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"Safe" Spirit Breaker Build

March 23, 2012 by MysteryG
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DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

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"Safe" Spirit Breaker Build

March 23, 2012


Spirit Breaker is a very fun, very fast paced and fun hero.

This guide is intended for people looking to start playing Spirit Breaker. Obviously more seasoned/competitive players will seek a method more in tune with their own style.

The main ideas behind this play style are to create a very tough, hard to kill hero that, and to look at only a few items that enable you to make the most out of your abilities.

Please be sure to read the guide through (I'll make it brief!) and leave some honest feedback. Remember this is a guide for players new to Spirit Breaker, and that having the ability to change and adapt to situations and matchup is key for high level play.


As you start the game, you should be focused on getting last hits for gold. Choose a lane partner that compliments you well. Preferably some type of ranged hero, either a support hero or someone with a good stun or snare.

Your first point empowering haste is a good idea for a few reasons. It boosts your ability to last hit by adding some damage, and adds some movement speed to you and your allies, which can help you get away in a pinch.

The next two points go into your Charge of Darkness. This is your main ability and you want two points in it so that you get more than your base movement speed from charging. It will also up your stun duration just a bit, which is handy for ganking. You can also use this ability to get away from ganks and bad encounters by charging the enemy creeps in another lane.

Greater Bash is a super powerful ability that will allow you to keep your enemies stunlocked and eventually allow you to solo nearly any other hero. I wouldn't put too much priority on it early game, because it's usefulness is tied heavily to your attack speed. (more attacks, more stuns)

You will learn to love your ultimate. It's great for taking control of a fight by giving you a short blink/moment of invincibility, as well as a good stun on your opponent with heavy damage too. It also pushes your target back towards the direction you are charging from, which is great for stopping pesky heroes from escaping you. Get this one at every possible interval.

Follow the skill build that I have listed above. It has been tested through about 20-30 games now with good results. Remember that this guide is supposed to be for people new to the hero.


I tend to build Spirit Breaker as I see him. A giant stampeding bull. High HP, High Strength, and only stops to beat the hell out of his enemies.

Grab a quelling blade instead of a stout shield from your recommended items.

The next two things that you want are going to be both a ring of health, and your power treads. Depending on how much of your original regen you have left from items should determine the order. I usually go ring of health first regardless as it significantly cuts down on the amount of trips you need to make back to base, and allows you to jungle a bit if you need to. Treads are a must have no matter what.

Mask of Madness is your next items. The mask provides extra attack speed for your greater bash, lifesteal for survivability, and extra movement speed which translates into attack power from Empowering Haste. The neat thing about this is that you can pop it as you are charging (Even affecting your charge speed!). Great item to have, but be careful using it in teamfights because it will increase the damage you take as well.

BKB is almost a no-brainer. This is another item that you can use WHILE charging, so that as soon as you engage, you cannot be stunned or screwed over. This is what makes Bara so scary off the charge. Great Strength and damage from the item too, so you get more hp and more damage.

Scepter is my next item. This seriously cuts down on the cooldown for your Nether Strike, allowing you to charge twice in most team battles. It also adds to all stats, boosting your HP, MP, Damage, and Armor. How can you argue with that?

Typically most games will be over or close to being over at this point. You will have a pretty good idea of whether you need more survivability, more damage, or just money for a buyback. I generally go for Daedalus because it's just fun. It's probably the best Damage item for you at this point in the game.


With this build it is hard to go wrong. Like any hero, executing it properly may take a few tries. I suggest using it in a bot match before hand so you have a good idea of what you're doing.

Just a few tips:

Last hits are going to be easy for you as SB, Make sure you get as many as possible.

Keep your eye on the mini-map! Watch for heroes that are pushing lanes alone, or even heroes traveling alone through the river. These are your primary targets for easy kills.

Be aware of your own map presence. If you are jungling, the enemy generally won't know where you are or when you're about to charge. Use the element of surprise to your advantage.

Teaming up with heroes like Nature's Prophet can be a blast! Combine his teleport with your ability to go wherever and you have a tough ganking team.

Thanks for reading! I hope this guide leads you to a few wins and a new favorite hero!
Feel free to leave questions and comments below! Remember the goal of the guide!

Guide Discussion
Quote | PM | +Rep by Samiam » May 18, 2012 8:45am | Report
A good guide, but I don't understand why people take empowering haste at level 1, it pushes your lane.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Numeta » May 19, 2012 11:27pm | Report
Helm of dominator is infinitely better than a mask of madness. Also go armlet too. Grab some centaurs or net creeps and micro your neutrals around the map for you ganks.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by lancemaker » July 6, 2012 4:03pm | Report
ive found another variant. Heart of the tarrasque makes this hero an unstopabble killing machine. But normally you will not have cash to have other items like bkb and Scepter. so i normally get the power threads, mask,shield and the heart of the tarrasque.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by WorkPants » July 6, 2012 11:17pm | Report
Samiam wrote:

A good guide, but I don't understand why people take empowering haste at level 1, it pushes your lane.

+6% Movement Speed just barely qualifies as pushing your lane. This is a moot point.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Larry The Amphibious Shar » August 5, 2012 12:46pm | Report
What I like to do as SB is to pick up an Urn of Shadows so that way I can have some mana regen (bara's manapool is relatively small) and that nice little heal after I wreck a poor little crystal maiden.

Larry The Amphibious Shar

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Numeta » August 5, 2012 10:47pm | Report
"Safe" "Mask of madness"



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Quote | PM | +Rep by Nicnac » December 12, 2012 7:56pm | Report
I dont know why so many people get so off at the MoM....
Insane attack speed (more procs from bash)
Extra movement speed (increased damage)
Good life steal (need I say more?)

Also a drum is a really nice core item on SB...good stats, extra intelligence and once again more move speed to make your bashes even more powerful


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Quote | PM | +Rep by ROKOS » August 17, 2013 8:28pm | Report
Don't buy Mask of Madness or Ring of Health... you better buy Shadow Blade or Armlet. Buying Urn after your first item - the Power Threads, is always a good idea too. Max Greater Bash and 2 points into Charge.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by origin_xs » August 18, 2013 8:49am | Report
i have been playing sb for quite sometime now and i generally play with my team.
so i find mom a not quite useful item on sb as it basically makes u susceptible to dps and since u are not the core carry and money basically comes from ganks..so cheap items like drums is better.i generally get treads and then bkb and then rush my scepter as it increases your contribution to teamfights.otherwise i find sange and yasha to be a pretty good item which has everything you need


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Quote | PM | +Rep by dannbutter » January 27, 2014 6:58pm | Report
Nice guide


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