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What is love?

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by SauSaGe32007 » June 20, 2015 1:19pm | Report
Love is about to care about the others.lose≠romance or sex


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Krwiozerca » June 20, 2015 2:03pm | Report
Love is when I actually can find decent people to play Warchasers with. Damn, when someone picks Mum'Rah I could fly to that person instantly.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by TheSofa » June 20, 2015 7:52pm | Report
Well, here's a religious point of view. (If this offends anyone in anyone, tell me and I will delete it.)

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Magfire_1 » April 18, 2016 5:34am | Report
Love is a word made of 4 letters: L , O ,V ,E



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by The Frosto » April 18, 2016 10:38am | Report
Hehe, older topics.

So what is love, it do is an interesting philosophical topic since you can extend it with many more questions like: do animals have love, how do animals experience it, why have we love, why does love feel good, what is feeling good, etc

So since love alone is really wide I will purely talk about love as in a partnership. So love felt between 2, or maybe more, people with strong feelings for each other mostly giving an intense sexual lust either.

This kind of love is mostly mend when people talk about love and it is rather interesting since what is it. I will mostly be talking about a man- woman relation but this doesn't mean I find homosexual relations unbeaviour but it is just easier to do so.

The reason people fall in love is pure evolutionary explainable with the fact that you want to breed. However we are perfectly able to fall in love without even thinking of kids. Love felt by one for someone else is a feeling that is able to make you the most happiest feeling that you will ever achieve in your live, or it can totally destroy you and sometimes is recovering from this lose impossible. Love is really different from person to person and people are sometimes more satisfied by a certain amount of love than other. Some are more likely to betray their love while some can't even think about doing such thing. From this I conclude that people experience love differently and that some have a higher "love-dosis" than someone else. Still people with high or low "love-dosises" are both capable of creating a relationship and are sometimes also able to keep it.

But why do some people have realtionships that never break and are do some have every month a new relation. Maybe we can explain this in a evolutionary- psychological way. This means that we will try to solude this with psychology but we will look why we have that behaviour. So for men their biological goal is to make as much kids as possible with as much women as possible. Why for women it is find a good man who is able to protect mother and child. So for a man it is evolutionary really normal to try to have sex with as many women as possible. For women however it seem a litlle odd to leave the protection from their current man to have sex with another man. Since this means that she and her current childs will not have any protection and that she will have to make new kids with the new man since he won't tolerate the kids from the previous man. This put a woman in a big risk if she has a little slip since she and her kids will lose all the protection and while the woman will gain new protection from the new man the kids won't. So the reason a women would ever have a slipper is probably just if her current man doesn't satisfy her.

I will stop for now and maybe I will continue this essay.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ChiChi » April 18, 2016 10:45am | Report
Oooor you can just say that love is when you see that low mmr salty player but you're like "OMG YOU'RE SO GOOD, BETTER THAN MIRACLE, HAVE ALL MY COSMETICS, MY SUPPORT AND MY BABIES" for no special reason? kappa

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Safecyn » April 18, 2016 3:11pm | Report
This guy said it best, probably, though some may be offended by it. Fair warning!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ChiChi » April 18, 2016 4:30pm | Report
Safecyn wrote:

This guy said it best, probably, though some may be offended by it. Fair warning!

"i need you like new orleans needs a drought
like hitler's father needed to learn to pull out
and i love you like a lawyer/mathematician wants some kind of proof
and i love you like JFK wanted a car with a roof."

This is so genius xD ahah

Credits to Janitsu!

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Terathiel » April 18, 2016 6:49pm | Report
Love is what we wish we could take into the void so we didn't have to die alone.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Blubbles » April 18, 2016 7:19pm | Report
Love is the bond that is formed when the other person wants them there because they enjoy their company. Love is not strictly romantic but also platonic. It applies to friends, family, and lovers.

From a scientific point of view it is a chemical reaction in the brain that is needed in order to stay alive, reproduce, and protect your gene pool

Love is also what I experience when somone picks a support at my MMR bracket
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