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5k master teir Undying 7.24 Pos5 Safelane

February 9, 2020 by Husky from Zavod
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Undying 7.22H Hard Support

DotA2 Hero: Undying

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Ring of Protection
Enchanted Mango
Healing Salve
Observer Ward
Observer Ward

Laning Stage

Enchanted Mango
Magic Stick
Boots of Speed
Wind Lace

Core items

Magic Wand
Tranquil Boots
Glimmer Cape


Force Staff
Lotus Orb
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Solar Crest


Vladmir's Offering
Pipe of Insight
Helm of the Dominator
Crimson Guard


Aghanim's Scepter
Holy Locket
Boots of Travel
Assault Cuirass

Hero Skills


1 12 13 14

Soul Rip

2 3 9 10


4 5 7 8

Flesh Golem

6 16 18


11 15

Hero Talents

-2s Decay Cooldown
Gains Reincarnation 300 CD
+4 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy
Tombstone On Death
+40 Decay Duration
+25 Tombstone Zombie Damage
+5 Health Regen
+125 Cast Range

5k master teir Undying 7.24 Pos5 Safelane

Husky from Zavod
February 9, 2020


Greetings & welcome to the guide created by an undying spammer with over 2k games on undying. Remember to leave a thumbs up and GL HF :)

This build is ment to be played by a Support Undying in the Safelane

Note that this build is ment to be played in very high skill games since it requires teamwork and a fair degree of skill to play around

This build will also keep Changing/Getting Tweaked along with the meta

Dotabuff acount: .

My Undying Ranks
Open dota:


Stats for Stealing 4 strength

0.32% Magic Rezistance
80 Health Points
0.4 Health Regen
4 damage (str only)

In the Laning stage use decay to increse your harrasment/trading power and set up enemies for soul rip nukes try to cast it on as much enemies as possible. Once you put points into decay be carefull how often you use it since it will start to drain your mana very quickly

Decay is good in Early- Midgame, falls off late but can become the most dangerus spell with Talents

Soul Rip

Strong nuke & Heal, prioritize healing since damage is reduced by magic rezistance

In laning stage stack a cuple of decay stacks on enemies and rip them after both waves of creeps meet

This is your primary spell to spam in team fights

Stay in fights as long as you have mana to cast it

Max damage/heal per lvl: 176/261/360/473


Place it on highground if there is any near you in a fight, it grants (1800) vision in day and night

Can be used to:
Assist in farming big stacks early on
Tank roshan
Grant vision
Killing enemy stacks
Stopping enemy creeps from pushing while you go elsewhere

Max summoned per hero 8/9/10/12 (per tomb)
No matter how may tombstones you place you can only summon 64 zombies this cap does not stop enemy tombstones from spawning zombies (if they steal tomb) since they have theirown cap

Flesh Golem

Use it to disable the most vulnerable enemy cores.

Can deal up to 94.09% of the target's current health as damage (before reductions)

Alows you to soak up more damage and dissables

With more mobility the slow becomes more reliable

(Does not continue after reincarnating)
(Dont Cast it if you are certain u will die)

Chapter Title

+150 Cast Range:
Works well with cast range items that can save team mates like: Glimmer, Force staff, Lotus orb,...

Works well with cast range items that can dissable enemies like: Atos, euls,

+ 50 Decay Duration:
More possible decay stacks

Keeps enemies on reduced hp for a longer time

Good when fights drag out and you end up with alot of stacks meaning you will mostlikely carry those stacks into the next fight if it happens withing 95 seconds of stealing str

(Decay debuff Can only be removed by death)

Tombstone on Death:
A good talent for when you are out of resources and cant contribue to the fight by spending mana so you die and summon a tomb

Punishes enemies for killing you

(second tomb but requires you to die)
(works well with reincarnation)

Returns you to life. Bringing back all your spells and items

(Gives you another chance to die and summon tomb on death if you take the talent)

The bad thing about it is that it has a 250 sec downtime

2 min 10 sec Cd

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