in lane, Ricky is a constant target while out of invis so last hitting without being harassed isn't really a thing ... that's why you bring a healing salve, tangos, and branches for added regen, no wand being made here, just complete regen, this helps one problem, but the other problem is his incredibly low base attack, its pathetic, last hitting with quelling blade is really a must buy, otherwise enemies will constantly deny you of any farm.

A Lot of the time im just sought of sat there in the middle of the creep wave invis, gaining levels but no farm while i let the other carry in my lane do the work, while i harass every so often, relying on taking both the enemies rune and grabbing my own to make up for this. Right at the beginning of the game, just run over to the enemy rune and stand there, you will grab it 100% of the time :), always grab the enemy rune every 2min before your own. using this tactic and last hitting the occasional creep/wave while the carry is gone for some reason, i can grab phase boots and maybe even a orb of venom by around the 10min mark, phase is grabbed over treads for the plain fact that ricky needs the damage, and a way to catch up to the opponent after tricks of trade.

By 18-20min in you should have your ult (obviously) and diffusal blade, once you have these you're ready to become a annoying beast.

Mid game // roaming

With phase boots and dif blade, along with your ult, you can really start to grab alot of solo kills. when you see a enemy by themselves, walk up to them, smoke, activate dif blades slow, and pop your ult, the double slow will keep them within range of your ult, and you'll be hitting them for alot of damage ever 0.4 seconds (thanks for the OP buff icefrog) any heros that get away will be on extremely low health, so pop your w and phase boots to keep up with them, constantly hitting them in the back till they die :) its foolproof.

By now you should have picked up skull basher, you'll be around level 15 at this point. keep spamming your ult along with the regular dif smoke tactic, and in conjunction with skull basher, you have a 25% chance ever 0.4 secs to stu for 1.5secs, its insane, they literally cant do a thing, skull basher also adds additional damage, and along with the level 15 talent of a crit, no one can really escape death with this, if you find yourself initiating on two enemies, smoke one dif the other pop your ult and bobs your uncle its death, and the best part is none of that breaks your invis, uless one escapes on low health but then again, W into phase works a charm, and you should have maxed out cloak and dagger, so what you have like 3 secs to survive until you're invisible again xD you should be fine

Pick up a vlads if you're really feeling yourself, the added life steal helps benefit your farm by opening up the jungle as an option, and by taking out lower camps you should really be gaining health off of the camps when finished, increasing your survivability, your team will be thankful of the aura too :)

Late Game ... this is it lads

Exact same as your mid game but now you have a butterfly and Skadi if you've really been doing bits, mos of my games with ricky end around the 30min mark so the late game never really factors in, but butterfly gives really useful stats along with with 35% movement speed for chasing foes, and skadi for keeping foes in your TOT, it's really quite funny actually, if you've managed to reach level 25, congrats, you have perma invis and 25% evasion , so even people that can see you aren't killing you, it's brilliant. You can even turn your skull basher into Abyssal for the added stun, what better way to keep people in TOT than a 2 sec stun, 3 massive slows, and a 25% proc on a 1.5 stun, for real iv done this and been able to wipe out a whole enemy team in my base, halfway to killing my ancient, i run in, **** them up, and cause two disconnects before the greatest counter push you have ever seen in your life to win the game, lovely lovely hero man

That's all on the rickey guide xD this is my own personal build, if you wanna **** around with ROA and not be having any fun be my guest, but if you really want something unstoppable and to have fun, just go with this, you know you want to :)

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