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Viper DPS Carry (DoT Heavy Flying Guy)

June 4, 2012 by Pizzastalker
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Build 1

DPS Carry Viper

DotA2 Hero: Viper

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Mid Game

Nearing Late Game

Late Game/ Situational

Hero Skills

Poison Attack

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Corrosive Skin

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Viper Strike

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Viper DPS Carry (DoT Heavy Flying Guy)

June 4, 2012


*This guide is sill in progress as I finalize my notes for the Laning section, Pros/Cons and How to Use Viper in a Team Situation.*

Hello and welcome to my very FIRST guide on DotaFire!! I'll be making changes to these as I play Viper more and experience more of Dota 2 as it develops and items are changed (buffed, nerfed etc.) as well as if any changes are made to Viper. I've played Viper for a very long time, and I have grown to both like him as a hero for his amazing skillset, as well as his easy learning curve, making him an ideal pick for beginners to Dota 2 or MOBA games themselves.
Please remember to upvote this guide if you find it helpful and useful. It helps a lot. Thanks guys :).


*This section being updated as I have more time to play and stuff around with different items*

Starting Items and Early Game
These items are very common and are almost the standard starting items for most carry heroes. They give you good lane sustain with tango and the healing salve. The Iron Branches bring a nice boost in your early game stats with bonuses to all three stats (Intelligence, Strength and Agility). The two slippers focus on boosting your primary stat, which would be agility. Into early game items, the Wraith Bands are relatively cheap due to the recipe from your starting items, and they provide even better stats, with boosts to damage, a large increase in your agility, as well as some points in strength and intelligence. The Power Treads provide you with extra mobility and harassing potential, as you can pop in, fire off a few auto-attacks, and back out before the enemy hero can counter. What makes Power Treads unique, however, is that when you activate them, you can cycle between which stats you want a boost in. It will provide an 8 point boost to whichever stat you have selected (click twice for Agility).

Mid Game
Manta Style
I've used Manta Style in nearly every single one of my games and the active is simply just so useful when ganking a squishy opponent or using the illusions to distract and bait the enemy into your waiting team. It essentially allows for two illusion 'runes' to be in effect on your team at once, without risking your life trying to grab a rune from the river. This items active is very useful in conjunction with the active of Shadow Blade when ganking, which I will cover later on.

Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade's active is amazing when used while ganking or in conjunction with Manta Style. The invisiblity, bonus mobility and bonus damage when breaking the stealth all help you pull off that gank so much easier. It also gives you a considerable boost in your damage, with bonuses in damage and attack speed, which can help in reapplying your AutoCast Q (Poison Attack) much easier.

Ganking with Shadow Blade + Manta Style
I absolutely freakin' love using these two items when ganking as viper. It is rather simple and VERY effective on a single target. Before you move in from the river or jungle into the lane, pop the active on Shadow Blade and make sure to avoid any towers as they have true vision. Now, before you start spamming ANY skills or autocasts, pop your stealth with one Poison Attack on the target, pop the manta style illusions and THEN use your ulti. This will give you the small amount of damage that the illusions provide as well. This can make the difference between securing a kill or getting yourself caught with not enough time to kill the hero and then get involved in a 2v1 situation, or worse. Then activate your orb (or you can have it activated pre-gank) and proceed to dominate.

Guide Discussion
Quote | PM | +Rep by Atlas » June 5, 2012 5:20pm | Report
Needs more Hood.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by kirbyruled » June 9, 2012 1:30am | Report
Not a bad base for a Viper guide you've got there. Here is some feedback thus far:

Item Build:
Consider opting for a Ring of Aquilas and a Magick Stick instead of 2x Wraith Bands. RoA builds out of a Wraith Band + Ring of Basilus and is an extremely good item for ranged AGI heroes like Viper, providing DPS, bulk and a bit of Mana regen for Poison Attack. Magic Stick is a strong option because it builds out of 3x Branches and has an exceptionally useful active for its cost.

Thanks to Corrosive Skin, Radiance is an interesting choice on Viper, but your build timing is off. Radiance is not a late-game item; instead, as a source of constant, flat AoE magic damage, it is more effective the earlier you get it. If you are going to get Radiance on Viper, you should get it early/mid game, preferably if you are snowballing hard.

Shadow Blade/Manta Style/Monkey King Bar is a nice core, however. Butterfly/Heart/Assault Cuirass make excellent luxuries in games that just won't end. Don't forget to tell people to carry TP Scrolls as well; TPs are very important for Viper for both counter ganking/possibly escaping ganks.

Skill Build:
Your skill build is a bit scattered; I prefer:

Poison Attack is rushed but left at Rank 3 due to it's linear damage/slow scaling and cooldown scaling of 4/3/0/0. Nethertoxin is maxed first over Corrosive Skin due to it's stronger scaling per point (32/64/96/128 versus 10/15/20/25%). A rank of Corrosive Skin is taken at Level 2/4 to take advantage of it's Rank 1 strength.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Whated » June 9, 2012 4:35am | Report
Where da Hood at?


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Muscle Relaxer » September 3, 2012 12:01am | Report
If you play Viper right, he should be standing back and not being focused on. This means a hood wouldn't be needed and a Butterfly would help his DPS greatly.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by juxtapose519 » September 6, 2012 10:15am | Report
Have to agree about not needing a Hood, or even Vanguard. If you're being focused that hard when playing Viper, then you're doing something wrong. With a range as big as his, you shouldn't be on the front lines. If the whole enemy team decides they need to focus you, Shadow Blade and illusions are more than sufficient to take the heat off so you can reposition. If you're relying on tanky items to survive, then you're only delaying the inevitable.


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