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ADVANCED Weaver 7.10

March 6, 2018 by majormax17
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Best survival , Be their nightmare

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Purchase Order







Hero Skills

The Swarm

3 13 14


1 4 7 9

Geminate Attack

2 5 8 11

Time Lapse

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+200 Shukuchi Movement Speed
+1 Geminate Attack
-0.5 Swarm Armor Reduction
+2 Swarm Attacks to Kill
12 Strength
+75 Shukuchi Damage
+20 Mana Break
+35% XP Gain

ADVANCED Weaver 7.10

March 6, 2018


Hello ... This is my new weaver survival build . Of course this is advanced build so players who just started playing dota or they just started playing weaver will have to find some basic beginner guides before they try this one .
I based this build on making weaver even harder to kill or disable , and combining with my previous build "https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/advanced-weaver-pusher-7-02-24978" i came up with this one which is more effective in most situations ...

Here's my last 12 weaver games:


More or less we go for standard skill upgrading common for most weaver guides first upgrading 2-nd skill for being able to early escape ganking and disjointing projectiles.
After that it's also important to take all 3 skills once and continue upgrading 2-nd and 3-rd skill as much as possible ...
The reason is that by upgrading these 2 skills you are able to harass enemy heroes more frequently ...
Everything else including harassing is explained in my first weaver guide (link in INTRODUCTION)...



1. You buy circlet because u may want to upgrade it later to "ring of aquila" and it gives u some stats .
2. You can eat "iron branches" if u want to heal yourself more or u can save them for magic wand depending on different situations .
3. U need 2 "mango" because they give you bonus hp regeneration and of course if u are out of mana in emergency situations you can use them to replenish mana and escape or kill enemy or u can upgrade 1 of them to nagic wand later.


You can see these items and explanations in my first weaver bild . (link in INTRODUCTION)
But we have 1 addition here . It's "Helm of the Dominator" that you can buy before dragon lance if you are harassed too much by enemy players . It will give you great hp regen and some stats . If you ask me this is way much better than buying "ring of health" and going for "perseverance" .


1. "Maelstrom" is important because of fast farm and combo with your 3-rd skill , improved attack speed and chain(zone) damage = faster farm , easier kills , magic damage making high armor hereos easier to kill .
2. "Eul's Scepter" is new item that i combined with weaver because of his wide using range as debuffer and other bonuses like mana regen , bonus movement speed . Ofc you can use it also if your 2-nd skill is on cooldown so you can buy yourself time by using eul and escape ...


We concluded that main damage output of this weaver is still physical but we also slightly improved his magic dmg with maelstrom and weaver level 10 talent . So what we need to do now is to improve his magic dmg even more . Our next item should be "Radiance". Ofc if you don't feel safe even now you can buy "Lotus orb" or "Linken's sphere" , depending on a situation . Of course we can use lotus orb as another debuffer . What will you buy is up to you and situation in what u are . Then of course u will want to make use of all that magic damage so after that you should buy "Octarine core" . It will make you tanky and give you spell and chain damage lifesteal . Also it will decrease your cooldowns which is very useful in weaver case especially because of "Boots of travel" and your 2-nd skill . In addition there is a new item called Aeon Disk that should be very useful to weaver considering his low hp and vulnerability to disables . Next item is completely your choice that you choose depending on situation .


These 7.07 updates are weavers game changers . When we talk about weaver new talents made him much more versatile hero . So because of this we can make weaver more survivable and he can have more early game impact. So this talent pick should be logical . We take +25% exp so we can get other talents and upgrade ult faster .

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