What is love?

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Love is a mysterious feeling when you have an eye to eye contact with someone you've first met and she/he cannot disappear in your mind.. xD


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love is what you do for someone without thinking about its consequences or the self damage. that's something which is really rare. I don't call what Lina did for rylai in the untold love, cause she did it because she knew she can't live with out her.
any way love is rare.
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It is a feeling of pure joy and content when you think about or are with that special someone. It is the willingness to do absolutely everything to make them happy. It is the restlessness you get when you are away from them.


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Love is most simplest thing in the world that gets more complicated the more you indulge in it.
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Non-exist thing.


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Baby don't hurt me?

And if seriously, for me it means comfort, full honesty and openness, loving the smallest details, wanting to see them smiling, adoring their funny-stupid features of character and not making each other's lives more complicated.


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