Where's Nature's Proph-OH GOD!

October 2, 2012 by Vortekxy
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Build 1
Build 2

Build : Build 1

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet


Damage 45-59


Armor 3.52


Movement Speed 295


Strength 64
Agility 65.5
Intelligence 93.5

Basic Stats

Health 1708
Mana 1430

Purchase Order

Your towers... ARE MINE.

Hero Skills


4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25


Hello, I am Vortekxy (also my steam name), I love playing Nature's Prophet! He is one of my favorite heroes due to the way he can push and annihilate tower(s) and people who try to kill him. There are 2 builds that I will be going over. They're both the same skill order but the build is slightly different. Have fun with this amazing(and annoying :p) hero!

Jungle Route (IMPORTANT!)

The jungle route is the same for both sides, make 2 trees in your base and scout the runes, it should be up around 20-15 seconds before creeps(or minions) spawn. When the rune is found and killed (or picked up), make 2 more trees and head towards the jungle after getting full mana. Destroy the small camp, and head on to the medium camp, BUT, if it's Ursa or Centaur, DON'T DO IT! If you're on Radiant you can by teleporting on the cliff (but you will sacrifice mana). Keep doing this, try to look around for kills that can be get easily with sprout and teleportation, NO MATTER WHAT, GET HAND OF MIDAS RECIPE ASAP AFTER GLOVES OF HASTE! Camps to look for to Midas :,and

Build Explanations (1 and 2)

Build 1 : The traditional build, there is a few changes, you can makeintoif you're farming very well. You should sell Hand of Midas and Basilius for more important slots, like Aegis or Wards. Make sure to ward all the lanes to make sure you can get away if they're coming for you! You wont always live with Shadow Blade + Teleport. Start thinking about Orchid if they have many ability reliant casters.

Build 2 : The build that pretty much says, "Hey, you there, yeah, you! Where did your health go?". Butterfly is to make up for survivability BUT, you may replace it with Assault Cuirass if you cant spend enough money, most of the times I recommend build 1, unless the other team is relying SOLELY on team fights completely. Like no towers at all. Same thing about Orchid.

Tricks n' Tips!

Trick (or tip) 1 : Ask your team to ping the map when they see courier and say a code word or something of the sort, then you usein the give your team the 175 global gold and help alot!

Trick (or tip) 2 :is a very good item BECAUSE, it doesn't cancel channeling abilities, that's why most Shadow Fiends and Nature's Prophets gets it alot. It wont cancel SF ult or Nature's Prophet
Trick (or tip) 3 : Wards, that's it, that's this tip, just wards, ok? Like seriously, just buy wards. They're like map hacks but you dont get VAC banned, it's seriously amazing. Just do it.

Trick (or tip) 4 : When you're doing a tricky jungle camp on the Radiant side, right next to the small camp (the hard camp), such as Furbolg( Ursa Warrior) or Centaur, consider that spot.

Support me please!

I would really enjoy if you could watch my friends stream, (link will be provided at the end of this chapter) that would be amazing! Also, comment below what I could do to improve this guide to the most fun (in my opinion) hero. Thanks for reading this guide! Hope you increase your win rate by a ton! And remember, TREES! Link to stream : (Most streams start at 12:30 AM CST) And a link to the most amazing video on YouTube... :

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Quote | PM | +Rep by OLBDC » October 2, 2012 11:33pm | Report
You obviously have no idea how to play this hero well *hint hint steam username provided*.

40% win rate with prophet? Really?

So assuming I want a 40% win rate with prophet, I'd follow this guide.

-1 for you.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Vortekxy » October 3, 2012 1:49pm | Report
I suggest if you want my real win rate you look at Shady|Penguin, thanks ^^


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