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[7.06f] Sclipzer's guide to Furion (Offlane)

September 2, 2017 by Sclipzer
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Build 1
Build 2

Universal Build

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Starting (Aggressive PB Rush)

Starting (Bad Lane PB Rush)

Starting (Safe treant spam)

Starting (Balanced Start)


Midas? (Situational)

Early Items

Core (Pick 2-4)

Lategame Items (Pick a few)


Hero Skills


4 13 14 16


2 8 9 11

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

2x Treants HP/Damage
Removed Teleportation Cooldown
+35 Attack Speed
+10 Armor
+20 Intelligence
+4 Treants Summoned
+30 Damage
+250 Health

[7.06f] Sclipzer's guide to Furion (Offlane)

September 2, 2017


Welcome to my Dota guide on Furion.
It's my first guide so all tips and ideas are welcome. This guide is about how to play my favorite hero Nature's prophet while pushing all their towers. He's a very powerful pusher with a very powerful right click, but he's very squishy. While he has the potential to carry the team into the lategame, it's not recommended to do so, as he lacks the abilities needed to carry that heroes like Spectre and Terrorblade have.
He's difficult to play to his maximum potential because of his Treants and his mobility, and it's easy to feed his treants and give the enemy an advantage, which explains his very, very low winrate in pubs.

Pros / Cons


+ Fast farmer.
+ Can backdoor easily.
+ Global Presence.
+ Sprout is good for setups.
+ Sprout gives flying vision.
+ Can push really fast and melts towers.


- Sprout is easy to counter.
- Squishy.
- Jungle weakens lanes.
- Can soak alot of gold from allies.
- Requires excellent map awareness.
- Sprout is unreliable.


What this spell does is grow a ring of 8 trees around an unit. These trees work just like normal trees and can be Tango'ed or Nature's Call'ed. MK can even jump on them.

The way you will usually use this is to:

- Summon treants when pushing and there's no nearby trees.
- Make an enemy unable to move when trying to kill them.
- Surround yourself with them to make the enemy lose vision of you so you can safely TP.
- Act as a Glyph, as the enemy will lose vision and this can delay the destruction of Ancient/Towers.

I recommend disabling Quickcast for this spell, as you will use it on yourself alot and being able to quickly double tap the button is very important.


Don't Sprout allies that don't want to.
Don't Sprout yourself if the enemy has spells like Sunstrike or Light Strike Array
Melee allies might not be able to attack Sprout'ed enemies.


What this spell does is give you global mobility. It allows you to tp anywhere. Yes, it's as strong as it sounds, and it's insanely good. I also recommend disabling quickcast on this, as it can be used with a double tap to tp to fountain, something you will do alot. The cooldown is really short for a spell this strong, you would expect it to be around 1 minute cooldown just because of how good it is, but it's actually 20 seconds. Also, don't think that "I have a 20 sec cooldown TP, I need no TP Scrolls.", you need scrolls, trust me. Scrolls are used to get back into base, then Teleportation to get out of base. You pretty much become a Tinker when it comes to global mobility.

The way you will usually use this is to:

- Escape by TPing to base.
- Test reactions by casting it somewhere, and pressing Stop right before it's finished.
- Courier snipe.
- Get kills (Be careful not to overextend).
- Rat push.


Don't TP somewhere too dangerous.
Don't TP into places where the enemy has vision when trying to gank.

Nature's Call

This spell is used on trees to summon Treants. This makes it possible for Furion to jungle, as the treants can soak damage while he right clicks. They can also be used to pull aggro or block neutral camps from spawning. And they can hit towers, something that Furion loves.

The ways you will usually use this:

- Send them to soak the damage from a tower and hit it while you hit it too.
- Cut creepwaves.
- Last hit in bad lanes.
- Block camps.
- Block enemy heroes, a bit like how you block a creepwave.
- Jungle.
- Push.
- Destroy trees.

As you can see, there are very many uses of this skill. How a Furion player uses the treants is the difference between a high skill Furion player and a normal skill one.


Avoid feeding Treants. They give high gold bounties.
Can be harmful to an allied Monkey King if you use it on a tree he's on.

Wrath of Nature

This is an underestimated spell, and the spell that's used in the wrong way the most. 90% of all pub Furions spam this off cooldown. This is bad. Really bad. What happens when you spam it? You steal farm, you miss chances to use it when it's needed, and you push lanes that your allies might want to be static.

So how do you actually use it?

- To get a nice nuke in the middle of teamfights.
- Get extra damage on an enemy you're ganking.
- In the lategame, when you need to push all lanes.

Also, remember to target it as far away from the target you want to hit, as the damage increases. Just be careful not to target too far away if there's too many units on the map. Also deals a total of 6662.3 damage at max level.

Interesting Bug?:

If you use this on a Meepo and it hits all of them, and one meepo dies it will spawn Greater Treants for each Meepo:


Don't spam it off cooldown. It's a strong ability that should be saved for when it's needed.


2x Treants HP/DMG
+35 Attack Speed
+20 Intelligence
+30 Damage


No TP Cooldown
+10 Armor
+4 Treants Summoned
+250 Health

What talents you choose is dependent on the game. Because I play Nature's Prophet as a Split Pusher and a hero that can finish off people at the end of fights, I don't take many of the defensive talents.

Level 10:

Here I prefer the damage, because +30 damage is alot at level 10. +250 Health is also alot, but as I said, it's because of how I play the hero.

Level 15:

+4 Treants is really good. Not better than +6 Treants obviously, nothing is better than that, but it's much better than +20 INT in most games. Except when you're up against strong waveclear or you're really bad at micro.

Level 20:

+35 Attack Speed. Again, because of how I play the hero, but also because INT heroes lack suitable DPS items. And offensive talents are usually better. Armor is really situational, maybe against that Juggernaut that Omnislashes you all the time, and even then, ask yourself if a Ghost Scepter would be better.

Level 25:

The first hard choice. No TP cooldown is amazing. 2x Treants HP and Damage is also fantastic. If you need to reposition yourself often, or you do Courier Snipes / Hero Snipes often then No TP Cooldown is fantastic. For the pushing Furion, 2x Treants HP and Damage is better, except when they can already clear them really fast, as it wont take them much longer.


Laning with Furion can be hard for someone who haven't done it before, and it's hard to explain with text so here's a video from iceiceice on Furion offlaning:

Slahser's Way

This build focuses on maximizing effectivity on Furion. It's very good and you can easily get early kills with this build.

Is Midas worth getting?

Sometimes midas is not a good item. If you're planning to afk farm and maybe push a little during the first 20 minutes you should not get it. Why? Because the reason why people get it is because they want to get some farm while ganking or sniping couriers. Midas is an item for the active Nature's Prophet player, so that they can have a high gold income while sometimes sitting behind enemy T2s for a minute waiting for the courier to pass by. It also does not fit the current meta that requires you to be able to fight early and often at all, although you would want to get those levels faster. Most of the time when I play these days, I skip Hand of Midas.


Furion can buy almost any item and use it effectively, but different items work well in different situations meaning that he sometimes can be hard to itemize. I will not include the Mid lane starting items or Slahser's build here, because the Mid starting items should be self-explaining and I already have the video for Slahser's build put up here.

Starting Items (Aggressive PB Rush)

This build is strong if you think that you will easily win lane. It takes one of your strongest things in the early game - your attack damage and makes it even stronger. With this build you'll get your Phase Boots very fast, and you will then be able to deal insane amounts of damage with normal right clicks during the first 10 minutes.

Starting Items (Bad lane PB Rush)

If you expect the lane to be really hard - I mean impossible to be in, such as an Ursa + Shadow Shaman lane, just go for this build. With these starting items you get a fast Phase Boots to be able to do stuff earlier. You have a little regen to survive until you get this, and after that you will pretty much only be ganking or farming the offlane jungle, maybe go into lane to leech a little XP if it's near the tower.

Starting Items (Safe Treant Spam)

If you expect the lane to be hard, but not impossible to survive in, this is a good set of starting items. You have a ton of regen and stats with this, and tons of clarities to be able to spam Treants. You can trade hits with the support if you're up against a Dual Lane, but be a bit more careful and focus on using Treants instead if up against a Trilane.

Starting Items (Balanced)

This is the most balanced start of all the starting item sets, and the one that you can usually go for without being punished for anything. If you don't know what starting item set to go for, this is the best one. High amounts of regen, effectively 11 Tangoes with the GG Branches. A Clarity if you need to use Treants a bit more than expected, and enough damage and armor to effectively trade.

Earlygame Items

All these items together give you +42 Damage and -2 Armor to the enemy. Combined with your already high right-click, you deal devastating amounts of damage by the 10 minute mark. These items also give you high movement speed, armor and health, making you an early game powerhouse. The Blight Stone also builds into Desolator.

Core Items

Choose a few of these items, generally items that suit what you want to do in the match you're in. If you need more push, go Desolator and maybe Necronomicon. Need more teamfight? Mekansm could help. Need more range or you need to lock down that mobile enemy hero? Dragon Lance for range and Orchid Malevolence for silence. Blade Mail also gives you even more damage and is good against heroes like Sniper.

Lategame Items

Same thing goes here. More teamfight? Shiva's Guard, Guardian Greaves or Scythe of Vyse. Lockdown? Scythe of Vyse, Silver Edge and Bloodthorn. Went for a Mekansm? Why not build it into Guardian Greaves? Same for Dragon Lance and Hurricane Pike and Maelstrom into Mjollnir.

Situational Items

Most of these are for better survival and preventing stunlocks. Blink Dagger is a really good item to prevent getting killed. Lotus Orb helps prevent your carry getting stunlocked, Linken's Sphere prevents you from getting stunlocked, and Black King Bar makes you immune to everything. You rarely get any of these items, except maybe Blink Dagger in normal matches though.


First, what is a power spike? It is when a hero gets a level or item that makes them massively more powerful. Some heroes have a spike already at leve. 1, but most heroes spike when they get their first core item or level 6.

0-5 Minutes

5-10 Minutes

10-15 Minutes

15-20 Minutes

20-30 Minutes

30-40 Minutes

40-50 Minutes

50-90 Minutes


Here we have heroes that can easily kill you while you're pushing. Most of these heroes are hard to know if they are ganking, and some of them also have global mobility. Earth Spirit can also kick you deep into their base, making it extremely dangerous to push.

All of these heroes can quickly clear your creepwave or even cut your wave, making it very hard to push into the enemy. They also have very good high ground defense, making pushing for rax insanely difficult.


On the first list we have heroes who have hard to land skills. Sprouting the enemy so that Mirana can land a good Sacred Arrow can be game winning.

Heroes that synergize with trees. Very situational, but sometimes very good and can let you do some weird plays.

What do all these heroes have in common? Rat pushing. What happens when you have 2 rats on your team? The enemy base melts with pushes constantly coming from at least 2 lanes. The only problem is that rat heroes are usually very greedy, for example Broodmother uses 1 lane for herself the entire game, and 2 rat pushers have a hard time sharing the jungle with the mid and carry also coming in and wanting some of it.


Well I guess that's it. I hope you learned how to play Furion, a difficult hero that requires great decision making. And never forget: Rat Doto Best Doto!


V1: Made this guide.
V2: 7.01 Update
V3: Added Slahser's Way build
V4: Added more builds for different situations and added extra tips to the Treants section.
V5: Added more to the Offlane build and updated it to 7.05. Also remade the Items section.
V6: Pretty much remade everything.
V7: Updated to 7.06f, a bit remade for the contest.

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